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Semenyih - Pakatan 'Gurkhas' may NOT vote for Pribumi candidate

Star Online - Malay battle looms in Semenyih (extracts):

Pribumi the tong sampah 

... even though the party [Mahathir's Pribumi] has been mocked as a tong sampah or garbage bin, the crossovers are a coup of sorts for the elderly leader given that his party is preparing for its biggest battle since May 9.

“The Semenyih by-election will be the ultimate battleground for the Malay vote. It’ll be the litmus test of Malay support towards the government,” said KRA strategy director Amir Fareed Rahim.

Amir noted that incumbents rarely lose in by-elections and as such, expectations will be high for Bersatu Pribumi to retain the seat.

Leaders and supporters of PH accompanying Aiman Zainali, 30 (in songkok) to the Semenyih by-election nomination centre this morning

“The stakes are definitely higher for Bersatu Pribumi than for Umno or PAS. The outcome will be read as a reflection of the Prime Minister’s standing,” he added.
Bersatu Pribumi, said Amir, needs to retain the seat to reassure its partners of its strength and also to halt the perceived decline in Malay support that the government has suffered in the past few months.

Muhamad Aiman Zainali

The polls will also test the dynamics of the ongoing political partnership of Umno and PAS and whether the two parties can build upon the momentum seen in the Cameron Highlands campaign.

“A win for Umno will strengthen the call for a more permanent cooperation between the two parties. It will also strengthen Mat Hasan’s (Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan) grip on the party leadership,” said Amir.

According to former Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi, Semenyih is a different kettle of fish from Cameron High­lands.

“Malays make up 68% of the electorate in Semenyih and it will be the first real test of the Malay ground,” said Ooi.

Zakaria Hanafi

For this coming Semenyih by-election, three factors stand out to be considered seriously, namely:

(1) Pribumi for all its claimed über Malay-ness, stocked with disagreeable ultra-ethnic members, some of whom disgust, disappoint or dismay the average Malaysian voters (eg. Shabydin Yahaya, a former syariah court judge who advocated not charging statutory rapists if they marry their underage victims, and who also promoted child marriages, arguing that girls as young as nine were “physically and spiritually” ready for marriage), won only 700,000 votes in GE14 and 13 federal seats, just as many as Amanah (650,000 votes and 11 federal seats).

* (stats rounded UP to nearest figure)

Just as a point of comparative interest, MCA won just as many votes as Pribumi, by 640,000 votes although those votes manifested in only 1 federal seat (Ayer Hitam won by Wee Ka Siong). Thus Pribumi to the Malays is only as popular as MCA to the Chinese, or arguably even less since Malays constitute around 50% of the population (non-Malay pribumis constitute another 10 to 15%) whilst Chinese Malaysians are only less than half of that (approx. 23% of population).

Dr Wee Ka Siong

above top photo - Masters of Engineering (NTU)
bottom photo (with wife) - PhD from UTM

Considering only the Malay political parties (thus leaving multiracial PKR aside for now), UMNO had by humongous contrast won 2,550,000 votes and 54 federal seats in GE14 while PAS captured 2,010,000 votes and 18 federal seats. Pribumi was nowhere near them.

PKR, which as mentioned is multiracial but in reality more of a Malay-dominant party, garnered 2,100,000 and 47 federal seats.

Thus, as Malaysiakini columnist P Gunasegaram once mentioned, in GE14, with or without Mahathir and his Pribumi, Pakatan would have won that election.

P Gunasegaram 

Mahathir and his Pribumi were not as popular with the Malay voters as we have been misled to believe. GE14 was waiting for Pakatan to win, and Mahathir smoothly slided into the picture to boldly claim undeserved merit for that victory, while his 'macai's' proclaimed his divinity. 

Mahathir as the so-called 'turning point' for Pakatan in GE14 has all along been a myth, which notwithstanding his insubstantial Pribumi pitiful victories in GE14, has allowed him to poker-bluff his dictatorial way through to the top to unjustifiably grabbed the MB positions for Johor (contested 18, won 8), Perak (contested 15, won only 1), and Kedah (contested 14, won 5) despite his Pribumi being NOT the major winning component party of Pakatan in any of those states.

In Perak the 'Ketuanan grab' has been the most obscene. Pribumi contested in 15 Perak state seats but won only one seat, by Ahmad Faisal Azumu, the current MB who has been exposed for approving a RM2 Company to develop 400 hectares of forest reserves without consulting his exco or the Malaysian Timber Industry Board. Maybe the MACC is sleeping?

