Thursday, August 03, 2017

Sex sex sex on his mind? What about the Compassion of Allah swt?

MM Online - Perak Mufti’s claim of ‘legalising adultery’ absurd, illogical — Latheefa Koya (extracts):

AUGUST 1 — Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria shocked Malaysians by accusing Perlis Mufti Dr Asri of legalising adultery over the 'child out-of wedlock' controversy.

Harussani's attack upon Asri is illogical, baseless and an unacceptable discourtesy from one Mufti to another.

What Asri, the court of appeal and many other Muslims are saying is that children born out of wedlock should not be made to suffer for the actions of their parents by denying them legitimacy.

Neither Asri nor anyone else is suggesting that adultery be made permissible among Muslims!

Those parents who commit adultery leading to the birth of an illegitimate child can still be prosecuted under the Shariah ordinances for committing the act of ‘zina’. No suggestion is made that those provisions be repealed.

But the innocent child must not be made to suffer. Nothing in Islam jurisprudence justifies the punishment of the blameless.

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 2 — Datuk Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin refuted today assertions that the Perlis fatwa allowing children conceived outside marriage to bear the names of their biological father would promote the practice of ‘zina’, or illicit sex.

The Perlis mufti suggested instead that the decree to use the ‘bin Abdullah’ name for the children promotes ‘zina’ and at the same time has failed to curb the rising cases of the Shariah offence.

“There are those who state that Perlis fatwa can be a factor promoting ‘zina’. I would like to ask, all this while the ‘bin Abdullah’ fatwa was implemented over the Perlis fatwa, where did the tens or hundreds of thousands of ‘zina’ cases come from?

“Did the ‘bin Abdullah’ fatwa fail to reduce ‘zina’ cases? Why has the number of cases increase over time?” said a post on his official Facebook page, in reply to a question on the matter from the public.

Asri also asked the benefit of having thousands of Muslims branded of ‘zina’ by their name.

“Isn’t that indirectly a promotion and making the ‘zina’ story public by their name branded with ‘bin Abdullah’?” he asked.

Please note above two writers are Muslims with one being the Perlis Mufti.

Just what do you expect from the Perak mufti whose mind has been forever filled with sex, sex and sex, whether it's bonking a sweetie immediately if even on a camel when the male urge arises, or about zina, zina and zina and to f**ks with the well-being of an innocent newly born babe.


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  1. I would say people who are constantly obsessed about illicit sex are most likely to fall prey to engaging in it....

    People should keep a sharp eye on this Harussani dude...

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