Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Will Mahathir go after 2 years?

Malaysiakini - How to make two years last forever by Martin Vebgadesan:

I once observed that it was a managerial tactic to offer “two years” as a convenient timeframe to put off a decision that it didn’t really want to make.

“How long will I be in Ipoh?” asked a friend who was being transferred out of Petaling Jaya. “Two years” she was told. A year-and-a-half later she inquired again, and “two years” was the ubiquitous reply. She resigned soon after the original two-year deadline came and went.

This time around, while the principle is the same, the “two years” affects all of us. It’s a by-product of an unwieldy election agreement by people who have since repeatedly told us that they never expected to win. And that’s probably why they never agreed on a timeframe when the four Pakatan Harapan parties inked the deal on Jan 6, 2018. The order of succession yes, the timing no.

Let’s not forget that it was the coalition, and not an individual or a party, that defeated the Najib Abdul Razak regime. It would not have happened without any one of Bersatu or PKR or DAP or Amanah - or Warisan, for that matter. And it certainly wouldn’t have happened without the will of the people.

The “two years” figure cropped up quickly after May 9, but I don’t recall it being in the mix when PKR and DAP loyalists were being persuaded to rally behind Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

It was just a convenience, and only became part of the equation when the “new” prime minister asked for two years to fix the problems he had inherited. But the more machinations that unfold, the more the “two years” looks like a ploy to buy time.

To be fair, our prime minister is going to be 94 in July and surely even he can’t envisage himself as a long-term solution. But there are cronies around him urging him to stay. Do we think that the likes of Daim Zainuddin (photo), Taib Mahmud, Kadir Jasin and Co, are keen on a reinvented reformist Malaysia helmed by Anwar Ibrahim and his party?

Would some of them fear a wider investigation into corruption during Mahathir’s first run? Yes, I am aware that Anwar himself would be implicated... but there is nothing to prevent selective investigations of the variety we are already witnessing.

In the meantime, ordinary Malaysians are getting impatient on issues of economy and justice. We want to see some results. Najib and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi are not behind bars. Jho Low is on the run. The missing pastor is still missing. Custodial death inquiries still return the same sort of results. From Teoh Beng Hock to Altantuya Shaariibuu to the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), all sort of probes are ongoing, but nothing has been delivered yet.

Lim Kit Siang with MACC strategic communications director Rohaizad Yaakob (centre) and other opposition leaders at the MACC Office in Putrajaya, August 6, 2015. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa

what a fCking hypocrite and traitor to Teoh Beng hock's family and his memory

and just one lousy year after his pathetic pompous speech vowing:

Beng Hock’s death would be “in vain” if firstly, his killers remain free and unpunished; and secondly, the MACC is not held responsible and liable for his death and instead allowed to “go to great lengths” to participate in a “cover-up” of the actual causes and circumstances of Beng Hock’s death at the TBH RCI, with MACC officers telling “lies after lies” at the RCI.

I call on Malaysians to stand for justice and to make a commitment that they will not rest until the “cover-up” of Teoh Beng Hock’s criminal and senseless murder is exposed and the killers, including MACC, are brought to justice.

We have so many pending or impending Royal Commissions of Inquiry (RCIs) that it’s only a matter of time before we order an RCI into the number of RCIs!

Need to see tangible improvements

As for the economy, yes we are relieved that a kleptocracy has fallen. But it was only at one level and our business model has corruption woven into it at so many levels. We need to see some tangible improvements that affect the common man. And I mean the middle 40 percent income group, as well as the bottom 40.

"Enough with street politics. Enough with backroom politics" is the cry. Malaysians have become so used to reactive politics and an administration running from one by-election to the next like a pet seeking constant approval. We are in danger of becoming apathetic and disillusioned again, and slowly surrendering the gains of the "revolution by ballot box" of May 9.

It’s disheartening to see an elected administration worrying about the feelings of right-wing Malays who didn’t support the government in the first place. How about the voice of the progressives of all races? Don’t they mean more? The actual day-to-day governing is important.

