Friday, February 15, 2019

Mahathisia Redux

FMT - MCA woman who criticised AGC memo called to Bukit Aman:

Chan Quin Er 

PETALING JAYA: An MCA leader who criticised a memo on instructions to hasten judicial hearings of high-profile cases has been called to Bukit Aman to have her statement recorded.

Chan Quin Er said she would be heading to the police headquarters to give her statement tomorrow at 10am.

She claimed that an individual had filed a police report because she had raised questions about political interference in a supposedly independent institution.

“After my exposé of a circular on instructions to hasten judicial hearings of high-profile cases, which has now been confirmed, I have finally earned my ticket to Bukit Aman to have my statement recorded this Friday.

“It looks like the reality of being a whistleblower in Malaysia hasn’t really changed since Malaysia Baru,” Chan, an MCA central committee member, said in a statement.

MCA had previously questioned the impartiality of the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) after a letter showed a high-ranking member of the office seemingly biased against Barisan Nasional (BN).

The letter by Solicitor-General III Mohamad Hanafiah Zakaria, which has since gone viral on social media, asks that efforts to delay cases related to the previous “kleptocratic government” be “strongly objected to”.

Hanafiah, who is also a deputy public prosecutor and former head of the Appellate and Trial Division at the AGC, had confirmed to FMT that he wrote the letter.

Chan had previously alleged that the letter “strongly suggests that the AGC is taking instructions from the prime minister”.

Chan, who is also a former federal counsel with the AGC, said what Malaysians really want with the institutions in Malaysia Baru is a high standard of integrity.

“That is all I am asking for. That is what most Malaysians had asked for.


  1. Don’t worry Ms Chan, the Malaysia Baru you are asking about is already here. Believe it or not Ramkarpal Singh s/o Tiger of Jelutong agrees with you on this matter. He may even give you legal advice if Peace Hill arrests you.

    Of course this blog will not highlight that Toonsie’s own MP from DAP agreed that the AGC should be independent. It only highlights your plight. One side only.

    Please excuse Toonsie. His mindset is still stuck in the 70s and 80s when everyone, even all the Sultanates, were subservient to him. But in the New Malaysia, mere MPs can challenge not only the AGC but even Toonsie himself and get away with it.

    Check and Balance. I’m Lovin’ It...!

    AGC advises govt, not other way around, Ramkarpal tells solicitor-general

    FMT Reporters - February 11, 2019

    PETALING JAYA: DAP’s Ramkarpal Singh has taken Solicitor-General III Mohamad Hanafiah Zakaria to task over his statement that the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), as part of the federal government machinery, receives “direction and instruction” from Putrajaya.

    Calling this a “serious and disgraceful error” on Hanafiah’s part, the Bukit Gelugor MP said the attorney-general is meant to be independent and prosecute according to evidence.

    “It is elementary that the AGC advises the government and not the other way around.

    “It reflects his ignorance of the fact that the AGC is, and was always meant to be, free from government instructions as he is, and will always be, supposed to be impartial,” he said in a statement.

    Hanafiah, in calling for a speedy prosecution of the graft cases involving state investment fund 1MDB and its former unit SRC International Bhd, had said it was his duty as solicitor-general in charge of prosecution to inform the deputy public prosecutors of the government’s directive to expedite cases linked to the former administration.

    “I wish to explain here that the AGC is part of the machinery of the federal government and being part of it, we receive direction and instruction from the government.

    “The AGC will always adhere to the government’s directive and instruction so long as they are lawful and not against the Federal Constitution or any written law,” he said in a statement.

    However, Ramkarpal, who is also a lawyer, said the attorney-general is never directed, whether by the government or otherwise.

    “He should resign if he doesn’t understand this, if not removed.

    “We need independent people on the job, not those who receive instructions from the government,” he said.

    1. Ah MocTusan at it again....sins of omission, telling half truth, cherry picking....alamak, must be a mini millionaire by now..sudah capati his dedak kpi...looks like he is full time blogging, more lucrative than teaching, hehe. Sigh...more opposition duties for us poor fellas...thankless tasks, but the prospect of this blog and his sifu's blog to be mampus soon, gives one the spirit to fight on, hihihi

  2. As far as I am concerned, No crime, and in fact wrong doing is involved with an internal administrative memo requiring Kleptocracy cases to be expedited. The AGC has a right to make such decisions. There is no Obstruction of Justice in play here.

    A person who deliberately leaked internal AGC administrative papers can expect a visit from the police.
    She is hardly in any position to complain.

    1. when a SG in AGC called a party to be charged "the previous kleptocratic government” it tells you how "unpartial" the current AGC is

    2. Wakakakakaka…

      Haven't u gotten the issue WRONG, bs-ter?

      The charges r ALREADY there.

      The SG in AGC called for the charged "the previous kleptocratic government” case to be expedited!

      What's wrong in that memo?

      If expedite a case is deemed "impartial" then how to u distinguish the term "Justice delayed is justice denied"?

      Ooop… sorry lah, u r no loyak buruk but a bs-ting wordsmith making a living!

    3. "when a SG in AGC called a party to be charged "the previous kleptocratic government” it tells you how "unpartial" the current AGC is"

      AGC already charged Najib with 42 (or more?) charges. I think this means they think he is guilty. And you still expect them to be IMpartial? How to prosecute?

  3. As a former prosecutor in the AGC (2014-2018) Ms Chan may have opened a Pandora's Box upon herself with this "revelation". Did she have an insider tip-off about the internal memo? Did she conduct official confidential AG business on her personal smartphone? Is this allowed? Did she deliberately or inadvertently share any confidential info to people outside the AGC? Was this why her phone was confiscated? She should have deleted everything or dumped the phone.

    1. she said she got the topoff from FB

    2. Ms. Chan is going to have the book thrown at her.

      If she were actually exposing a crime or wrong-doing, she would have justifiable cover, and I would support her, as I have supported other genuine Whistleblowers.

      In this case she is gratuitously exposing confidential papers, purely for political purposes.

      Tiada Maaf Bagi Mu.

      She could end up facing jail time, whuch would be a VERY TOUGH place for a former prosecuter.

      I have no sympathy for her.

  4. If it was just that memo from the SG about speeding up prosecuting the kleptocrat then a slap on the wrist. But if the polis find other AGC confidential documents on her smartphone even going back to the time when she was working there then it can be worse, much worse. If the breach is serious enough even dis-barred.