Tuesday, August 09, 2016


MM Online - Nur Jazlan: ‘Pokemon Go’ a fad, no need to ban or regulate

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 9 ― Putrajaya does not intend to block access to Pokemon Go or restrict how Malaysians play the mobile gaming hit, said Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed.

Despite the various concerns expressed over the online phenomenon, he pointed out that Pokemon Go was simply a game and there was no need to overreact over its current popularity.

Nur Jazlan instead advised players to be mindful of existing rules while playing the augmented reality game.

“Pokemon Go is just fad and the craze will go off after a while, but gamers are advised not to break any laws and that includes driving while holding your phone or trespassing.

“Just be responsible and aware of your surroundings… don't injure yourself and others,” he told Malay Mail Online.

At last a sensible statement by a BN minister. In fact I don't give two figs whether official statements such as above comes from BN, Pakatan or PAS. So long as the statements/view are sensible I will always welcome them.

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  1. while the kids are out and about playing Pokemon, dad's in bed Pokémom