Thursday, February 21, 2019

Mahathir's Pribumi a danger to Pakatan

Malaysiakini - Yoursay: Mahathir inviting the rot into Harapan:

YOURSAY | ‘The other Harapan parties are holding to principles, 
Bersatu Pribumi holds to none.’

Aktan: This is the beginning of the end of Pakatan Harapan.

There are many issues that Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad could have tackled by reviewing the performance of his cabinet. But no, he is only interested in consolidating the position of his party 
Bersatu Pribumi.

Non-Malays and many Malays will certainly be against this movement into 
Bersatu Pribumi of the seven former Umno members who were kicked off the gravy train.

Shabudin Yahaya

former syariah court judge who believes statutory rapists should be let off if they marry their underage victims

this is the mentality of Mahathir's new Pribumi member

Hafidz Baharom: It would be rather stupid if DAP, PKR and Amanah didn't consider that perhaps 
Bersatu Pribumi was set up to take over everything and become the new Umno.

I mean, surely you all weighed this risk happening, didn't you, when you formed Harapan? Well, now that risk has come true.

Lodestar: I can feel a chilly wind blowing. Have we given Mahathir so much power and respect to the extent that he can now do whatever he likes? Has be become our ‘God-PM’, the saviour of the nation who can never be criticised?

just focus on your sudoku, and buat ta'tahu, ta'dengar pun 

Kim Quek: It has been Mahathir’s plan to take over Umno, and he has been doing it by the carrot-and-stick formula with prosecution and jail on the one hand, and reward on the other.
Bersatu Pribumi will soon become Umno 2.0, riding on Harapan which will become another version of BN – unless the leadership of PKR, DAP and Amanah has the guts to take the necessary bold action – and it has to be done now before it is too late.

Harry Mou: DAP leaders, where are your voices? Why are you quiet like mice? If you don't take strong action now, be notified that Harapan voters will make you lose in next general election.

They are extremely angry with 
Bersatu Pribumi, and with DAP for not standing up to their partners in Harapan.

KSL: That old fox Mahathir. I won’t be surprised if the Sabah Umno members joining in will be the next to be announced.

How can one trust Mahathir? He is historically unreliable. A veritable liar right and will be until the end. Say goodbye to the premiership, Anwar Ibrahim.

Shabudin Yahaya

former syariah court judge who believes statutory rapists should be let off if they marry their underage victims

this is the mentality of Mahathir's new Pribumi member 

KitP: Umno is a rotting party, and Mahathir is inviting in the rot.

Justice Now: 
Bersatu Pribumi’s full name when translated into English is Malaysian United Indigenous Party, not a far cry from United Malay National Organisation. Was that done on purpose? It will be a Nakba if these MPs eventually become members of cabinet again.

Sixty years of these leaders is surely more than enough. The breath of fresh air is fast depleting, because of the foulness coming in through the backdoor.

What does Mahathir seek to achieve by bringing these leaders into the Harapan fold? I would rather have a bungling and wrong-footed new government than to have these known evils in Harapan.

The coalition is becoming a sterilising plant. I hope Mahathir is not inviting the proverbial nyamuk (mosquitoes) into the kelambu (netting).

Bruclax: Dear Mahathir, haven't you heard of the adage a leopard never changes its spots? If we only need to look at “what they are now”, you might as well take the whole lot of thieves into your party.

For a statesperson of your stature sometimes your rationale is disappointing. These actions go against the very grain of what Harapan is.

Corruption, deception and thievery is part of the Umno DNA. Why did the rakyat work hard to ensure these politicians are not in power? You so easily open the backdoor for them.

Do you seriously believe that they want to join you to serve the people? Or is this to strengthen your power base? I shudder to think of the ramifications from your actions.

Drngsc: You are severely wrong, Mahathir. Can a person pretend for six months to be good, or in your case, pretend to be good for three years?

People cannot shed their values and character in six months. No way. You are just desperate to get more MPs by the backdoor into 
Bersatu Pribumi. What you failed to do in GE14, you are trying to ‘buy’ over.

While the other Harapan component parties hold firm to principles, 
Bersatu Pribumi
 holds to none. Any corrupt scumbag will do. Surely the Harapan presidential council can see that? This will ruin the coalition.

Anonymous_2679c6e5: Dr M’s one-item agenda is becoming now very clear – to overthrow former premier Najib Abdul Razak.

Forget about reform and democracy. The tail is becoming bigger than the dog. Dirty money is washed clean by admission into 
Bersatu Pribumi. Past misdeeds are forgotten once a Bersatu Pribumishirt is worn.

The obsession with a two-thirds majority is a clear example of future intentions.