Ahmad Faisal Azumu 

Azumu even had the brazen nerve to criticise Dr Aziz Bari (DAP) for possibly not having experience on how the state government approves timber concessions, implying that Azumu himself of course has. Azumu boasted to reporters, “However, I have explained about this matter in the exco meeting and I believe they are clear over the procedure now.”

However Aziz Bari who is Perak Education, Science, Environment, Green Technology and Information Committee chairman retorted that contrary to what the MB said, the state exco did not discuss logging activity near the Orang Asli settlement in Kampung Tasik Cunex, Gerik. What kind of MB is Azumu to tok-kok?

Dr Aziz Bari 

On top of his above sin, FMT reported:

The Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) has denied that it is cooperating with the company involved in the forest plantation project at the Kledang Saiong and Bukit Kinta forest reserves in Perak.

Its chairman, Wong Tack, said the use of permits for the 400ha forest plantation project at the two forest reserves was approved on Dec 14, 2018, and given to a company under the authority of the Perak Forestry Department and not MTIB or its subsidiary, Forest Plantation Sdn Bhd (FPDSB).

Wong Tack 

“The management of the company has no links with MTIB, had never been in contact with MTIB, and had no intentions to cooperate on the Forest Plantation Project under the Forest Plantation Development Programme managed by FPDSB,” he said in a statement today.

He was responding to Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu’s statement on the board’s involvement in the project during a media briefing on Feb 12.

Let's now leave Azumu and his story-telling while we move on to Pribumi's performance (or lack of) in GE15, in Negri Sembilan, Terengganu, Kelantan, Perlis and Pahang.

Pribumi ended up with duck eggs after contesting in:

(a) 6 state seats in NS;
(b) 10 state seats in Terengganu;
(c) 12 state seats in Kelantan;
(d) 5 state seats in Perlis, and
(e) 7 state seats in Pahang.


So much for the premier Malay political party. And that's why Pakatan could have won GE14 without Pribumi.

But the more important point to wonder is whether Pribumi can carry the Malay votes in Semenyih. Mahathir has now boasted he has a written agreement with PAS Hadi Awang that the Islamic Party won't help UMNO in the by-election. Wakakaka, how desperate.

Pak Haji Hadi Awang 

MM Online reported:

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 16 — PAS had decided not to support Umno in the Semenyih state assembly by-election, said Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad today.

The Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia chairman said the matter was voiced by PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang who met him at the Al-Bukhary Foundation, here yesterday.

“In the meeting, we talked a lot about politics. A lot of political talk, among them about PAS in the Semenyih by-election, this time it (PAS) will not be supporting Umno.

“Hadi informed me that PAS will not support Umno. There is also a written and signed acknowledgement,” he said after delivering his keynote address at the Democracy Festival Kuala Lumpur 2019 organised by the Forces of Renewal for South-east Asia (FORSEA), here today.

Abdul Hadi was quoted as saying yesterday that his meeting with Dr Mahathir on Friday was to discuss administrative coordination between the State and Federal governments.

The Marang MP said the talks also touched on the Petroleum royalty, Economic Action Council and Federal and State Government projects so there were no conflicts.

Clare Brown, manakau. Siasat lah, wakakaka.

(2) Since last year's election victory for Pakatan, many of its manifesto promises were capati-ed (abandoned), with Mahathir even dismissing the manifesto as not being sacrosanct as a bible.

He saidPakatan Harapan (PH) made too many election promises because it didn't expect to win the 14th general election in May.

The coalition chairman told PH and Parti Warisan Sabah MPs at a closed-door meeting in Petaling Jaya on Monday night (Aug 13) that this was why the new administration was facing a tough time meeting its manifesto pledges. [...]

One example he gave was PH's promise to make the position of opposition leader equal to that of a minister.

He said the promise was made in expectation of PH being in the opposition

In other words, Pakatan made a manifesto promise in anticipation of itself benefiting from that promise, but now that it is in power, ..... wakakaka, it looks like goodbye to democratic principles. Can we trust such a coalition which made promises in jest and with no intentions to fulfil them?

But to what extent will Pakatan's various manifesto capati affect the Semenyih by-election?

(3) Last but probably the most important, Mahathir's abandonment of his vow to other Pakatan parties that Pribumi won't accept UMNO deserters, and his snub of non-Pribumi Pakatan leaders' in making such an arrogant violation of Pakatan agreement so as to benefit his own party Pribumi, as was also the case in the Perak MB nomination, may well be the breaking point for Pakatan 'Gurkhas'.