Right now, it should be about administration, not campaigning. The mandate is still a strong one. This government needs to have clarity of vision and the guys to make difficult decisions.

It’s high time leaders like Mahathir, Abdul Hadi Awang, Lim Kit Siang, Najib and indeed Anwar himself look to a future that exists beyond them. They all have been public figures for at least 40 years and we need fresh blood, surely.

Anwar will be nearly 73 years old when the two-year deadline is up, and he can hardly be held up as a leader for the long-term.

Yet, at the same time, the Anwar premiership is a must, partly because the succession agreement was a promise to the people of Malaysia that cannot be broken. And partly because the prime minister’s post should go to a Malay-led multi-racial party, which is the only sustainable blueprint for the future.

I regret to say that many Malaysians have a poor sense of analysis and are easily distracted by smoke screens and shadow plays.

That’s why people were able to whip up more anger over Anwar’s move to contest in Port Dickson than against Mahathir for accepting former Umno MPs into Bersatu, even though the former’s action was in keeping with the succession plan, and the latter’s does not appear to be so.

goofy gullible guppies 

The roadmaps and agreements that brought us a historic new beginning must be adhered to, not discarded like soiled diapers.


  1. Ku Li suggests we all pray for Toonsie’s good health, otherwise there will be chaos. That’s all Mr Nearly-Man can contribute 10 months after UMNO/BN’s defeat in GE14. Nearly did this Nearly did that but never actually doing anything.

  2. actually i am pretty curious how long mahathir will be around.

  3. Toonsie wants to see his Third National Car launched before he retires. So his Bersatu Entrepreneur Development Minister is working hard on this, even announcing a flying car this year, using local technology.

    But it is actually called a helicopter: an old Proton 1.0 hooked up to 4 giant drones.

    Will Toonsie himself fly the contraption around the Petronas Twin Towers, with the Entrepreneur Minister sitting by his side?

  4. What a crappy & superficial analysis!

    "I regret to say that many Malaysians have a poor sense of analysis and are easily distracted by smoke screens and shadow plays."

    Indeed, the writer IS that prime example of those M'sians he so moronically disassociated with critical analysis!

    As the current sopo scenes playing around top & bottom of bolihland, perhaps extending the tenure of mamak's PMship is the best thing happens to M'sia.

    Even that inhabitant of the M'sia 'Whitehouse' gamely declared as such.

    The simple reason IS mamak is the ONLY one who can manage & control a bunch of ragtag-ing political creation known as PH.

    Despite his political Machiavellian manipulations, I just DOESN'T see any dynastic & mischievous intentions hiding behind his recent moves.

    All his opponents claims/logics CAN be easily disputed for a simple explanation - his age, that so many refuse/blind to acknowledge!

    Many of u bet on manmanlai, who I recently come to associate as a good orator (说客)w/o garden mind to make tough decisions. He just want to please everyone - friends & foes alike!

    That's not a good leadership skill, especially when bolihland has just trying to 'reinvent' herself within a turbulent home/world sopo-business changes.

    Thus, manmanlai would make many inconsequential compromises, especially within the bolihland sopo scenes. That COULD spell disastrous - 两斗不到岸!

    Mamak is also facing some of these dilemmas. But, as shown, if push comes to shove, mamak can be very deductive - a prime leadership criteria.

    The very unfortunate thing IS there r other good people M'sians can choose to replace these two 'planned' personalities. But yrs of indoctrinated inferiority inbred by the racial siege mentality, make this option an impossibility within the current sopo setup!


    1. hk without lky oso can prosper, china under a more dictatorial xi induce trade war, i tend to believe anwar would allow more freedom n openness, n perhaps more liberation n democracy. but u can continue to support a authoritarian regime n leaders, its a free world.

