Thursday, February 28, 2019

Rakyat elected Harapan to institute reforms, not win GE15

Malaysiakini - Yoursay: Rakyat elected Harapan to institute reforms, not win GE15:(extracts)

YOURSAY | ‘Fear of losing a fragile vote bank is no excuse to hold off on reforms.’

Harapan may lose GE15 if it pushes reforms too fast, Saddiq warns

David Dass: Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman was not specific as to which of the pledges set out in the Pakatan Harapan election manifesto cannot be implemented now.

Indeed, which of the many reforms pledged will cost Harapan the next election? Surely, the argument cannot be that the pledges that won Harapan GE14 will cost it the next election.

PAS and Umno have come together to fight in GE15. And that will make the difference - or will it? It is hard to believe that two parties which push for race-based politics and policies and religious extremism will win.

What are most of the pledged reforms meant to do?

To improve governance; to reduce corruption; to make the Election Commission independent of politics; to strengthen democracy; to make key civil servants like the attorney-general, the MACC, the auditor-general and the Bank Negara governor answerable only to Parliament; to make the police force more professional and disciplined; to improve our education system; increase worker productivity and wages; ensure the independence and integrity of judges to make government policies and actions more just, fair, and inclusive, et cetera - in other words, to make reforms that would secure democracy, prevent waste and leakages, strengthen the economy, eliminate poverty, and generally make the government more effective, fair and just.

So, what are the reforms that cannot be made now, and why?

The government has four more years to prove to the Malays that their policies will produce better results than previous policies.

Poverty eradication, educational reform, and a clean government are essential. It is hard to believe that these reforms would cost the government the next election.

Newday: No, Syed Saddiq, we want promises kept and reforms to happen as soon as possible.

It is understood that some planning needs to go into the reforms, but unless we see some real action in the next six months, especially in education reform, you will lose any remaining goodwill out there.

Quigonbond: First of all, what is "too fast"? Most people wouldn't consider nine months too fast. You can already make a baby in that time.

If it is, please enlighten the public by showing us progress. You may find us very understanding if we know you are making progress and in the right direction. What we fear is silence.

Second, why cast a blanket approach over all reforms? Thirdly, it's more the case of some Harapan leaders not walking the talk, like political appointments to government-linked companies (GLCs).

Not appointing politicians to GLCs is not going to cost you the next general election. The National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) not making donations is not going to cost Bersatu the next general election.

Making certain ministers and menteris besar answer for dishonesty over their degree isn't going to cost you the next general election.

So please go on and tell us what else you are planning to go slow on (maybe we have an idea about how to speed things up). If you don't, we are well within our rights to assume that you are going slow because of self-interest.

Clever Voter: Not changing or at least reforming the corrupt patronage system is a lousy excuse.

Feudalism and rent-seeking behaviour are rampant and still thriving in many parts of the economy. Harapan lacks the guts to push for change simply because of the fear of losing its fragile vote bank.

In many instances, we see the continuation of such a bad system as a result of apathy or a lack of will to introduce real change.

Syed Saddiq was part of a new generation that advocated for change, and for many who listened to his U-turn, it is simply disappointing. Syed Saddiq needs no reminder that change takes time, and he could at least give a more intelligent answer.

Roger_5201: Dear Syed Saddiq, doing nothing is also not an option.

Harapan has reneged from something as simple as recognising the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) to ratifying the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Icerd).

Why bother with the GE14 manifesto if you never intended to keep it?

Mahu See Lui: Push for reforms now while you still have four years for them to take effect. You may well lose some electoral support, but at least the job is done for the good of the nation. That's what you have been elected to do, instead of looking towards the next election.

There is no guarantee that you will win in the next election, and if reforms promised have not been effected by then, the state of the nation will worsen.

If not, you would have wasted five years and destroyed the aspirations of Malaysians who elected you. Stop thinking of the next election and start doing what you promised.
You are already thinking of protecting yourself even before you have done anything substantial. No wonder, the people are disappointed with Harapan.


  1. Isn’t it obvious Harapan must do both? Whatever reforms they institute now can be reversed if they lose GE15.

  2. BN has 60+yrs to mess up almost ALL aspects of bolihland.

    Yet, these Maggie mee goofy gullible guppies want the same instant ramifications done within 5yrs!

