Monday, February 04, 2019

Wishing all Malaysians Peace, Prosperity, Good Health, Safe Life & Happiness

and Wealth too, wakakaka, in the new Lunar-Solar Calendar Year 2019


  1. Wishing Kaytee and family a 'Happy And Prosperous New Year'.Cheers matey.

    1. thanks mate, and wishing all teh best for the new auspicious year

  2. Gōng hè xīn xǐ... and good fortune & blessings dear KT.

  3. gong xi fa cai kt all the best for the new year, just for today i will be nice to you wakakaka, kidding, we are nice to you all the time

  4. It is interesting to see MCA Open House attended by UMNO (but no PAS?) tossing the traditional yee sang but did they know that the grandson of the person who created this dish became a DAP Minister?

  5. "Gong Xi Fa Cai Ta Chia/Wishing all Wealth, Happiness, Good Heath"

    This year is a Pig year following all animals symbols in the lunar calendar which was based on the stories of the first 12 animals to pay homage to Buddha.

    May Malaysia be blessed this year with good leaders, better economy, peace and harmony among all it's citizens.

    Those shouting and cheering on racial, religious, bigotry and concorting lies, deceits, hate statements on fellow Malaysians, go get a life somewhere else. Malaysia do not belong to you.