Friday, August 19, 2016

Jagdeep excoriated Mah Hui

Sia Boey - I used to go there as a school boy. One of my school mates lived there, and there were lots of salted fish, wakakaka.

But today Mah Hui is in deep shit with the Penang State government for his treacherous act of writing directly to UNESCO Heritage but without copying in the State government - sheer gross lack of courtesy.

Today FMT reported: Jagdeep [son of Karpal Singh] berated Penang Forum and its member, Dr Lim Mah Hui, for prematurely sending a letter to Unesco as the transport hub project “was not set in stone”.

“We are not going to build anything as of now. It is premature to say anything now.

“What is shocking is that in the letter sent out by Mah Hui, he did not say he was part of the Penang Transport Council. He has a lot to answer to Penangites.

“We are not rejecting the suggestions made. If there’s anyone who wants to protect the heritage site, it is the Penang Government. We can take care of it ourselves,” Jagdeep said

What has been Michael Lim Mah Hui's real motive in writing directly to UNESCO?


  1. it does seem that some Penangites are being selfish. those old 'porfessionals' like dr. mah kui think they have ALL the answers because they think Penang is their island.

    in fact, dr. mah kui has blundered before by asking for a parking ban in front of hawker places and claiming that MBPP has not done enough towing of cars.

    people of his ilk merely wants to enjoy their retirement years in 'peace' and 'tranquility', while most ordinary Penangites continue to suffer the daily jams.

    if these people have not a single iota of respect for the state govt offices that they are part of, they should bloody well resign, get out of Penang and enjoy their umno dedak at some forested island far far away.

  2. "You are either with us, or you are against us"....DAP...

    1. helo pikachu.

      sekurang-kurangnya DAP bukan macam Parti KeluaRga awak.

      syok ke beromen dgn pas ?

  3. Mah Hui was sneaky and treacherous