    2. Another fart to please yr Formosa induced mainland China hatred, right?

      HK takes how many years for the pommies to milk her, vis-a-vis Lao Lee's RedDot?

      Perhaps, u have chosen to IGNORE the vast hinterland that Hongkies & the pommies exploit that hinterland?

      W/O that hinterland (China), u think theses leeches would 'prosper' HK?

      Similarly, just like bolihland been used by Lao Lee as a hinterland & talent incubator.

      Mfer, has yr mind been terbalik or u just like to twist to fart?

      Or maybe pommies=LaoLee (wakakaka notice the numeric difference)

      "dictatorial xi induce trade war"

      Err…… how much crumb has that yankie Trump fed u?

      Or for u there is no Trump, running haywirely in yr beloved best demoncratic state of the world!

      AGAIN, who induces the trade war?

      For a f*ck like u, a heartless demoncrat is better than a benevolent dictator, right?

      Sleep on it, mfer!

      I have said my piece wrt manmanlai. Time will tell, perhaps in just under 2 yrs.

      When that compromised freedom & openness, if ONLY manmanlai could hardden his mind to implement, come, u would see chaos instead - simply just bcoz of his never-ending compromises (中庸?My foot lah).

      Indeed, it's a free world that one sees yr USofA inciting revolution in VenuzueVe by planting a Deep State known as Juan Guaido who used to work as an accomplish for CIA in Europe.

      So free to interfere as in yr free world?

      Go to SA lah, & do some real walkings amongst the local populaces. Don't just sit in yr comfort zone reading propagandas & fart like an expert (fart chamber graduate mah).

    3. china b4 xi is always abt 韬光养晦,和平崛起, self restraint n peaceful rice, of course the one belt one road divulge ccp intention, u think american r that stupid?

      n pray tell what mahathir did that impress u so much before u talk abt the next one.

    4. Remember feeling the stone to cross the river (摸石过河)?

      Mfer, u really DON'T learn anything bcoz the moment u have been taught the idea, if it suits u, u remain stagnant at that crosspoint forever. If it DOESN'T suit u, u reject outright in total, w/o even considering that 老祖宗's age old wisdom of yinyang entanglement (good within evil & vice versa)!

      韬光养晦,和平崛起 is the learning concept during Deng's time. That was about 40+ yrs ago!

      People evolve just as ideas evolve. If China under Xi is still working on Deng's ideas, China will not be what she is today!

      What CCP intention under OBOR is yr f*cked-up mind creating?

      Evil communism expansion using trade?

      How about rich thy neighbours by building modern trade routes INSTEAD of beggar thy neighbours by exporting demoncratic revolution to achieve wealth grapping aka current Venezuela crisis!

      The Yankies r definitely not as stupid as u! & their fear about the upcoming China has more to do with losing that dominant policeman of the world label. With that label, they can do ANYTHING they like anywhere on earth.

      The 2nd whammy for them is having slowly losing the technological edge (5G) they have been leading all these while.

      My support for mamak IS very simple.

      He is the ONLY one who can control/manipulate the zombies, ketuanan freaks & blur-sotongs outright - fit perfectly as in CaoCao's 为才而舉.

      But can u understand such idea under yr tempurung?

  5. 2of2

    Meanwhile, many ordinary M'sians are getting impatient on issues of economy and justice. We want to see some results. In short, Maggie mee approaches to 60+yrs of sopo mismanagement!

    But many of these Maggie mee expectations r in itself self-contradictory!

    Take for example, jibby's kleptomaniac cases in court. Many of these cases r so complex & interwoven (thanks to those paid crooked financial mavericks) that IF the current govt want to play according to the normal (decent) rule of law, then one can see rosmsjib enjoying their ill-gotten wealth by manipulating the legal procedures, so demanded by those xxx-right bleeding hearts, till kingdom comes!

    U want justice by not delaying - to quicken the court proceedings. Yet u want justice by not denying a known criminal's right to play with legal technicalities!

