Monday, August 22, 2016


In 1983 under the premiership of Mahathir, the Civil Service was ordered to raise its force from approximately 400,000 civil servants to 800,000, a doubling up of its manpower strength in a process called Operasi Isi Penuh.

Many permanent secretaries of ministries subsequently revealed they were in fact forced to do so, despite their initial reservations at such an unacceptable staffing.

Today the Malaysian Civil Service is made up of 1.4 million people or nearly 5% of our population, or in real terms, 11% of our total work force. That is more than double what our neighbouring ASEAN countries have in terms of civil servant/population ratio.

Oh, don't forget we also have 600,000 pensioners whom we have to pay.

Our current budget for our Civil Service emoluments plus pensions is 25.5% of our total budget or 71 billion ringgit.

Are you getting value for our taxpayers' money?

More importantly, can we continue to afford such a hefty portion of our budget, the pompous largesse of pompous Mahathir in an oil-rich era?

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  1. APA nak bincang lagi?

    Nasi dah jadi bubur. Siapa yg di bodohkan?

    Without operasi ISI benuh, how to 'provide for' for these;

    1)trained for corporate musical chair positions with spurious 'academic' & 'business' acumens

    2)children of elites with 'zilch' ability to occupy top echelon positions of all govt & glc setups

    3)syok sendiri mentality of giat tunas for those ordinary Melayus to achieve 'something', without knowing what real struggles & sacrifices r

    All 3 combined to form the base of that nefarious ketuanan outlook that will eventually bring bolihland to her economic demise!

    The end IS near, indeed!

    Pity those commonly blur sotong still singing prayer to that jingoistic alifbata cry that meme'ed them to be a class of weakling, pending occasional emotive handouts by their lecherous elites.

    Don't blame that mamak - izznt it been repeated umpteen times that one can lead the cow to the watering hole. Whether the cow wants to drink from it, is up to the cow.

    That's when nurture & nature parts with the selected - the golden rule of natural survival!