Sunday, August 07, 2016

The new party that will extinguish its own self?

Aiseh my man, which political party in Malaysia requires a life-long membership fee of only RM2?

I'm gonna get you, you punk

Well, go for it then, here's my back 

I can only draw two possible conclusions from that measly sum: (a) there are buckets of money behind the organizers hence the new party doesn't require financial support from its members, only their political and public-thus-moral backing, or (b) the party will have a very short span of existence before it reconstitutes or reverts into a former life-form, thereby extinguishing itself, wakakaka.

But wait, maybe there is a third possibility, it is blessed with both my two conclusions above, namely, that it has buckets and buckets of moolah and it will eventually, perhaps immediately after GE-14, extinguish itself after reverting into its previous life-form, wakakaka again.

In other words, the new party has a short-life mission and its current existence is only to gather support for its true aim, principally to launch a coup d'etat within an older party within a general election. and f**k those nons hanger-ons.

A coup d'etat within the older party?

Of course, as it's exclusive to only an ethnic group which coincidentally is the same with the party within which said coup d'etat will be launched.

Read also the sneers of Kua Kia Soong about the new party here.

Extracts of Dr Kua's article reproduced here for your convenient perusal:

Reformists must transcend 'race'.

It is time for Malaysians to reaffirm the non-discriminatory basis of the Federal Constitution and to uphold human rights principles which are strictly anti-racist.

Article 8 (1) of the Malaysian Constitution clearly spells out the principle of equality of all Malaysians while Article 12 (1) allows no discrimination against any citizens on the grounds of religion, race, descent or place of birth.

While it is widely recognised that racial polarisation exists in many Malaysian institutions such as schools, universities, the civil service, it must be stressed that this is not a “natural” consequence of a plural society.

On the contrary, through the years there have been deliberate attempts by those in power to create divisions among the people. There is general agreement that racial polarisation has its origins in colonial divide-and-rule strategy.

Obviously the new RM2-life-long-membership party is not non-discriminatory in accordance with the Federal Constitution.


  1. you are right on both counts, and might I also add, it is set up for the sole purpose of accommodating froggies, the best part is bijan will have sleepless nights tearing out whatever hair he has left including maybe the one next to him, figuring out who will jump when the time comes

    btw, that 3rd force guy is he clever or what, what he is trying to spin is what Penang hock kian lang would term 'ka ki Lian,ka ki tet' he's like a croupier on an empty roulette table, he places his own bets and he makes his own spin, wins all the time, to himself anyway

  2. Pray to the Almighty berriburibu kali for the worthy outcomes of yr predictions.

    The start of an end!!!!!

    And it CAN only comes from within, ha.

    That mamak is DOING good, finally for the last & only time, for bolihland!

  3. What Jibby should do is to grab Daim's balls and squeezed it so very hard,that he would voluntarily return the 80-100 billion ringgit he stole from Malaysia.That would end all the opposition's trouble making.No money no talk,lah.

  4. the new party has got no adverse political views on umno; as it appears it is just a coterie of badder persons trying to get rid of their enemies?

    if that is the sole objective, then i agree with kt that it will extinguish itself because a party cannot survive on rm2.00 membership fees, hence, it will slowly succumb to and die of donation fatigue.