Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Islamic laws in Malaysiais only for Muslims - true?

Malay Mail Online reported that Muhsin Abdul Latheef, the Penang secretary of Persatuan Mukabuku (Malay rights NGO), has demanded the popular Zumba dance be banned from being performed in public places in Penang, pointing out that the sport has been prohibited by a fatwa council.

And which fatwa council was that?

The Sabah Fatwa Council!

And he wants Penangites to obey that Sabah fatwa???

MM Online reported Muhsin also criticised the Penang state government for endorsing an upcoming Merdeka Day “Let’s Zumba Carnival”, which will be held on National day at Sunway Tunas Bayan Baru.

We have already witnessed the moronic rules in KB where even ordinary posters advertising watches have been deemed as haram because the models in the posters exposed their arms/hands to display the advertised watches. Shops which fail to remove such posters will not have their business licence renewed.

We have heard of hair dressing salons being warned on displaying posters showing women with luscious tresses because their aurat have been exposed. or face loss of licence.

The above KB interpretations of Islamic laws are recent and do not include previous enforcements of separating men from women in queues at supermarkets check-outs, and prohibition of unisex hair dressing salons.

Those KB ulamas seem to have an obsessed gender-oriented fixation on hair dressing salons.

Maybe they are the only ones who get hard-ons when seeing lovely well groomed stresses?

But then we know it's all about threats, punishments and control, the old tri-factor of the clerics, the Theocratic 3 P's - prohibit, persecute & punish.

But why interfere with the lives of non-Muslims? We have been repetitively informed and assured that Islamic laws do not affect non-Muslims, yet in Kelantan and now daringly in Penang, the ulamas are intruding into non-Muslim domains. 

Please recognize that in some areas we have different values - for example, we love to eat bah-kut-teh and yamseng. And Chinese men also love to view beautiful cleavages while Chinese women love to display theirs.

It's a win-win situation - we men like to see, the women love to show off - no one gets raped, no Chinese official let alone an ulama is allowed to interfere. We uphold the John Keats' poetic philosophy that 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever'.

But in Malaysia the ulama must somehow get into their bullying act of warning, prohibiting, persecuting and punishing - think poor Nik Raina, think Selena Gomez, think wrist watches and hair dressing posters, think unisex hair dressing salons, now it's to be Zumba.

They think that's their bread and butter, or they'd be out of a well-paid job.

And we non-Muslims are also paying for their salaries through our taxes.


  1. It is a general state of mind of religious people thriving from religious dogma. They may not be wrong but they should be tolerant. The problem is some may have over zealous religious mentality. As this is your country too, you should have more pressure groups to fight for your basic rights as nons?

    BTW tolerance pun mesti lah ada limit dan perimeters la. Jangan lah melampau sangat? But perhaps, you can have your own China Town where you can have wine and women all night long?

  2. When it suits yr religious ego trick, u put up the universal righteousness of yr faith.

    Suddenly, u discover the two-way traffic, vis-a-vis tolerance, to champion yr argument!

    Tell that to yr blur-sotong pals, drowned in the alifbata toxic.

    Jangan terlampau.....wakakaka...u know no shame as in yr proposal of China Town (form of new village/concentration camp) partying.

    If the Nons want to enjoying themselves openly, then f**koff to yr tempurung & act no-eye-see CAN?

    This is also a form of tolerance with boundary, NO?

    M'sia ISNT owned/developed by blur-sotong, do remember that before u shoot!

    1. even in secular country like England pun ada china town. your shit comment is too sangat busuk and naïve to illuminate anything. ada faham?

    2. CK, your words have no bearing on creating a climate of opinion that has real palpable effects other than self-serving nonsense!

    3. Then, in bolihland there r many a place known as kampong.

      What r they for?

      See the logic u r trying hard to twist?

      Guess not - or else how could one compares a China town in a Western outfit with one in bolihland?

      Talk about 'real palpable effects other than self-serving nonsense', u da man ma! Melayu palsu terlampau Melayu, betul tak?