Sunday, August 14, 2016

Killing Malays?

Malaysiakini - ‘Killing Malays’ and saving Malaysia by Cmdr (Ret) S Thayaparan.

Basically Aneh is pissed off with a few stuff: (a) he is sick of the bullshit which Mahathir's BTN is stuffing into the kepala of UMNO apparatchiks, of which the CM of Malacca has been one, (b) he is also sick of the same mendacious 'looking-after-their-own-skin' clerics who supported their political rulers and (c) it is the use or misuse of Islam that has seen the victimization of Muslims.

Despite all these, the above, he quite likes Malaysia and believes we're lucky to be living in this great country, notwithstanding.

What do we do then?

Look up above ler!


  1. Prior to the early 1980's, Malaysia was a very pro-US country. It stayed neutral over the Vietnam war, but in most aspects of foreign policy , Malaya , then Malaysia was a great admirer of the USA.

    The Malaysian flag was practically lifted from the Stars and Stripes, with minor changes to accommodate the Moon and Stars.
    After the end of the Emergency, it was the architect of the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington DC who was invited to design the National Monument, build to honour the fallen soldiers.
    Other than from Britain, Malaysia mainly purchased military equipment from the USA.

    So , it was Mahathir who turned Malaysia against the USA, cultivated and promoted anti-US feelings among most Malaysians, for his political purposes.

    Ironically, Malaysian Official 1 is now trying to tap into such Anti-US sentiments, never far from the surface among Malaysians, certainly the Malays, but existing to varying extents among Chinese and Indians.
    Idris Haron's raising the spectre of US imperialism, PAS Hadi's warning against foreign meddling in Malaysia.

    Commander Thayaparan's write-up was as usual excellent.

    But I find it laughable your invincible attempt to ignore the elephant in the room.
    The Commander's ripping into Kleptrocrat-In-Chief's use of his minions to defend his position, using idiotic and execrable methods.

    Mahathir used racist methods, there is no doubt about it, but Najib is no less a promoter and proponent of racists in his UMNO party.

    By all means hold Mahathir accountable for that, but not holding Najib similarly accountable makes your motives highly suspicious.

  2. last night at dataran merdeka about 150,000 muslims including najib were together for doa untuk malaysia lead by habib sheikh alsagaf.. i can assure you they all hate the americans for calling this country a kleptocratic country. who are you to judge us? podah!

  3. Dataran Merdeka ....150,000 ? PDRM "proved" during the Bersih 3.0 rally that there is no way you can fit more than 15,000 in Dataran Merdeka....

    You are so TAKSUB with your Dear Leader.
    USA accused Malaysian Official 1 as a Kleptocrat ?

    Who are they to judge ? Because the Billions of US Dollars were transacted via US banks , and the ill-gotten money was used to buy property and other assets in the US.
    If a Mat Salleh comes to Malaysia and breaks Malaysian laws, you would be screaming , demanding they be brought to book.

    Malaysian Official 1 broke US Law on US Soil....that is why...

  4. i ask u again what is the amount? usd 42.0 b?

    btw dah masuk jalan raya depan dataran?