Monday, August 22, 2016

Bronze better than Silver?

Is it better to have ONE gold at the Olympics compared to 4 Silvers and 1 bronze?

I read an article in Oz that a bronze medal winner is likely to smile while a silver medallist is more likely to frown and feel uncomfy.

The reason provided is that unless one wins a medal at the Olympics one is unrecognized for all the work put in, thus a bronze medallist feels grateful he or she makes it by voiding the greater unwashed, winning at least a bronze medal.

But a silver medallist feels otherwise, forgetting that he or she is among the world's top two, but always troubled by the thoughts that he or she might have missed the gold and thus is uncomfy, and more likely to frown.

In Malaysia, news media like Utusan and Cosmos (Malay media) reminded the Chinese Malaysians who won silver that they let the nation down in not winning gold, even though right at the very beginning those silver medallists weren't expected to win any medal at all, or bronze at the most. 
But they should have won gold, being f**king Chinese.

Well done Malaysian Malay media, you're such arseholes.

But more importantly, Well done Malaysian contingent to the Rio 2016 Olympics in Brazil. ALL of you have been our heroes, and that includes officials as well and the Minister. Syabas.


  1. this is pure good karma striking back at Malaysia's racism. 3 chances - no gold.

    contrast that with the tiny red dot. the entire island rooted for Joe Schooling, despite him coming from a minority ethnicity.

    this alone shows the difference in maturity between both sides of the Causeway - and lets not forget both were one nation 51 years ago !

  2. Human won't miss what you never expected to get.

    Oftentimes, though not always, those who win the bronze are those who never expected to have a chance to win gold , or even any medal at all.. So they are very happy to win a Bronze.

    While the Silver winner is often one who has single-mindedly pursued, trained and dreamt for Gold for years. So the disappointment can be obvious.