Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I am a Malay

FMT - Ridhuan rapped for ‘unpatriotic sportsmen’ remarks

What about WP? Should it go back to Selangor?
What about Labuan? Shouldn't it be reattached to Sabah?

Why only Penang?

PETALING JAYA: Controversial academician Ridhuan Tee Abdullah has come under fire for saying Malaysian Olympic medal winners are unpatriotic and only competing in sports for monetary rewards.

MCA Youth Secretary-General Leong Kim Soon said the article penned by Tee could destroy the harmony and unity of Malaysians. [...]

In his column in a Malay language daily published on Monday, Tee said sports had become a business and also a means to gain popularity. He said it was no longer for patriotism, but only for show.

He wrote that “ultra-kiasu” (mercenary) athletes competed for monetary rewards rather than for patriotic reasons and thus were driven towards individual sports, rather than sports which required teamwork.

Ridhuan, a Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA) lecturer, also urged for more diversity among Malaysian athletes.

In response, Leong said sports transcended race and religion.

“Malaysia’s badminton exponents, who coincidentally are ethnic Chinese, united all Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion, during their semi-final and final matches at the Rio Olympics.

“Malaysians were kept glued to their television sets, cheering for our sportsmen and sportswomen. They fully embodied the spirit of solidarity when our badminton players were presented with the precious medals,” said Leong.

The athletes’ passion, skills and hard work were dismissed by Tee, said Leong, “He not only belittled the efforts and hard work of our Olympians, he also insulted everyone across the nation.”

Leong Kim Soon has missed an important point in the lexicon of Ridhuan Tee Abdullah (RTA).

'Ultra kiasu' in RTA's words does not mean 'mercenary'. Indeed not - it specifically means Chinese Malaysians, especially (though not exclusively) those aligned to the DAP. Sometimes he extends 'ultra kiasu' to Chinese Singaporean, wakakaka.

Thus he was criticising ONLY Chinese Malaysian athletes, people like the 6 Chinese Malaysian silver medallists, namely Lee Chong Wei, Goh V Shem, Tan Wee Kiong, Chan Peng Soon, Goh Liu Ying and the Chinese half of the silver-winning diving pair, Cheong Jun Heong.

God forbids RTA dares to or has the balls to question Malay/Bumi athletes like Pandelela Rinong and Azizhasni Awang.

It's rumoured that during RTA's hasty circumcision to desperately become a Muslim, the harassed Ustaz's hand slipped and apart from nipping off the foreskin of RTA's wee weenie, he also accidentally sliced off both of RTA's balls.

RTA just couldn't control his obsessed need to speak out against 6 Chinese Malaysian medallists in the Malaysian contingent to the Olympics in Rio. No one else in Malaysia other than Utusan and Cosmos have noted the distinction of races in the Malaysian winners, thus RTA is in his usual racist company.

There is no one in Malaysia, not even PERKASA or ISMA or low-yat-2 Ismail Sabri Yaakob or Mahathir or any Chinese Malaysians hater, who has attacked, condemned, criticized, blasted, spat at or kicked at Chinese Malaysians more than Ridhuan Tee Abdullah. It has become his sole obsessive fixated objective in his miserable life, to prove to Malays he is a true convertee.

I urge him to forgo his name of Tee because he has been insulting his Chinese ancestor day in and day out. Please change Tee to Taufik or Tambee or Tawab a.s.a.p


  1. Wilayah Persekutuan and Labuan can in no way be compared with the carve-out of Penang from the State of Kedah.

    Wilayah Persekutuan and Labuan are ceded willingly and peacefully within an independent and sovereign Malaysia.

    Penang was carved out from Kedah under duress , staring down the gun barrels of British warships.
    The events surrounding the creation of Penang by the British are still considered an affront by most Malays, and leave a bad taste.

    1. not so with Labuan which was given by Haris arbitrarily to Mahathir without consent of Sabahans. Even Mahathir was caught by surprise by Haris' unexpected impromptu gift.

      And what about Singapore, wakakaka?

  2. is racist ridhuan also implying that Singapore should be returned to Johor and ALL of South China Sea to China ? lets see how his retarded logic will play out !

    his spare time would be more beneficially used by joining the likes of isis and al-qaeda !

    1. and also the return of Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu to Thailand.

      Many countries or states today, like Sarawak, Sabah or North Borneo, the Sulu archipelago off the northeast tip of Borneo, Seludong (modern-day Manila), and the islands off the northwest tip of Borneo including Pahlawan Island, etc belongs to the Sultanate of Brunei. Will Philippines be willing to surrender Manila and Pahlawan Island back to Brunei? Wakakaka

    2. indeed, its irredentism at play. racist ridhuan should be speaking Thai by now. but otoh, he would have a hard time convincing the Thai authorities that he is not out to bomb the southern provinces. ha-ha-ha !

      ditto with Vietnam belonging to China, Kedah (Langkasuka) belonging to India and Melaka belonging to Indonesia (Srivijaya).

    3. kedah belonged to india? mana bukti?

    4. mana bukti ? kalau ikutkan logik yg sama spt si ridhuan, pergilah ke Lembah Bujang... wakakaka...

    5. betul2, indonesia pun kepunyaan india kerana ada borobudur & juga pulau bali kerana rakyatnya penganut hindu.

    6. let us not be emotional - Borobudur was Indonesian Buddhist designed, by Buddhist Indons, not Indians. There is a suspected interconnection between Borobudur and Angkor Wat.

      Pulau Bali inherited Hinduism from Javanese overlords, who in turn inherited their religion from Indian traders. There wasn't any Indians involved.

      But there was Hindu settlements in Bujang Valley and Langkasuka (Langkawi??)

      It's more correct to say Kedah was under the Thais.

      While China colonised Vietnam, they never did own it.

      As for Melaka, it has a long history, initially belonging to Srivijaya, then to Parameswara and his initiation of the Melaka Sultanate, then it became a Portuguese - Dutch (exchanged with) British colony, before it joined Malaya and became independent of teh Poms together with Malaya.

    7. indeed. just pointing out the 'sensibility' of irredentism ala racist ridhuan. might as well say the whole world belonged to 'Africans', since theoretically our ancestors migrated from Africa.