Thursday, February 21, 2019

The mutilated judiciary under Mahathir's earlier regime

Malaysiakini - Zaid claims judicial rot started from Eusoff's time, backs RCI (extracts):

Former de facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim is the latest to add his voice to the formation of a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) to scrutinise the allegations of judicial impropriety.

He said an RCI with the proper terms of reference would be useful.

“The judiciary has been filled with unsavoury and sometimes shocking news of judicial impropriety, misconduct and possibly criminal acts allegedly committed by some judges.

“This started in the days when Eusoff Chin was chief justice (from 1994 to 2000).”

Meanwhile, Zaid also noted how the revelations of former judge Syed Ahmad Idid in the mid-1990s were never acted upon.

former Judge Syed Ahmad Idid

sacked by Mahathir Administration for whistle-blowing on Malaysia's most notorious judge in history, Eusoff Chin, for irregular fraternity with a lawyer VK Lingam

“Now a senior judge (Hamid) has revealed more shocking revelations. An RCI will do the judiciary a lot of good, even if we are not able to punish one from the past. It will be good for the future,” he added.

In 1996, when Dr Mahathir Mohamad was prime minister, Syed Ahmad was forced to resign for writing an anonymous letter which was sent to a select set of high officials.

Among others, the letter revealed Eusoff had gone on a holiday to New Zealand with senior lawyer VK Lingam (photo), who appeared before the then chief justice in court on a number of cases

Judge Eusoff Chin & "matey" holidaying in New Zealand 

Guess even Zaid couldn't tahan anymore in the recent revelations of judicial naughtiness.

The most notorious case was that of former (late) Judge Eusoff Chin holidaying in New Zealand with a pally-buddy matey.

Former Judge Syed Ahmad Idid whistle-blew on that impropriety and guess what, our so-called reformist PM Mahathir, in his earlier reign as PM, kowtim-rised the kaypoh judge - poor Syed Ahmad Idid was forced to resign, basically sacked.

the most rotten PM we ever had 

The late judge Eusoff Chin had presided over the Court of Appeals which ruled in favour of a band of "highway robbers' in the infamous disgusting Adorna case of 1989.

The Adorna precedence oozing with such malodorous stink was used more than once, so much so that a highly infuriated Judge Sri Gopal Ram, then still in service, declared with immense anger his intention to ignore that fraudulent stare decisis (legal precedence).

But fortunately, and perhaps because of Sri Gopal Ram's declared intention to ignore the criminal-fraudulent stare decisis, 10 years later in January 2010 the same court (but different Chief Justice and different PM) reversed its 1989 decision on a fraudulent land transfer, abetted by the decision of the Court then.

Chief Justice Zaki noted in his judgement, "I am legally obligated to restate the law since the error committed in Adorna Properties is so obvious and blatant. It is quite a well-known fact that some unscrupulous people have been taking advantage of this error by falsely transferring titles to themselves. I hope that with this decision, the Land Authorities will be extra cautious when registering transfers." 

All that, the wicked criminal Adorna case and the improper New Zealand holiday, took place during the earlier premiership of Mahathir (1981 to 2003).

Mahathir appears now to be reluctant to have a RCI on the recent exposure of judicial nonsense.

Mahathir's Administration (1981 - m2003) 



    RCI formation to probe Hamid Sultan's claims

    As usual, declared guilty first up front...

    I am glad Ah Mok does not hold any position of any consequence in Malaysia.

    Sometimes, a citizen who emigrates overseas is actually good riddance to rubbish.

  2. Don’t put all the blame on Toonsie please.

    Yes he was PM from 1981-2003 but Sleepy Head (Badawi) and The KLEPTO-BOSS had 2003 - 2018 (15 YEARS) to fix the problem, BUT THEY DIDN’T. Why didn’t they fix it? Because it was to UMNO/BN’s interest that the judiciary is compliant and corrupt.

    During his first tenure Toonsie reigned supreme, with 2/3 majority in Parliament. Today his Bersatu only has 1/10 so he has to Kwai Kwai agree to RCI.

    Absolute power corrupts. Check and Balance. New Malaysia.

  3. glad to know maddy is doing something about it unlike chabor who keeps harping on the past, too much of the same thing not only make you queasy but you experience diminishing returns, you don't derive satisfaction, production decrease, you become less productive

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