    Tsk… tsk… sigh…

  3. rakyat kena kencing again by politicians. they are all the same.

  4. Does it not show clearly politicians are always thinking about their own survival (to do or not to do), (whether it's a political risk to them in support), (manipulate voters sentiments using race or religion or other sentiments) or whether it benefits them in their own party or constituency votes.

    Because of such personal greed, there never ever will be true leaders or statesmen born out of politicians in Malaysia. All are mediocre leaders born out of a system which for decades do not even learn nor or taught together with their party supporters what is right and what is wrong, what is moral and what is immoral, what a civilised and cultured society should be and what sort of Nation everyone can be proud and patriotic about.

    It takes guts, courage, wisdom and real men to do the necessary even political suicide in some decisions to be made for the sake of a Nation and it's people.

    There just aren't any and if it continues with the same song and dance, the Nation and it's people are doomed and have no future and will be relegated to some third world country.

    Currently, there's No Malaysia Boleh slogan in play except for "Apa nak Malu", "Bossku tak perlu Malu", and hidden enemies shadow play everywhere.

  5. Wakakakakaka…

    BShiting wordsmith, WHY wasting time to quote these Maggie mee goofy gullible guppies?

    Here is a heaven given juicy bit:

    U SHOULD do some digging wrt that Ong Eu Soon, yr Penang ren, to help substantiate his story for one.

    Two, u also can do a jingoistic chorus with yr sifu mah.

    1. can anyone please explain what mumbling koktok this BS-ter is saying? VAB again, wakakaka

    2. Let me take a shot:



    3. No more wordsmith skill?

    4. Heard from a few sources : this Ong Eu Soon fella dalam selimut with the likes of RPuKi, Raggie Jessy of the Third Farce and Feipoh Helen Ang....wakakakakakaka

      Ong's extremely detailed long long loooong list of LGE's 'corruption' actually was given to MACC in 2015 and even then in the Dark Reign of the MegaThief Apa-Malu Bossku, in cahoots with comrades-in-thieving Ponogoro Zahid, Ahmad Maslan, Salleh Ketiak, SuperThug Tajuddin, Nasty Nazri and etc of such lovelies...even then in the full height of their dark power, these rampaging bunch could not manage to lock up LGE with such detailed 'proof' of massive 'corruption', wakakakakakaka. Slippery crooks these cina DAP fellas...somehow always manage to evade justice when they have committed such horrendous crimes, 1MDB by comparison is an angel.

      Maybe this time around, with the new admin, with new incorruptible MACC, maybe this time around, they could get to nail that pesky LGE who just refuse to fade away ? wakakakaka

      [from OSTB :

      Ong Eu Soon's Extremely Detailed Complaint About Lim Guan Eng......Some of these 'yet to be reclaimed lands' have already been transacted upon for between RM36.5 MILLION to RM57 MILLION an acre !!

      9,884 ACRES X RM57 MILLION PER ACRE = RM563.6 BILLION !!

      For size comparison, even 1MDB becomes a tiny tick on the puppy's nose.

      What attracted my attention is Ong saying that AFTER he started exposing this explosive stuff, he was attacked by a group of "vigilantes" with the intention to kill him. Obviously he survived the attack and is still bent on speaking his mind freely.

      "On 17 August 2014, I was attacked by a vigilante group in an attempted murder with the aim to shut me up . . "] excerpt only

      Is this more believable than our new Flying Car project ? Imagine, one acre of reclaimable land transacted for Rm 57 million ringgit.
      All in Rm 563.6 Billion. What is 1MDB 50 Billion ? flea on a puppy's nose indeed. Wakakakaka...Just love the time we are living in...freedom of speech and all that in New Malaysia, hehe

    5. Wakakakaka…

      At least the zombie impulsively know how to sing the chorus!

      R u no better than these zombies in simple reasoning?

    6. u better believe it, everything csn happen, even ck is helping mahathir gang to fly our third or forth national car.

    7. Indeed, anything can happen, just like u turn outwardly zombie sympathizer while unmasked yr f*cked-up bleeding heart exterior!

      I don't mind giving a voice to mamak's 3rd or 4th 'national' car IF it's privately funded.

