Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The plot against Mahathir?

The recent Mahathir-PAS-Anwar-Guan Eng brouhaha is interesting, wakakaka.

At the heart of it has been PAS Hadi Awang's and Mahathir's so-called pact of Muslim-Malay unity.

Mahathir claimed PAS has agreed not to support UMNO in Semenyih whilst PAS side (Hadi himself keeping mum) asserted that the pact only has to do with Malay and Islamic unity and nothing to do with Semenyih, implying PAS will still support UMNO in the coming by-election.

PAS said that Mahathir revealed an internal-Pakatan plot to oust him as PM, following which non-Malay non-Islamic forces will govern the nation, Anwar as PM notwithstanding. Since Mahathir has NOT denied this, we can assume PAS story on this to be indeed from Mahathir's mouth.

"From Mahathir's mouth"!!! - note that I didn't say it was the TRUTH. We can thus assume that my suspicion is the alleged intra-Pakatan plot might have been from Mahathir's mouth, but that so-called plot has not necessarily been kosher, wakakaka.

There has been plausibility in that "cerita" because of rising tension and acrimony between Mahathir and Anwar, where we witnessed in recent times Anwar REPETITIVELY stressing on his so-called "confidence" in Mahathir and that Mahathir "will relinquish the PM post" to him by end of two years (since March 2019).

Mahathir himself kept silent on the matter of succession, leaving Anwar to flounder like a landed fish on the hot jetty in his repeated self-reassurance. That sure smelled awfully of innate treachery, suspicion and acrimony. 

Thus I am inclined to believed that part of the PAS revelation, that Mahathir told Hadi Awang of an intra Pakatan plot to oust him and consequentially threaten Muslim-Malay status and unity.

There's nothing more likely to stir the cockles of Hadi's Islamic heart than to hear of a DAP plot to undermine Muslim-Malaydom, apart from some inherent "benefits" wakakaka.

It's likely the 2 Pakatan parties that PAS revealed in Mahathir's alleged plot would be the DAP and Anwar's faction of PKR. DAP is not necessary participating in such an alleged plot but who the Eff cares. Drag those Cinapeks in and Pak Hadi's temperature would definitely rise, wakakaka. See also Malaysiakini's PAS fuels coup narrative by challenging DAP to back Dr M for full term.

Politics is indeed a perception game, wakakaka, but it's also about numbers. Let's see some figures:

Mahathir has 22 Pribumi seats, by election as well as by shameless frogology.

He can rely on Azmin Ali's Dökkálfar Dwarfs, which according to Brick-in-Wall's stats, number at least 21 (maybe more).

PBB can offer 13.

That totals to 56, and with PAS 18, Mahathir has 74. And possibly in the name of his "Malay-Muslim unity", Amanah may bestow its 11.

That makes it 85.

I don't think Warisan will play ball with him since his declaration to go into Sabah. But he needs another 27-ish which is likely to come from most of UMNO's 37 plus bits & pieces from Sarawak and Sabah.

Just to remind everyone, Azmin was seen holidaying with Hishamuddin in Morocco, wakakaka.

Against Mahathir, if the plot does materialise, there's Anwar's PKR with 29 MPs, according to Brick-in-Wall's stats. DAP has 42 but it all depends on Lim Kit Siang who seems to have thrown his lot in with Mahathir; nonetheless let's count the 42 as the DAP Gurkhas are restless.

That's only 71.

But with Pribumi threatening to enter Sabah, Warisan may now side with Anwar. It has 9, which gives Anwar a total of 80.

But even if the stats thus far are as inconclusive as I have presented it, Mahathir has nonetheless extracted Hadi's pledge (of whatever good he can attach to one made by Hadi Awang) that PAS' 18 MPs won't go to the kaffir DAP-PKR plot.

Everyone, Hadi, Mahathir, Anwar, is concealing the REAL motives. It seems the only person not fibbing is totally clueless and now-dumbfounded Lim Guan Eng, wakakaka. He should seek the advice of his very silent father.



  1. In the IT industry , this sort of campaign is known as vapourware.
    They try to sell you a product , and perhaps even make some money from gullible members of the public, from....nothing...but thin air...

    Like vapourware, there may well be real, solid gains, real advantages to be made from promoting the idea made from thin air.

    Now, Anwar would not be the political tactician that he is, If he were not crafting his own insurance policy to ensure that he does not get displaced as the expected successor to Mahathir. But that is NOT the same as a plot to overthrow Mahathir.

