Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Police has nothing better to do

The police has nothing better to do, it would seem, of course other than its IGP keeping watch at the northern border to ensure seditious ashes (of Ong Boon Hwa) do not quietly sneak into Malaysia to be placed in Sitiawan, or the nation will face mucho mucho mucho problema - such is the seditious nature of those ashes.

Thua we have a lot to thank the Lord (or 'A....' - sorry, a censured word) for the ever vigilant IGP. Also see I ain't no chicken farmer. Wakakaka.

He was talking about the Malay 10th regiment of the CPM who were accepted back into Malaysia, as were Abdullah CD (CPM Chairman) and Rashid Maidin (CPM Central Committee member)

Also JI global terrorists Nordin Top and Azahari, who indiscriminately murdered hundreds of innocent people, were allowed (their corpses) to return to Malaysia

But they were Malays while Ong Boon Hwa was a bloody Chinaman

Thus, because the police has nothing better to do, Namawee is in trouble again. He has just confirmed he is a fave target of the Malay authorities.

His latest episode has him allegedly insulting Islam, and the nothing-better-to-do Malaysian police has, with much alacrity, aided one of the Islamic organizations in arresting Namawee. The Lord is not amused, so say his clerics.

He is nothing more than an amusing entertainer, at worst a clown to Chinese, wakakaka, but the Malay authorities have chosen to enrich him with a 'reputation' 

The police has even gone to the extent of contacting Interpol to liaise with Taiwan police so as to question 3 Taiwanese, apparently naughty mates of Namawee. Aiyoyo, so hard working one, our police. Their unusual diligence has surprised many Malaysians.

The police-got-nothing-better-to-do has Marina Mahathir pretty riled. She wondered why the action taken by the 
nothing-better-to-do police to arrest a clown like Namewee has been even necessary, let alone the fact that the police arrest of Namawee has been so unnecessarily extreme.

She reckoned the police was probably prompted by a need to appease certain "oversensitive Muslims", or they (the police) would have still been lepak-ing in Lepakland.

Yes, our Malaysian police has this Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde transformational ability, requiring only a local "VVIP" to trigger them from zombie status into action-heroes.

But Marina said: “We can’t keep kowtowing to people who spend most of their time being offended. I find it rather offensive that they’re offended.”

Indeed Sweetie, you're absolutely right. But then again, our Malaysian Police are made up of 'carma' creatures lah.

Besides, there's no more effective force in Malaysia than our hardworking Islamist clerics, wakakaka. Try them and they're always ready, from Selena Gomez to Valentine's Day to unisex salon to wristwatch shops etc etc etc, to single ladies who are considered 'gatal sikit', etc etc etc again, bonking atop camels, and they'd pounce.

And they have willing captives, where the Malaysian policemen and most of their officers would be among them (the willing captives), wakakaka.


  1. The Soviet Union, went to extraordinary lengths over decades to keep secret the fact that they still had in their possession some of Hitler's remains. Ultimately the KGB destroyed the remains and scattered Hitler's ashes in some obscure unmarked spot.

    It was to prevent the remains from becoming a shrine for neo-Nazi's , who are still active in Europe.

    Similarly , the United States disposed of Osama bin Laden's body , weighted down to sink to the bottom of the Indian Ocean, to prevent his remains from becoming some kind of object of veneration.

    There are good practical, historical and security reasons for ensuring the ashes of the former Leader of the Malayan Communist Party are not brought in to be buried in Malaysia.

    Abdullah CD and Rashi Maidin were secondary figures who never aroused the same level of following and loyalty that Chin Peng did.

    1. Nordin Top and Dr Azahari were both evil murderous JI terrorists who slaughtered hundreds of innocent civilians, but whose corpses were allowed back into Malaysia, with Hishamuddin Hussein and Pak Haji Hadi lamenting their demises