Thursday, August 18, 2016

Discourteous Penang Forum

There is no denying that Michael Lim Mah Hui’s action, in writing directly to Unesco but WITHOUT copying his letter to the Penang State Government has been deliberately treacherous and discourteous in every respect.

This is more so when Lim Mah Hui is a part of the state government by virtue of his appointment as city councillor, Penang Institute director and Penang Transport Council member.

There are unfortunately people like Lim Mah Hui who misuse Penang Forum to derail Guan Eng's transport plan for whatever reasons grieve them.

Lim Mah Hui has been extremely discourteous.


  1. has Penang forum been eating umno dedak ?
    with GE14 around the corner, retards like lim mah hui have been sabo-ing the Penang govt.'s transport plan - for a slow-moving, at grade tram between George Town & Penang Airport ?
    if Penang forum is so 'enlightened', why cities like KL, Singapore, Bangkok & Tokyo didn't buy their 'tram' idea ?
    and to say that the Penang Transport Plan will damage the UNESCO zone ? can these 'porfessionals' even read the map ? where is Sia Boey within the UNESCO zone ? and if mot Sia Boey, then where else ?
    or are people like lim mah hui only interested in 'preserving the heritage' for them to enjoy, while ordinary Penangites continue to suffer the daily jams ?

  2. Its not that simple. The Penang State Government has been very resistant to concerns raised by various civil society and community groups.

    Too much money and vested interests involved.

    There are also deep concerns about the independence and impartiality of the Con-sultants who produced the Penang Transport Master Plan.

    They will be paid a percentage of the TMP Project cost.
    That is a fundamental conflict of interest, because they will profit from inflating the size and complexity of the proposed solutions.

    I suppose if we keep anyone in power long enough, they will become just as putrid as UMNO/BN.
    Except the rot with DAP seems to have set in a great deal faster than UMNO - in less than 2 terms.

    1. the issue has been the discourtesy of the Penang Forum

      we're also aware you are extremely biased against Guan Eng, wakakaka

  3. eh monsterball.

    you may have monstrous 'balls', but it seems your brain is stuck in your balls.

    if you are a Penangite and against PTMP, what is your solution ? dont just talk cock about DAP corruption when it is obvious people like you have been makan umno dedak.

    oh, and please be more creative than saying trams are the best solution. it only proves that any remnants of your creative spark has been buried by umno dedak.

    podah !

  4. lim mah hui may be discourteous but he is right. at grade tram will be the best for penang. it is cheap and more functional than light rail. low maintenance cost.. low electricity cost.. low staffing and administrative cost.. it will be sustainable even with low ridership during off peak hours.. all these factors will translate into cheaper transport cost for commuters.. at grade tram is good for tourists.. don't know why halcrow did not recommend tram for penang? i am with you lim mah hui..

    1. he stabbed penang govt in the back

    2. hello unknown.

      do you even have engineering background to begin with ? or are you just a cheapskate who wants everything cheap ? everything in the world is free, yes ?

      tell me how would you gain the land needed to build the tram in land-scarce Penang. where will the land be ? the existing roads ?

      how do you propose digging up the road and all underlying utilities like electric cables, fibre optics, water and sewage pipes for the purpose of a tram line ?

      if the tram breaks down, will you close down an entire stretch of road just to repair the line ? could you damage the underground utilities ?

      how will the tram function ? by obeying the current traffic laws as per cars and kapcais ? how can this efficiently move people ?

      and of course, how many people can a tram carry ? how fast can a tram go ? tell me why KLIA uses an LRT while Changi uses an MRT.

      if you are a Penangite (which I doubt), please get your facts right first. dont anyhow talk cock.

      just because the person who talks bullshit has a Dr. title, it doesnt mean he is an expert of that field. this is a fallacy which you would do well to remedy, I hope.

    3. hello anti-fascist league... light rail is rm220 million per km ... tram is only rm80 million per km.. land acquisition no problem la.. sure can one.. hendak seribu daya kalau tak nak seribu dalih.. i will choose tram and buses.. the longer route maybe can have light rail la.. tapi most of the time may be carry angin aje la.. should privatised that route to you via 'boot' model for 30 years.. gamuda mahu tak?