  2. Hahaha...don't sneer at the Lims and DAP on this matter.
    Fact is , most of the scenarios show DAP hold the swing vote on this matter, and that is a lot of power...and they know it.

  3. Wakakakakaka…

    What a new favor for a fart chamber le!

    Mamak is the initiator of YOUR story about a 'planned' putsch within internal-Pakatan to oust him as PM.

    "Thus I am inclined to believed that part of the PAS revelation, that Mahathir told Hadi Awang of an intra Pakatan plot to oust him and consequentially threaten Muslim-Malay status and unity.

    There's nothing more likely to stir the cockles of Hadi's Islamic heart than to hear of a DAP plot to undermine Muslim-Malaydom, apart from some inherent "benefits" wakakaka."

    Can this fart stinks to all the bolihland political scene???!!!

    Here is a much2 better write-up:


    Where the initiator(s) of that story about a 'planned' coup d'état to replace mamak comes from pus/hadi bawang.

    It would be very much out of mamak's character to trust the double-headed snake Hadi after Nik Abduh Nik Aziz revealed that his boss had given his “blessings” for him to lie about taking RM90 million bribes from UMNO?

    If indeed there is a plan to topple Mahathir through a vote of confidence, would not that be a great opportunity for PAS together with UMNO to grab power? PAS must be incredibly stupid to choose a strong leader like Mahathir instead of a weak leader like Anwar.

    Furthermore, WHY would mamak make know the discussion with pus, supported by a signed document, to the whole of bolihland IFF he was seeking 'support' from pus!


    The very sign of 江郎才尽!

  4. After decades of one-dimensional kindergarten politics & dictatorship by one party, Malaysia finally has a rambunctious fish market democracy.

    Toonsie is in the same boat as Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Scot Morrison, Macron, President Trump etc. Always having to look over his shoulders. Always having to make deals. We now have a rollicking democracy. No more single party rule. No to dual party. Everyone for himself. Rakyat is King. Don’t screw us.

    An enemy of my enemy is my friend. A friend of my friend may be my enemy. Sleep with everyone. Trust no one, especially Hades. One day it is Loyalty; the next day it is Betrayal. A simple denial, quote from the Holy Book, flick of the finger and the knife falls. No One Is Indispensable.

    I’m Lovin’ It...!

  5. Time unfortunately is not on TDM to see his second UMNO baru baru and his son being crowned.

    Of course with such politicking going on, those guilty of corruption were hoping the breakup of PH will be their saviour from being caught and sent to jail. Such pityful miserable creatures.

    It is clearly evident, that TDM has decided to play politics and establish his family dynasty instead of wanting to be a statesman and enlightened leader for Malaysia.

    What to do? The quality of Malaysian leaders are just mediocre based on their upbringing and culture of backwardness.

    Malaysia is just governed by some third world leaders.

  6. There's a word in Indonesian, Omong Kosong which can be taken to mean baloney, fiddle-de-dee, drivel, froth, fudge, hogwash, jangle, kibosh malarkey, nonsense, poppycock, rubbish, jazz, abracadabra, blah, bull, bunk, canard, chatter, claptrap, clatter.


  7. Holy Hadi's practical loss of the suit against Rewcastle has far more dangerous consequences for Hadi and PAS than they anticipated.

    There is now a free-ranging MACC investigation into PAS Bank Accounts - superficially clean, but who knows what gets unearthed once a deeper probe is done. PAS leader's personal bank accounts, the provenance of funds flowing into PAS accounts, PAS Leader accounts from "Private Donors". The freezing of bank accounts may not be far behind, once dubious transactions are unearthed.

    The proverbial Can of Worms has now been opened, where MACC previous did not have cause to probe.

    Mahathir is an unpleasant politician, no arguments about that, and likely Hadi's balls were being squeezed kaw-kaw during his visit.

    The First casualty will be the PAS alliance with UMNO, one that Mahathir clearly sees as a serious threat to Pakatan Harapan

    So...that is why the poppycock smokescreen on the plot against Mahathir is being created by PAS.

  8. "Mahathir himself kept silent on the matter of succession" - Ah Mok.


    Mahathir has stated clearly, in public, at least several times that his succession will be according to the PH agreement.

    I won't say he does this gladly, but it will be as agreed.