Saturday, August 20, 2016

New Malaysian government?

112 MPs to form majority ruling party or coalition of Malaysia.

BN has 133 (UMNO 88)

Pakatan (PKR and DAP) has 68

PAS has 21

To seize government Mahathir must command at least 112.

Assuming he has 68 but PAS makan dedah and sides with Najib, his new party Pribumi must win 112 - 68 = 44 MPs from BN, a bit more than Anwar Ibrahim's 916 scheme of 30 crossovers, wakakaka.

Can he? Bear in mind he already has 3, namely Mukhriz (ooops sorry, no MP seat), Shafie Apdal (Semporna) and Muhyiddin (Pagoh) [apart from Nurul Izzah and Pakatan whatever], thus he has 68 plus 2 = 70 and is still short of 42.

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