    4. unknown

      sudahkah awak membaca laporan Falcrow ? kalau tak paham bahasa England, pi buka kamus Oxford lah. tolong carikan maksud perkataan 'ESTIMATE'.

      kalau sekarang rm80 million, adakah ini termasuk kos pembelian tanah anda ? penyelenggaran, termasuk jalan yg kena digali ? pembinaan struktur2 spt pylon atau kabel ? EIA ?

      hendak seribu daya kalau tak nak seribu dalih ? awak ingat PP banyak tanah utk dibeli ke ? awak nak musnahkan rumah2 di tepi jalan ke ? ataupun awak suka tanah 1mdb di Air Itam ? Taman Manggis ? rumah awak ?

      aku masih menunggu jawapan 'bernas' awak utk soalan2 aku tadi. tapi apa nak buat. patutlah, bahasa England awak pun lembik, jadi memang kesian kepala pusing awak tu.

      kalau awak bukan org PP, buat apa masuk campur ?

  5. Sometimes it is necessary to be discourteous and rude...when it is needed to correct a great wrong...or prevent one...

    1. helo pikachu

      jadi inilah amalan parti awak ? hentam dari belakang ? macam tahun lepas bila sokong pemberi dedak di Dewan PP.

      syok ke hentam dari belakang ? nafsu awak puas ?

    2. helo pikachu.

      jadi inilah amalan parti awak ? hentam dari belakang ? macam tahun lepas di Dewan PP.

      syok ke hentam dari belakang ? boleh puaskan nafsu awak ?

  6. oh ya ! satu lagi soalan, unknown.

    dulu PP ada tram. jadi kenapa kerajaan umno dulu hapuskan tram PP ? sekarang nak hidupkan semula tram pulak ?

    apasal la kepala memusing. pusing2 sampai pening pusingannya. aduhai.

  7. anti-fascist league... halcrow la bukan falcrow...

    kalau rm80 million dan top up lagi rm20 million for land acquisition dan compensation cost i.e. rm100 million per km.. the tram system should be still the way of life in penang.. it is not difficult to relocate people and businesses..

    btw all projections are caveated with many many assumptions.. baca lah halcrow report kalau tak percaya..?

    halcrow pun mesti pandai cover belakang la.. kalau dap government nak 'maglev' untuk penang pun halcrow can justify it but subject to all the assumptions being in placed. aisehman.. tak kan lah kau tak tau? ha ha..

    1. aiseh sotong. rm 20 million ? macam mane awak dapat angka tu ? jatuh dari langit ? atau dari donation 2.6 billion ?

      bagilah lebih sikit. apasal kedekut sangat pulak. wakakaka...

      itu cuma 'assumption' saya ya.

      oh, jadi kalau awak kata pindah, semua pun kena pindah ? ingat senang nak org PP pindah ? bagilah lebih dari rm20 million. semua agama kan mengajar sedekah. ha-ha..

      kalau semua Halcrow yg kata adalah betul, ajaklah Halcrow datang ke KL dan buat tram kat sana. tak payah bersusah payah bina LRT sini, LRT situ. kan hanya Halcrow satu syarikat yg paling bagus utk org kampung spt awak. wakkaka...

      aduhai. pusinglah laju sikit. go baby go ! pusing sampai ke bulan. ha-ha-ha !

    2. nampaknya, org kampung jahil spt engkau ni pandai pusing gasing je. tak pandai membaca pun. pandai main 'assume' je. kesian. pui.

      inilah akibat pemakanan dedak yg melampau.

    3. nampaknya dah kehabisan idea untuk berhujah lah tu.. maka itu panggil saya sotong.. orang kampung jahil.. donation la.. makan dedak la.. dll lagi.. ha ha

      takde class lah kau ni..

      Lim Mah Hui.. i am for you..

    4. berhujah ? 'assumption' dipanggil berhujah ? berhujah dgn sotong spt awak yg tak pernah membaca ?

      aiseh. pi lah pusing gasing. tak ade class lah org kampung ni.

      inilah akibat pemakanan dedak yg melampau. dedak 2.6 billion tu. puii...

    5. aku masih mengunggu jawapan 'bernas' awak utk soalan2 aku. org kampung ni masih isap dedak 2.6 billion agaknya.

      hujah dgn 'ass-umption' ? inilah 'ass-umption' aku. awak mesti ada lebih dari rm20 million. bagi saya lebih dari rm 20 million dan jawab soalan2 aku. baru kita sembang.

      kalau tak, makanlah dedak. biar semua lihat 'kebijaksanaan' sotong kampung ni.