Thursday, August 03, 2017

Mahathir has never done anything "wrong"?

absolutely innocent with a perfect record of exceptional excellence 

1. Mahathir blames the former (late) Yang Dipertuan Agong [Almarhum Sultan Iskandar] for the sacking of Lord President of the Federal Court Tun Salleh Abas.

Alas (but fortunately for Mahathir), Almarhum Sultan Iskandar now can't speak up in his own defence against Mahathir's accusation as he passed away in January 2010.

Mahathir asserted he had to take the blame for the former Lord President’s sacking and that it was the late Tuanku Iskandar’s wish to remove Salleh.

2. Mahathir blames the former (late) Bank Negara Malaysia governor [Allahyarham Jaffar Hussein] for the loss of billions of ringgit in the FOREX scandal.

Alas (but fortunately for Mahathir), Allahyarham Jaffar Hussein now can't speak up in his own defence against Mahathir's accusation as he passed away in August 1998.

Mahathir asserted he did not know more than what was reported to Parliament of the financial losses that occurred between 1987 and 1992.

Fuck you all 


  1. From my observation of many top leaders, it takes a tremendous, virtually abnormal level of self-regard for the person to gain, and more importantly, keep the Top position.

    They all have a huge ego, else they can't reach and keep the job. Don't be misled by seemingly humble demeanour which some have, that is just the surface.

    On the subject of Forex, strictly speaking, Jaffar Hussein was accountable, especially if any crimes or malpractice was involved. It occurred under his watch at Bank Negara.

    If he was being ordered to carry out illegal or unethical acts, he should have quit in protest. In fact, technically, the Bank Negara Governor cannot be "Ordered" to carry out an unlawful act. The Bank Negara Malaysia Act lays out Bank Negara's independence - the Government of the day can set policy directions, but does not have the power to order Bank Negara to carry out specific actions.

    In reality, even with the US Federal Reserve, and the Bank of England, there is usual push and pull between the Executive and the Central Bank, but in terms of specific acts, the Central Bank cannot simply be instructed to carry out specific actions, like a subordinate.

  2. The difference between policy direction vs specific orders .

    Policy - lawful policy direction by Executive
    You shall deploy Foreign exchange reserves to keep Ringgit trading between 3.8 to 4.3 per US Dollar.

    Direct instruction - unlawful order (if such an instruction was made)
    You shall make available RM 10 Billion in Foreign reserves for Nor Mohamed Yakcop to trade foreign currency as he sees fit.

  3. On August 29, 1998, on the day Mahathir announced Currency Controls in Malaysia, and other measures to counter the Financial crisis, the Bank Negara Ahmad Mohd Don and Deputy Governor Fong Weng Phak resigned.

    They did not agree with the policy and did not want to be the ones executing it. That was the correct and ethical form of action, not like another Central Banker keep quiet and only speak up 25 years later when Najib is desperate for ammunition. That guy is very dubious in my eyes.

    By the way, the 2 men who quit did not suffer any financial difficulty. Any good central banker is in high demand to advise large private financial institutions.

    1. Besides Ahmad Mohd Don and Fong Weng Phak, the ONLY other Bank negara governor who could stand up to deep investigation is Tun Ismail Mohamed Ali, mamak's brother in law.

      The recent retired & supposedly the most decorated bank governor is a BIG left-off. She is kuaix2 behaving herself bcoz of hers & her hubby's financial dossier been kept close at hand by pinklips.

    2. you think Mahathir didn't have dossiers in his time? wakakaka

    3. Student from a good teacher mah!

      Moreover, all r been cultivated in that bolihland hive of back-dating umno le.

      So, what's yr point???

    4. my point is whatever you have implied applies to Mahathir, wakakaka, that he had dossiers to scare the shits out of people in kuai kuai obeying him

    5. Still take bolih faham!

      Of course mamak kept dossiers about people surrounding him lah.

      But how to fill the content of that dossier le - u occasionally close an eye for an incident le!

      Tau tak?

      I'm talking about 蛇鼠一窝. U buat take tau ke?

    6. I have no idea what you're saying; maybe I am less sinister as you are, wakakaka

  4. kt is not stupid, he merely use stupid argument to attack people he dislike wakaka.

    n basing on rpk the liar argument, mahathir is not wrong, since the monarchy have the full power n responsibility on issue that need their consent, for eg the appointment n sacking of pm, mb, n of course judges.

  5. According to mamak's latest disclosure, ahjibgor's purchase of the Scorpène-class submarines from France when he was the defense minister was done w/o cabinet approval letter!

    Mamak is showing his nyanyuk OR is he telling the truth?

    Or according to yr latest theory, mamak is looking for black goat AGAIN?

    That Scorpène submarines purchase, besides the undertable scam, COULD very well lead to further revelation about Altantuyaa's murder.

    Ahjibgor will be shitting bricks soon le!

    1. Mahathir was both PM and Finance Minister when Malaysia bought the submarines in 2002. Without both PM and Finance Minister's approval the Defence Minister could no nothing unless he used his own money, wakakaka. I am not surprised that Mahathir can't remember that, wakakaka.

      Besides, when purchasing arms such as subs and airplanes, even though the arms might have been purchased in 2002, the planning and top level approval would have taken place at least 5 years ahead.

    2. So u r buying into that SeaDemon story of yr sifu lah!

      But, don't u think no matter how nyanyuk mamak wants to pretend, CAN u honestly think he would say something like that to make a fool out of himself?

