Monday, August 22, 2016

Lesson from Rio - USA-ites have been liars

From Reuters - A U.S. Olympic swimmer has accused his team mate, Ryan Lochte, of playing a key role in an incident that has tainted South America's first Games, saying he tore a poster off a wall and argued with armed security guards at a Rio gas station.

In his first account of last week's incident, the youngest of the four swimmers involved, Gunnar Bentz, 20, said the guards confronted them after they had urinated behind some bushes and Lochte tore a metal-framed advertising poster from a wall.

It is the first time any of Lochte's companions has spoken publicly of the 32-year-old's role in the incident, and it contradicts Lochte, one of America's most decorated swimmers, who told U.S. television that he and his team mates were robbed at gunpoint.

Brazilian police have denounced Lochte's account as a fabrication designed to cover up for the group's bad behavior after a night spent partying until dawn, prompting apologies from both Lochte and the U.S. Olympic Committee this week.

What we have learned from Rio has been the confirmation that the USA have lots of liars, only some examples as follows:

(1) The Americans (USA-ites) lied about the 1964 incidents in the Gulf of Tonkin, North Vietnam

(2) The USA-ites lied about WMD in Iraq in 2003

(3) The USA-ites lied in Rio in 2016, as described in above Reuter report.

Footnote: The use of the term 'USA-ites' has been an acknowledgement to my South American matey that 'Americans' mean the people of North and South Americas, not just the citizens of the USA. He preferred to call them 'gringos' but I have been more generous, calling them 'USA-ites' instead.


  1. Lochte and those with him come across as overgrown adolescents. The demands of single-minded focus on winning at the highest levels of Olympic sport often means these men have had an unbalanced personal development. Don't tar a whole country based on their behaviour. What have you to say about Mohammed Rizalman and Namewee ?

    On to broader issues. It is fashionable in leftist circles to sing the mantra "USA is Evil". It is certainly true that there have been very ugly US foreign policy actions before.

    My matey who has done a lot of volunteer work in some of the saddest spots in Africa tells me , after a while , you learn to stop being so Anti-American.

    Spend enough time in some of the worst affected areas, and you realise the biggest giver of practical help is ....US of A. Both US non-government organisations and , yes, the much hated USA government. Tons and tons of food from USAID and CARE, the only indication being the little American flags in the corner. Machines that turn contaminated river and pool water into the only available drinking water.
    Doctors who could earn 6-figure incomes in New York or San Francisco crouching in a hot dusty tent giving medical treatment.

    Pak Arab are nowhere to be seen.
    China only appears when there is money to be made by Chinese contractors.

    I'm not blind to bad American actions, but USA is NOT an evil country.

  2. think of how it exploits and rapes countries