Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Political Parachutists


PKR Penang is rebelling against its party HQ, saying the central office has been interfering with its Penang state division's rights, in particular making unilateral decisions (meaning Penang division was not even consulted) on political appointments involving members in the state.

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Clause 29.1.d of PKR’s constitution empowers the state leadership to choose members to represent the party in state-level boards or organisations, but alas PKR's central office has usurped that state prerogative, hence the current anger in its Penang sector.

The same clause of PKR party constitution also gives state leaders the power to decide on candidates for political appointments, unless the central leadership decides otherwise, and you bet central leadership had decided otherwise, wakakaka.

The Malaysian Insight reported:

A source said most of the state's political appointments, like senators, local councillors and village security and development committee members, were decided by the central leadership without referring to the state.

"The latest is the appointment of Saifuddin Nasution Ismail as the Penang government's strategy adviser,” said a source, who declined to be named.

“It was another unilateral decision.”

But such central office's 'interference' are not unique to PKR. Most political party leaders like to micro-manage state affairs or more likely utilise state's prerogatives, especially when it comes to selecting candidates for this or that, such as by-elections, general elections or senator-ships.

Currently, BN has more latitude in the last, namely appointments to the Senate, as in addition to 2 from each state (prerogative of the ruling state government), the King on recommendations by the (BN) PM can appoint 44 senators (2 from FT, 1 each from Putrajaya and Labuan and 40 from any state).

I wonder (just a rhetorical question as I know the answer, wakakaka) why the federal territories are entitled to 4 senators while the 13 states can only nominate 2 each.

The lop-sided mangling of the Dewan Negara (Senate) in favour of PM-recommended candidates was the work of dictator Mahathir who wanted to neutralise the Senate from becoming an obstacle (check & balance the Lower House) to his bills and amendments to the Constitution.

I will tell more about the Dewan Negara horror story another time but for now, suffice that I leave you with a criticism by the former Lord President of the Judiciary.

Tun Salleh Abas said of the amendments to the Constitution affecting the establishment of the Dewan Negara (Senate) during the Mahathir reign, that such amendments have: ... acted "contrary to the spirit of the original constitution which established the Dewan Negara specially as a body to protect in the federal Parliament, state interests against federal encroachments".

Dei Tun, Cina juga lah, now that many are sucking you

Anyway, away from memory of that evil dictatorial regime and back to our post - Those party central office leadership in acting arbitrarily on state party rights without consulting state leaders had either believed they know better or rationalised their actions had been for the greater strategic good for the party or just couldn't discipline themselves from sapu-ing all the rights, prerogatives and peeks of the state leaders.

Parachuting central office's preferred candidates have been one of the sore points of central office interference. Party members in states work their guts out only to see central office parachuting blue-eyed boys and girls into their laps, wakakaka.

Notable examples of parachutists invoking state anger had been:

(i) PKR's Khalid Ibrahim in Ijok by-election,
(ii) PKR's Loh Gwo Burne in kelana Jaya in GE 2008,
(iii) PKR's Surendran becoming a party VP,
(iv) DAP's Dyana Sofya in Teluk Intan's by-election,
(v) DAP's Ariff Sabri in Raub in 2013 GE,
(vi) DAP's Liew C.T in Bukit Bendera in 2008 GE,
(vii) DAP's Lim KS in Gelang Patah in 2013 GE,
(viii) etc etc etc.

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Should I have included the PKR-forced Kajang and Permatang Pauh by-elections?

and I didn't even get to eat the satay 

I leave you guys to work out the parachutists of UMNO (Kedah? Terengganu?), MCA, Gerakan, MIC (Hulu Selangor?) and PAS, but needless to say, some internal sabotaging would have been the norm as we had suspected in the Teluk Intan by-election.

I nearly made Mah Siew Keong my 'bitch' but for a mere 238 votes

I could have made him paint my toe nails, or something worse


Continuing with the Malaysian Insight report:

The source told The Malaysian Insight that the petition had been sent to party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and deputy president Azmin Ali on June 16, but there had been no reply.

yes? is it about my hubby? 

I am not surprised Wan Azizah has not replied or bothered to reply because that's her modus operandi, wakakaka. She just fans herself and acts 'dunno'. oblivious to every affair in PKR save rescuing her hubby from imprisonment - a model of a good wife but a useless PKR political leader, who by the way is actually Azmin Ali, today's PKR de facto boss.

As for Azmin, no one knows what he has been or is up to. Nowadays he acts through stalking horses like his former mentor Anwar did, wakakaka. And if he didn't bother to reply the Penang people, it might be because he's worried sick whether he will be MB Selangor after GE-14 or he's up to something, wakakaka again.

have you met my nephew Azmin? my mum brought him up


  1. How can the opposition win the coming GE 14,when they only know how to fight among themselves.I have been saying for sometime now that the opposition might or will lose back the 2/3's majority to Umno/BN.With the 1MDB scandal in full scale blowup,and the opposition seems helpless to even hold on their existing seats?Is that the reason that Manmanlai's name keep surfacing as the potential PM in waiting?

    An impotent opposition leadership vacuum,because old horses are hanging by their tips for political survival?That might be the reason that many capable young leaders are not allow to ascend up the leadership ladder?

    One only need to surf the internet to see how many opposition blogs are active.Since the demise of "Zorro",opposition bloggers have been vanishing one by one into thin air.Even many opposition lawmakers blogs are not that active and some been out of action for months,some even years.So much for giving Najib and his band of crooks the boot.

  2. I may be wrong but I seem to recall reading somewhere about the jawa's visit to the mamak when it happened. Didn't sound clandestine or covert at that time.