Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Musa Hitam talks about Memali. He said Mahathir was around in KL when Memali happened, though the official line was Mahathir was out of the country, and Musa was acting PM.

Both have been right - to wit, Mahathir was around in KL but he washed his hands off Memali like Pontius Pilate and dumped the whole lot of shit into Musa's lap, asking the latter as acting PM to take responsibility for the sorry affair.

But who was here in charge didn't matter. What matter were the four policemen who were killed in the incident at Memali.

PAS was involved, making martyrs (al shahid) out of rebels who won't obey the laws. I feel sad for the four policemen who were killed by those religious fanatics. But I feel sorrier for the 400 people in Baling who were stupid enough to believe in a cleric who was himself fortunate enough to get some kind of tertiary education in Gaddafi's Libya.

Pak Haji Hadi Awang has a lot to answer for stirring the shit, making UMNO people into apostates and claiming the struggle against fellow-Malaysian-Muslims was a jihad.

There have been a series of such rebellions in Malaysia, all coming from Islamists. There was the al Mau'nah group and the Ibrahim Libya group leading to Memali, where in both cases policemen were killed. In the former case, a couple of policemen were tortured before being murdered.

Then there was the Baling Demo in which our dear Anwar Ibrahim was involved. Recently there was the grenade attack in Movida nightclub in KL, and the spate of incidents in which our own dear Malaysians went either fighting or whoring for IS in the middle-east.

It has been sad sad days when a religion was misused and abused to justify false vile rebellious acts and indiscriminate killings.

Musa Hitam's recollection is not so much for us to apportion blame but to remind us that you can leave it to PAS to stir shit in some of above cases and that Islamist fanatics would and will kill with no compassion whatsoever.


  1. pada hemat saya yang bersalah ialah Ibrahim Libya.

    kalau hadi stirs fanatic shit sila buka kertas siasatan dan siasat. kenapa tidak dilakukan selepas peristiwa memali dulu? buatlah macam peristiwa lahad datu!

    sekarang bagaimanapula dengan amanat tok guru nik aziz? “Siapa yang nak tolong kerajaan Islam, kami sebagai pemimpin Islam mesti terima sama ada DAP, MCA, dan MIC. Kalau nak tolong mengapa kita tolak. Jika DAP ikhlas nak tolong PAS, saya terima. Usahkan DAP, syaitan pun boleh saya terima.” – Nik Aziz Nik Mat, Utusan Malaysia, 24 Januari 1999.

  2. "syaitan pun boleh saya terima"

    ini bukan kerajaan Islam, ini kerajaan syaitan

    1. it all depends on how you would want to see and to define the aforesaid amanat of tgna?

  3. Lets get some facts right
    The Baling Uprising in 1974 had nothing to do with Islamists. It arose from the suffering of rubber tappers during the collapse of rubber prices in the early 1970's. Student activists such as Anwar have been accused of opportunism. Maybe, but it was not an Islamist action.

    Memali is a tragedy. Nobody came out of it smelling good. Those who were there tell a different story from the official government line. FRU fired tear gas and water cannon at women and children. Some of the men reacted violently, armed with parangs. Police opened fire with semi-automatic rifles. Some policemen were hacked to death. Many villagers were killed.

    Musa Hitam as Home Minister was in overall charge of the police. He was nowhere near the scene.
    During the critical few hours leading to the Musa Hitam could not be found. Reportedly in a KL Hotel, not contactable. That was in those pre-cellphone days.

    1. Anwar was ABIM president - what did that make him but an Islamist? He was definitely an opportunist, as he has always been

    2. Ibrahim Libya the ugly perpetrator of Memali was also involved in the Baling demo

    3. Apa Alaskan sekali pun tiada Alasan boleh utk justify tembak org tua, kanak2 etc

    4. Alasan apa pn xleh guns utk justify tembak org tua kanak2 etc