Thursday, February 07, 2019

The Cambridge graduate

If a BN person had made such a claim which led to peers and the public imagining incorrectly that the university was the redoubtable Cambridge University in England, specifically at Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TN, UK, there would have been a deafening hullabaloo for the last several days.

THE cambridge university 

But YB Senator Dato' Haji Marzuki Yahya (Timbalan Menteri Luar Negeri Malaysia)'s Bachelor of Business Administration degree has been one from the University of Cambridge in the USA and not from what we would associate with the name Cambridge University, to wit, in England (UK).

 Face of a Cambridge University graduate

TB pursued his degree course through a “long distance learning” programme. But political activist Muhsin Abdul Latheef, the man who raised the question about YB's "Cambridge degree" in his FB, had checked online and found that (USA) Cambridge does not offer degree programmes via “long distance learning”, wakakaka.

Muhsin Abdul Latheef

FMT reported: Checks on the USA’s Cambridge International University website, meanwhile, show that it does offer distance learning but these are “unique, non-traditional and not accredited by the US Department of Education”.

In other words, the USA Cambridge is more commonly known as a diploma mill, to wit, one with more questions to be asked on it than learning to be acquired from there.

Though the press did not allow complete silence on the issue, by contrast there has been relative quiet from Pakatan side especially from DAP which has always been the loudest to question the academic qualifications of BN politicians.

For example, on 19 April 2013, DAP's Ong Kian Ming challenged the genuineness of the academic qualifications of five Selangor BN candidates. he was right to do so, but what about now? Wakakaka.

Yes, I recall fierce queries and abuses being hurled at some BN politicians questioning their academic qualifications. Somehow YB Senator Dato' Haji Marzuki Yahya has been treated more sympathetically by the Pakatan Hellhounds. I have only a phrase to say, 'Double Standards'. I know that is not worthy of a Cambridge graduate's normal-speak, wakakaka again.

And really, with PM Mahathir espousing Japanese 'values', I reckon YB Senator Dato' Haji Marzuki Yahya should, no not what you may think a la seppuku wakakaka, but resign. Only blardy decent thing to do. C'mon lah YB, don't you have any shame?

But I relish the sight of one of the lecturers of his 'Cambridge University'.

She is also an associate professor of the Eastern European dating site AnastasiaDate, which led one MKINI readers to jibe: ... perhaps this may have been useful for the timbalan menteri in enhancing his skills in international relations.

Final wakakaka.


  1. Marzuki has come clean that he has a degree from a degree mill. The vultures are circling overhead. Pick him clean.

    Will Jibby also come clean whether he actually sat for his finals and graduated from University. Can he please authorise Nottingham U to release his academic records. Were we governed by a fake Prime Minister for 9 years?

    1. He did NOT come clean. It was FORCED out of him

    2. Malaysia's Robin Hood stole from the poor (Government guaranteed funds which could have been used on programs to alleviate poverty) to enrich the Rich (Jho Low) and his own pocket.

      How fitting that he claimed to have graduated from Nottingham.

    3. Malaysia's Robin Hood stole from the poor (Government guaranteed funds like EPF) to enrich the Rich

      Example: the Maminco-Makuwasa Affair

    4. Wakakakakaka…

      Banyak panda in twisting!

      The Maminco-Makuwasa Affair was 'designed' to corner the world tin market. If the plan was successful then M'sia, as the world #1 tin producing country, would benefit tremendously.

      So yr Malaysia's Robin Hood then was trying to steal from the tin consuming countries to enrich M'sia.

      The seed money that came from Government guaranteed funds like EPF DIDN'T go into mamak, or any cronies' pockets.

      Unlike the case of 1MDB where jibby & cronies pocketed the govt guaranteed bond issues!

    5. BR-ter like you only read Maminco but not Makuwasa - read that an dthen talk, wakakaka

    6. "He did NOT come clean. It was FORCED out of him"

      How about part 2 of TS's question?

    7. not many r interested in najib, tis thief is no more in the govt, who care whats a thief qualification? ph is diff, especially dog like dap that r now the govt but cant tell what is right or wrong, read okm how he is trying eating his own shit, he get one thing right though, qualification is not that important, by the fact that cambridge could produce an idiot like him.

    8. Wakakakakaka……

      Unmadked BS-ter read Maminco & twist Makuwasa as a separate stories!

      Right, read then talk lah - only yr gullible choirboys would take what u said, lock stock and barrel w/o taking the effort to analyse the WHOLE events.

      Perhaps, u yrself DIDN'T read & understand the in & out of that issues. Instead, u just tambah yr OWN spinning just like yr sifu!

    9. "why don't you ask him?"

      You were so keen to proffer your opinion on "oneside" but always avoid "the other side". Are you trying to prove your bias? Wakakakaka ............

    10. Let's pry open a little corner of that fart chamber sustained by this shameless BS-ter.

      From his sifu's blog:

      The mom spinned this story as:

      The Maminco scandal that contributed to the collapse of the tin market in 1985 is the ill-fated attempt by the Malaysian government to corner the tin market and to prop up the tin price.

      Instead of admitting their mistake, Mahathir and his merry band cooked up another scheme using another RM2 company called Makuwasa to hide the losses incurred by Maminco from the Malaysian public.