      KT can double-up as the 'test pilot' to drown his flying dream too.

      All those mamak ampu-kakis' unshamefully proposals to win his favour r just FARTS in the same manner as yr 自鸣清高 fart to shown yr hidden inadequacy!

  6. Nowadays we all talk about SUSTAINABILITY. What's the point of initiating change and reform if it is not SUSTAINABLE?

    If we allow KeMALUanku (BOSSKU) to return after GE15 then all the reform will be reversed and in vain.

  7. Pakatan Harapan has to do reforms AS WELL AS keep firmly focused on winning GE15.

    Otherwise, with an Opposition led by Mega Kleptocrat Bossku ,Corrupt Race extremist UMNO, and their midget MCA and MIC sidekicks, whatever reforms are put in place will be fully reversible by GE15.

    Two steps forwards, three steps backwards.

  8. As Toonsie says how can BOSSKU be our leader?

    KeMALUanku makes us MALU lah.

    Al Jazeera wins award for interview where Najib lost his cool

    Thursday, 28 Feb 2019

    by bernard cheah

    PETALING JAYA: Broadcaster Al Jazeera's interview with former premier Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak won the "Interview of the Year" prize at the Royal Television Society Television Awards 2019.

    The interview by Mary Ann Jolley in the 101 East Al Jazeera English programme titled Malaysia: Najib Speaks won the award beating two others – privacy campaigner Max Mosley for Channel 4, and British singer Sir Cliff Richard for ITV.

    101 East Al-Jazeera, in a tweet, wrote "@AJ101East is thrilled to announce we've been awarded Interview of the Year at the prestigious @RTS_media Awards in London. Watch @jolleyma's interview with former Malaysia PM @NajibRazak here: "

    According to the RTS jury, all the nominees were great examples of the interviewer's craft.

    "But one interview stood out for its courage, tenacity and sheer unadulterated watchability – Malaysia: Najib Speaks.

    "Although the story focused on an issue few would have known about prior to the interview, this did not detract from the viewer's ability to understand the jaw-dropping venality of the interviewee," it said.

    The jury added that the interviewer's "forensic approach was compelling, her knowledge formidable and her ability to combine persistence with grace quite extraordinary".

    In October last year, when the interview was being recorded, Najib lost his cool as he was quizzed over matters like the notorious "pink diamond" and 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

  9. Kemaluan Bossku amat besar....wakakakakaka....a'la Semi Value.


    InsyaAllah Hadi.. I will fast for three days, read the Qur'an, pray hajat and munajat to Allah.

    1. i think hadi shd retire, or join umno. pas can do much better without him.

    2. Wakakakakaka…

      The deen of zombiecism yang mulia sudah diperlembukan, diperanjingkan dan diperkudakan oleh orang Islam sendiri yang taqleed buta.

      Tapi, tak apa lah!

      It's known as the inbreeding instinct of the hive lah!

  11. PAS rank-and-file believed that their party leaders were holy men who survived on sunshine, bread and water to do Allah's work.

    Now the investigations in the aftermath of the Hadi- Rewcastle suit has unearthed legions of luxury cars and luxury homes.

    You know about Boomerangs , right. It flies back to the person who first threw it.

  12. Excerpt from FinanceTwitter :

    "According to Clare Rewcastle-Brown’s latest revelation, Abdul Hadi Awang and his boys were willing – desperate, even – to pay the RM1.4 million in order to escape cross-examination on their conflicting testimony in an English Court, of which the Islamist party has no control whatsoever, unlike the Malaysian Kangaroo Court during the reign of Najib regime.

    Hadi and his band of morons may be able to scam their gullible followers about their newly invented “Shariah-compliant” lies, but unfortunately such lying is not recognised in the UK civil court. Exposing Hadi’s little dirty secret, Clare wrote – “If they continued to contradict each other in front of an English Court someone would have committed perjury for lying in a London law suit.”

    Now semua terbongkar....and yet the blur sotongs and zombie sheeple under the thumb of the 'holy' man will meekly listen to his latest instructions to go pray..who actually is responsible for churning out a huge mass of such lemmings who are determined to even leap headlong down into the abyss on just one command from their taliban, errrr turbaned 'holiness' ?