What you cannot achieve by your simple majority now because of lack of political will cannot be achieved even though you have a supermajority.

It is meant for other ulterior purposes, which will be known in due time. Harapan is turning a deaf ear to all the feedback from the rakyat at their own risk.


  1. Every time an UMNO MP leap frogs to Bersatu the average IQ of both parties goes down.

    As for PAS, well, you decide. Hadi made the comment that "it is better to serve a Muslim ursurper (ie a leader who takes power illegally) than an honest non-Muslim". What kind of religious teaching is this?

    Hadi: PAS willing to forget past wrongs, unite for Islam
    Malaysiakini | Published: 20 Feb 2019

    PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said Muslims can become disunited in the pursuit of material things such as wealth and positions.

    In a column in Harakah Online titled “Bersatu pertahankan kempimpinan Islam (United to defend the Islamic leadership)” today, he cited several historical examples of such divisions.

    He also paraphrased the words of a Muslim caliph, Al-Mu'tamid ibn Abbad, who said: “It is better to herd camels for a Muslim who seized the throne than to herd pigs when non-Muslims are in power.”

    On the domestic front, Hadi said Malaysia witnessed an intense campaign for the prime minister's post without paying heed to Islamic hegemony and turning a deaf ear to those emboldened to threaten the position of Islam and its leaders.

    Without mentioning names, he said the campaign also involved those in foreign countries.

    The Marang MP said while PAS refused to compromise its principles for the sake of achieving power, it is willing to cooperate with others to defend Islam.

    “PAS has been patient with regard to being in the opposition since its inception up to the present and is willing to be united (with others) in order to defend Islam and the nation's leadership despite different approaches.

    “(PAS) is also willing to forget the wrongdoings towards the party, as well as to correct its mistakes because of this most basic interest (to defend Islam) while other issues can be postponed.

    “PAS rejects the concept of the end justifies the means regardless of the sacrifices which have to be made and the distance which must be traveled, even becoming a candle which burns itself to illuminate others,” he added.

    Last Friday, Hadi had met one of his fiercest critics, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, together with PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan and Terengganu Menteri Besar Ahmad Shamsuri Mokhtar in Kuala Lumpur.

    Following this, Takiyuddin said PAS has pledged to support Mahathir if there is an attempt within certain quarters in Pakatan Harapan to remove him as prime minister through a vote of no confidence.

  2. Ya..ya...there is a lot of concern and opposition to Pribumi accepting ex-UMNO ex-Bossku supporters. They only jump ship when Bossku loss and UMNO is collapsing.
    Just a few months ago they were singing the praises for Bossku and "No Wrong Doing committed by 1MDB".

    But this is not the same case as someone who is condemning Mahathir 24 hours x 7 days on everything ....and similarly stayed silent as a graveyard on Bossku 24 x 7 on everything. That is for True Dedak Believers.


    Australia rejects Sirul's asylum request.

    But Australia will not extradite him back to Malaysia because of their policy of non-extradition to countries where they face with the Death Penalty.

    Lets see how Malaysia plays this out.....Pakatan has many liberal weenies who want the Death Penalty abolished.

    for the record I am a strong supporter of the Death Sentence for those convicted of the most heinous crimes.

    1. define "heinous" crimes, where it begins and ends?

    2. The Malaysian Penal code lays out clearly the most vicious of crimes, for which the punishment is Death.

      Causing death with intention to kill, or intentionally causing injury which would lead to death
      Abetting someone Causing death with intention to kill (above)
      Kidnapping with intent to kill or threat to kill

      In such cases, I do not see any realistic rehabilitation or reform for person or persons who actually intentionally or planned and carried out the act.

    3. “Define heinous crimes”

      Why don’t we let the judges decide what is henious. After all we allow doctors to decide if terminating an innocent unborn foetus is really necessary. In many cases abortion is done out of convenience, not life threatening to mother.

    4. only asked because Monsterball uttered that term in relation to the death sentence - he may know a lot about its specificity

  4. Malaysia doesn’t have to repeal the death penalty to get Sirul back. Just commute his sentence to life in prison. Same for his partner in crime Azilah, lucky fler.

    But even then both may not talk because anything can happen to them even in prison. Or their families.

    The question is why wasn’t their then boss Deputy Superintendant Musa Safri, former aide-de-camp for the former PM ever questioned in court?

    1. Part of Sirul's asylum submission to the Australian authorities was that just being returned to prison in Malaysia would practicaly condemn him to death.

      Looks like the Australian government has rejected that argument, though I have a suspicion the plea may actually be justified.

      Death in a Malaysian prison is cheap, if somebody wants you gone. Rich and powerful people in Malaysia have a vested interest ensuring he doesn't talk.