    Perhaps, it's best to 快刀斩乱麻 to simplify the judgement decision by basing on a simple set of concrete known rules (as in those authoritarian regime).

    Let those sopo bleeding hearts be damned & crying their heart out (no more bleeding heart).

    ""Enough with street politics. Enough with backroom politics" is the cry. Malaysians have become so used to reactive politics and an administration running from one by-election to the next like a pet seeking constant approval. We are in danger of becoming apathetic and disillusioned again, and slowly surrendering the gains of the "revolution by ballot box" of May 9."

    F*ck lah! Mana otak?

    Politikuses play with REACTIVE street perceptions to SUSTAIN their political life. Thus, their parties too - whether in the govt or outside the govt. That's their lifeblood.

    PH has to play the game, as demanded by the M'sians while at the same time been constrained by the financial reality of the country.

    Take the abolition of toll as an example.

    Just read this:

    See the bloody reality, causality & possible implications of a Maggie mee approach?

    Indeed, "Right now, it should be about administration, not campaigning. The mandate is still a strong one. This government needs to have clarity of vision and the guys to make difficult decisions."

    But how to jive with the sopo reality, especially with the SUDDEN popularity of bossku symptom sweeping amongst the largest vote bank, consisting of the blur-sotongs, ketuanan freaks & zombies?

    Go ahead & do the best out of the toughest sopo-econ rubbish quagmire accumulated over the 60+yrs. That positive results COULDN'T be achieved within the 5yr earned.

    Meanwhile, seeing the popularity of the administration going down JUST bcoz majority of those goofy gullible M'sians CAN'T wait & lamenting for that good old jibby days of spending future money to buy bread crumbs to please them. Along the way ignoring how he pocketed the largest portion of bread for her/himself, with the remaining 10% for his/her elite partners!

    So, for those who r insisting that "The roadmaps and agreements that brought us a historic new beginning must be adhered to, not discarded like soiled diapers.", WAKE the f*ck up. Otherwise, yr dreamed utopia WOULD forever be yr wet dream in a REAL world of bolihland.

    1. wrt toll, dap is one that said abolishment no problem, y now cannot? or they oso similar to pas can do lims-compliant lies kah?

    2. Moron, too free? Then, targeting something more sensible to fart lah!

      If DAP has the prior knowledge about the shit financial quagmire bolihland has been stucked in by jibby, tp wouldn't recommended for the takeover w/o qualifications.

      Remember tp's calculation to takeover all the tolled concessions?


      To clear yr fart-filled mind lah.

      Can or not? Still don't understand, then stay the f*ck out, can?

      Better still, outsyedthebox has a better but nasty suggestion about negotiating with these toll concessionaires. Almost close to appropriation (wakakakaka… nationalized to blur demoncrats) from these durian runtuh leeches!

      Most beautiful!

    3. Indeed as CK had put it so descriptively well here, hehe...there can never be instant noodle solutions ! It just glaringly show how much shit was hidden from us under that dark reign of MegaThief Apa Malu Bossku. The red files in the Finance Ministry discovered after the collapse of Bossku Empire are just a slice of the real horror show revealed. To clean up this mess of shit will be even more difficult than the 12 labours of Hercules...and we ain't gonna see any Malay Hercules appearing into the scene anytime soon.

    4. what prior knowledge u wan, even many malay know n kick out najib, dap that stupid meh?

  6. for fog sake maddy will step down when he is ready, this is a matter for harapan, anwar and maddy to sort out themselves to facilitate a smooth transition, why are we showing such unnecessary concerns, unless of course you are from the opposition trying to create distrust between them two

  7. On the spot question. Why is the PH Govt pandering to right wing racists and religious bigots when most of them did not vote for the PH parties?

    Who is misleading PH voters and their representatives?

    And why are Govt servants allowed to dictate PH policies when it is not within their rights to do so?

    And finally, why allow fanatical religious dickheads and racists so much freedom to create disunity among Malaysians?