Friday, August 12, 2016

Islamic Lite?

I sense the Najib government is moving gradually away from Islamic extremism. There is some wee evidence of this in the Pokemon Go issue and Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid declaring the government would not allow national schools to become “too Islamic”.



    Mahdzir Khalid is the idiotic UMNO Minister who has been spewing anti-Christian hatred. Utterly unqualified to be Education Minister

    The Najib administration has not deviated from its opportunistic cultiviation and condonance of Islamist extremism. No doubt a practice started by Mahathir, but Najib has bolstered the hypocricy to stratospheric heights.

    Ktemoc is, as usual, clutching at straws to promote his beloved Malaysian Official 1.

    1. no.. you are wrong.. it is not najib but it is the promoter(s)/initiator(s) of parti pribumi bersatu malaysia that has bolstered the hypocricy to stratospheric heights!