      Haven't u given him enough credits to play Machiavellian?

      & U think this Scorpène submarines purchase revelation proves mamak has lost his political manoeuvrability?

      BIG MISTAKE lah!!!

      On bolihland ANYTHING can happen.

      The REAL story could be more stranger than that currently on show.

      How about the 1st part of yr sifu's story is part truth part fiction. Along the way, the deal is hijacked by u-know-who le.

      Anyone who has dealing with umno elites knows 'dearly' that NEVER submit any WHOLE ideas (especially money mine) bcoz IP is a dirty WORD to those umno elites le!

      So, nothing to be surprised by back-stabbings & IP robbing when one has been pushed to the pasture by one'submarine' own kaki le.

      Yr hatred for the Mamak has really blinded u.

      & I sincerely hope that's the ONLY reason!!!!

    3. I don't know anything about Sea Demon but I checked our history and indeed Mahathir was both PM and Finance Minister in 2002.

      Thew Defence Minister could only ask for arms but it had to be both PM and Finance Minister who could approve the request (PM for top approval and FM for financial budget for the arms).

      You're just avoiding facts and reality of 2002

    4. Thew Defence Minister could only ask for arms but it had to be both PM and Finance Minister who could approve the request (PM for top approval and FM for financial budget for the arms).

      That is not the reality in complex defence contracts.
      The Finance Ministry reviews the proposed contract from a Budgetary and Legal perspective. The fine print of the proposed contract.

      Most members of the Finance committee reviewing this wouldn't know the difference between a schnorkel and a schnitzel , or what is the appropriate price to pay for an Air Independent Propulsion System (the answer to that is - its a very complicated issue without a clear answer, and do you really need one anyway ?). Or what 3rd party consulting services do we need, and how much to pay, since we are buying a submarine system for the first time without experience ?

      If Malaysia had hired consultants from ex-submariners of the Royal Navy or Royal Australian Navy to provide independent expert review and oversight on the DCNS project, I would have accepted it, but the RM 500 Million paid to Razak Baginda (Altantuya's boyfriend) ? ...plueezz

      That leaves room for leakages big enough to fill a few Olympic-sized swimming pools and throw in a dozen diamond rings for Hippo.

      THAT largely revolves the Defence Ministry, so plueez don't try to "cleanse" your beloved sifu.

    5. Are you saying the PM cum Finance Minister knows nothing at all about the purchase of the subs in 2002?

      Aren't you actually the one attempting to cleanse your current idol by drawing in hippos and diamond rings?

    6. I don't think the PM/ Finance Minister of the time knew nothing about the submarine purchase decisions. That would have been the height of irresponsibility if he signed with eyes closed.

      However, if there is criminality and malpractice involved in the deal, which France is now saying so, it most certainly lay in the Defence Ministry.

    7. wakakaka, you would say that, wouldn't you. Personally I believe they were ALL involved. Don't forget it was your Mahathir who said the cabinet is jointly responsible, wakakaka (of course he was trying to dilute his part in the naughty schemes)

    8. Read AGAIN lah, stoned brain!

      Money mine scheme BEEN hijacked by latecomer.

      So what if mamak was the PM/ Finance Minister of that material time.

      The key is HOW that contract was reworked - the multiple changes in the ownership of the purported Malaysia-based company Perimekar lah- from mamak's time to ahjibgor's.

      Ooop...the cabinet is jointly responsible?????

      Betulx2, u believe ke? Bob MUST be yr uncle le, wakakakaka...sigh

    9. wah liao, the extent to which you would go to in order to protect your idol Maddy, wakakaka

    10. Just Follow the money trail....the French criminal indictment at the moment involve only Razak Baginda at the Malaysian end, but he was/is.....
      Najib's buddy, so closely associated that when Razak Baginda was arrested for Altantuya's murder, Najib was the VIP who intervened to assist him...

      All roads in the case lead to Razak Baginda...and to Najib by association.

      If Mahathir is also guilty, he must have been very good at hiding his tracks...kudos to him, in a wrong way...

    11. Wakakakaka...I protect my idol Maddy????

      Like u with yr idol ahjibgor???

      What have u been smoking le??

    12. whatever you've been smoking, wakakaka

    13. I despise smoker & I DONT smoke anything le!

    14. Thus, neither do I, wakakaka

    15. I'm using mamak to fight ahjibgor, to cause the downfall of that ultimate bigoted hive of bolihland - umno.

      Whereas u r condemning every which one of ahjibgor's nemesis to consolidate his kleptocratic grip of power. Thus directly solidify the rotten foundation of that evil den!

      U & I r NOT of the same league le!

    16. people who don't learn from history are bound to repeat what happened - thanks to people like you for proposing to return a dictator like mahathir to his brand of despicable despotic dictatorship where he can continue to mutilate public institutions and waste our national resources

    17. and you're absolutely right that we don't belong to the same league

    18. Now it's clear that we DON'T belong to the same league, so WHAT have u learnt from bolihland history?

      U keep scanning the surface about Mamak's past deeds & yet persistently IGNORING ahjibgor's kleptocratic indulgences.

      Don't u bloody know that BOTH have the same DNA - that despicable despotic f**kup known as umno!

      Thus, DO remind yrself constantly that u r that fool who r proposing to return a despicable despotic f**kup where the continuation to mutilate public institutions and waste our national resources COULD persist.