      The idea was new shares reserved for bumiputras allocated to EPF were diverted to Makuwasa at par value! These cheaply acquired shares could then be sold for a profit at market price! Instant profits made by Makuwasa can then be used to cover the Maminco’s losses.

      Here lies that f*cked-up spin concocted by that mom & continuoycon used by his faithful student to twist the underlying FACTS!

      1) Maminco was a failed scheme that mamak played with a heavy financial penalty. But WHAT was mamak's aim in playing such highly risked gambling?

      Personal or national gain?

      2) Makuwasa was created to salvage a lost financial loan that incurring billions from that egoistically pop-up Bank Bumiputra.

      If Bank Bumiputra can't recover the loan from Maminco then the shareholders would have to suffer with the possibility of letting Bank Bumuputra going under!

      Who r the main shareholders of the then Bank Bumiputra? Wakakakakaka, unmasked BS-ter, quite lah goes do a company research to clear yr fart filled mind.

      3) New shares reserved for bumiputras allocated to EPF were diverted to Makuwasa at par value!

      Anything wrong with that to generate the fund needed to pay back the loan from Bank Bumiputra, mfer?

      Otherwise, these shares will eventually pocketed by the umno elites, cronies & what no sycophants! With no benefit to the nation facing the possible collapse of a financial institution sustaining the ego & spurious pride of a RACE.

      Sensitive, right?

      Moreover, eventually if the fund doesn't come from Makuwasa, then it has to come from the Joe M'sians, like it or not!

      Effectively, Makuwasa is used to raid the future durian runtuh of the umno elites, cronies & sycophants to help pay for Maminco’s losses!

      Enough for the day to let some farts seeping out from yr fart chamber.

      Do give me another chance to enlarge that opened slit, mfer.

      Possibly that ASI manual that u have kept as Bible to sustain yr failed flyboy dream. Wakakakakaka…

    Wakakakaka.. Ah Mok sounds just like MCA Wee Ka Siong.....
    Of course, holding PH accountable is now MCA and Ah Mok's job.
    And not Ong Kian Meng's..weakakakaka..

  3. Fact 1: Najib was Education Minister 1995-2000.
    Fact 2: Nottingham U opened Malaysia campus in 2000.
    Fact 3: Nottinhgham U has to date not released Najib’s academic results to say if he actually graduated with a Bachelors in Industrial Economics.

    I am the suspicious type.....

    Fact 4: As Finance Minister Najib was responsible for many Budgets, despite never confirming if he actually graduated or if he is a uni drop out.

    1. he never confirmed means he never claimed - unlike Marzuki

    2. You can always count on Ah Mok to defend his Bossku.

  4. There is an Oxford Business College in Puchong, KL.....eakakakaka.

    It does NOT claim any connection to Oxford University, and so it's quite acceptable as long as it does not misrepresent its Background.


    Quite kosher, acccredited by the Malaysian Government, and offers Business and IT courses, mainly for working adults.

    I have a lot of respect for adults who never got the opportunity for tertiary education upon leaving school, but still have the determination to continue to upgrade their education part time.

    Degrees mills don't count, of course.

  5. luckily dap is multi racial, its really a shame to have such dog to represent chinese wakaka.

  6. Nottingham or NOTHINGham graduate???

    Was our former Prime and Finance Minister who was responsible for our National Budget for many years a Nottingham GRADUATE or a DROPOUT????

  7. Was a NOTHINGham University DROPOUT responsible for our 1 TRILLION national debt?

  8. I wonder how some people just have no shame nor integrity.

    Being charged for offences or exposed with dubious qualifications is just so shameful and ugly, most would run away and hide from family, friends and the public.

    In Malaysia, we have thick skinned people who still goes around in public jaunting chants like "Malu apa" or still giving speeches, holding posts and representing the Govt.

    They may not be ashamed, but everyone else around them definitely will look akward and foolish consorting with such individuals.

    Just like some bloggers who continuously flogged lies, half truths, spins etc thinking their readers are fools forever.

  9. It’s in his Wikipedia and official website, till this day.

    1. wikipedia can be written by anyone with access, just as someone has been updating Marzuki Yahya's to the latter's chagrin

  10. The NOTHINGham U DROPOUT claimed that China would import 2.5 TRILLION US dollars worth of Malaysian goods in exchange for building a 20 BILLION dollar ECRL. What utter nonsense. Did he ever graduate? Can he count?

  11. What about Winston Churchill, George Washinton, Abraham Lincoln.. ?

  12. Wa lau-eh!

    Now the jibby sycophants want to group jibby in the same class with Winston Churchill, George Washinton, Abraham Lincoln.. ?

    Mana sama??

    Maybe these f*cked-up ketuanan freaks/zombies would place the pant-downed hadi bawang in the same class as TG Nik Aziz Nik Mat!

    1. From a certain point of view, Bossku was the World's Best Prime Minister.... wakakaka..

    2. Ya-loh, he ALWAYS has the hearts of the elites & those pathetically shameless m40 melayu hanger-ons!

      What he did was for the good of alifbata mah!

      Exactly as 'fatwa-ed' by hadi bawang - "best to suffer with a cruel, kleptomaniac Muslim leader than to enjoy with a just kaffir".