Friday, August 26, 2016

Religious issues - don't build up on those

Prior to 1980, St Joseph's Chapel along Jalan Saujana Impian in Kajang was built to cater to the spiritual needs of the Catholic estate workers at the Brehma Estate.

above not St Joseph's church
Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Pagar Tras, Sg Lembu, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

But subsequently Brehma Estate was closed down, with the area given to developments of other kinds. The workers of course left and naturally the church fell into disuse with most of the structure crumbling over time.

Some portions or parts of its chapel remained as a derelict building, in ruins, which was deemed as an illegal structure on a road reserve connected with the developments.

So the chapel had to be removed, and the Selangor State government wisely discussed the matter in early 2016 with the Catholic Church in the very person of the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, namely the Most Reverend Julian Leow, the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM), and local authorities who all agreed to the chapel's demolition.

MM Online reported: Yesterday, the archbishop noted that there were reports of attempts by individuals to stop the demolition works and appealed to them “to respect the lawful right of the council to carry out their duty and to remind everyone that the decision to demolish the unused chapel was made after due process was followed”.

Not only that, or perhaps connected to it (I really don't know), the MCA in the person of Ng Chok Sin (as reported also by the same Malay Mail), who is MCA religious harmony bureau deputy chairman and MCA Selangor secretary, had among other things criticised the planned demolition works of the chapel remains and questioned PKR president and Kajang state assemblyman Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail in relation to the matter.

Obviously Ng has ballsed it up in his over-eagerness in making unfounded accusations, not realizing the demolition of the ruined chapel had the prior approval of the Catholic Church and all sectors connected. He erred in believing he has achieved a religious char-koay-teow, wakakaka.

abandoned church
Kirkmichael, Perthshire, Scotland

But now DAP MP Dr Ong Kian Ming (my good matey) wants Ng Chok Sin to apologize to all and sundry for his gross mistake.

I call upon the DAP and MCA, and indeed if they are also listening in, the Gerakan and Hindraf (wakakaka), not to misuse and abuse the item of religion to make political waves for parochial interests.

Ng Chok Sin has f**ked it up, now Ong Kian Ming adds on to the religious-tainted debris, wakakaka.

But please lah, both DAP and MCA - leave religious issues to Islam and the Muslims, like PAS, UMNO and PKR and Islamic NGOs such as Perkasa, Isma, ulama, etc etc etc, to do a song and dance each and every  time a religious issue or anything connected even faintly with Islam (in their narrow perceptions and self-interest driven motivations), .....

..... issues like tight jeans, uncovered hair in non-Muslim salons, unisex hair salons, uncovered hands in posters advertising wristwatches, koe-tai (now that it's the month of the Hungry Ghosts, we'll hear more about koe-tai), dogs (but cats are OK), bonking on the back of a camel (what about kerbau?), Selena Gomez's shows or more likely her tits, Christian bibles, Namawee YouTube videos allegedly insulting Islam, Cadbury chocolate bars, Kassim Ahmad, and whatever else those clerics will think up from time to time. 

Non-Muslim Chinese Malaysians, be they Christians, Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, Ba'hais, Pagans (of Chinese folk religion(s), wakakaka) etc, should refrain from such silly exploitation of their religions in politics.

abandoned temple, Ipoh

photo by the ancientnomad blog

other abandoned temples relate to preserved ruins in Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Borobudur in Java, Ayutthaya in Thailand, etc 

It's already bad enough for the Muslim side to make mucho noise, wild accusations, silly allegations and nonsensical brouhaha, which to our dismay but to Muslim clerics' delights, we get to hear, experience and suffer from quite regularly.

The non-Muslims should not add on to the unnecessary religious hullaballoo.


  1. so what about the oath of office ... ending with 'so help me God'? the usa ada pakai.. australia ada.. dan banyak lagi...

    1. you can adopt the 'affirmative' oath which has no mention of religion or god in it

  2. in the uk there is also a coronation oath act of 1688... so how to separate religion from the governing of the country?

    1. a mere coronation item which in modern times has no important significance