Monday, August 08, 2016

Chow Kon Yeow a realistic DAP leader

The most significant policy announcement by the DAP in recent times has been the pronouncement of Chow Kon Yeow, its Penang chairman and heir apparent to Guan Eng as CM Penang, that 3-corner election contests will be a regular feature in the future, and the DAP should get ready for it.

Kaytee wants to add that if PKR wishes to bury their head in the sand imported from Kelantan's Pantai Cinta Berahi (renamed as Pantai Cahaya Bulan by the PAS government, wakakaka), in a stupid hope its lover-boy won't interfere with its election contests in the future, that's up to that party.

But the DAP must expect 3-corner fights not only from PAS but also treacherous PKR, as had happened in Sarawak. Kaytee would urge the DAP in Penang to consider and far more importantly, to cater for this.

Chow also put a reality mark on the party's wishful dreamers like LKS, namely, that Pakatan is NOT going to be able to win Putrajaya in GE-14, not even if Mahathir somehow manages to oust Najib where UMNO Baru Baru will continue to reign.

Note my emphasis on "NOT going to be able to win Putrajaya" rather than "NOT going to win Putrajaya", where the difference is the messy trouble in Pakatan rather than in the DAP.

PKR by its politically sinful behaviour in the recent Sarawak state election has shown itself to be an untrustworthy and treacherous Pakatan ally, while PAS is a trouble-maker, seemingly for UMNO rather than an earnest political contestant by itself.

And Mahathir's party will, I suspect with Azmin Ali's cooperation, attempt to dominate and even usurp the relevant substance of Pakatan coalition (after making use of the various component party like the DAP) to form a new Malay Unity alliance, to wit, my suspicion of a post-Najib UMNO Baru Baru.

However, Chow advises rather wisely that Pakatan (or whatever is left of it) should campaign for GE-14 on the basis of its exemplary models of governmentship in Penang and Selangor, inviting the voters-people of Malaysia to examine which political parties/coalition have done the rightful things by them in terms of state administrations, performance and accountability.

Most certainly Chow has a steady down-to-earth head on his shoulders. He (and not the sluttish footsie-tootsie-ing of some) is what we need for the DAP in today's tumultuous unstable downwards-spiraling back-stabbing songsang-ish politics.

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