Much as the Lims, Azmin Ali and his Dökkálfar Dwarfs may still support Pribumi in Semenyih, the rumour mills have mentioned that many non-Pribumi Pakatan members and supporters (PKR and DAP) either won't vote that day (play mahjong instead wakakaka) or even vote against the Pakatan (Pribumi) candidate.

On that score, it may well be that PAS members and supporters may still vote for the BN candidate.

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  1. "Dr Wee Ka Siong
    above top photo - Masters of Engineering (NTU)
    bottom photo (with wife) - PhD from UTM"

    Just proves that academic qualifications have absolutely no correlation with ethics and integrity.

    Wee Ka Siong is still in cahoots with Bossku, and till today, MCA has not come clean on how much 1MDB Kleptocracy funds it received.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. No matter how corrupted and lacking in integrity BN and MCA get, there was always in the past a hard core of 10-20 % of Chinese who support BN.
    In GE 14, in many cased even the hard core abandoned BN. It seems some are now trickling back to BN.

    Mahathir's ambiguity regarding reforms is not helping.

  4. “Datuk Seri Ir Dr Wee Ka Siong”; that’s his full official title. Very impressive indeed.

    But to use the “Ir” title you need to pass stringent requirements explained below.

    Since Ah Wee is so adamant that Guanee’s “provisional membership” of the Australian Accountant Society does not entitle him to be a Chartered Accountant, unless and until Guanee fulfils all the requirements, and he may be right, then can Ah Wee show that he has fulfilled all the requirements to use the “Ir” title? Simply graduating from university and registering with the Board of Engineers alone does not qualify one to use the “Ir” title.

    Engineers in Malaysia bear the title Ir., which stands for ingenieur, derived from the Latin words for “to contrive” and “cleverness.” To gain that status in this complex field, you need to complete your education, register as a new engineer, complete three years of professional experience and pass an examination proving you have attained the expertise necessary to handle projects or research independently

    1. Ah MocTusan tak Kutusan Melayu, wakakakaka.

    2. Ah Wee looks so accomplished and his wife so proud in the graduation pictures, Masters and PhD, and rightly so. Five star education.

      But he must have been embarrassed when Guanee (or rather Tony Pua) produced Guanee’s membership certificate from the Australian Society of Accountants and his Bachelors of Economics degree from Monash U, both in 1984. Embarrassed, Ah Wee lost his composure and quickly got petty, claiming “provisional member” of the society of accountants is not the same as being a professional accountant. Ah Wee said that to be a Professional (or Chartered) Accountant more training, tests etc need to be taken and passed. Well, technically (and Ah Wee is a technical person) he may be right, but then the knife cuts both ways.

      When Ah Wee was in the Cabinet he was often introduced with the “Ir” honorific, indicating he was a professional engineer (PE), which is quite different than an engineering graduate registered with the Board of Engineers. Can Ah Wee also prove that he has fulfilled the requirements to be a PE, including completing 50 hours of training every year and passing an assessment every three years, to use the “Ir” honorific?

      By producing the relevant evidence all doubts about his integrity claiming to be an Ir and PE can be removed. Over to you.

      How to Become an IR Engineer in Malaysia

      Education Requirements
      To become an IR engineer, you first need proper training.

      Graduate Engineer
      Once you obtain a degree, you can apply to register with the Board of Engineers as a graduate engineer.

      Professional Engineer
      After three years as a graduate engineer, you can apply to become a professional engineer and earn your IR title. You’ll need a recommendation on letterhead verifying your experience, whether you’ve designed bridges, roads or buildings; completed engineering research or taught classes. You’ll also need most of the supporting documentation you needed to become a graduate engineer as well as sketches of your professional work. You need to have lived in Malaysia for at least six months prior to your application.

      Professional Examination
      Before attaining IR status, you’ll need to pass the Board of Engineers of Malaysia’s professional assessment examination. You’ll be interviewed to determine your level of expertise and ability to communicate. You’ll write an essay based on a list of topics, one of which must cover professional ethics. You can spend up to 90 minutes on each essay. If you fail, you can appeal the decision within 21 days. To maintain IR status, you need to complete about 50 hours of training a year. You’ll be assessed every three years on whether you’ve kept up with your continuing education, which is required to keep up with new technology and ongoing changes in the industry.

    3. All that education (Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Master in Traffic Engineering and PhD in Transportation Planning) and honorifics (Datuk Seri, Ir, Dr etc) and he still could not smell a crook at five paces when he was Deputy Minister of Education (2008-2013) and Minister in the Prime Minister's Department(aka PM's run-around Minister 2014-2018). Impressive education and credentials but all wasted.

      Guanee only has a humble Bachelor in Economics and is only a provisional member of the Australian Society of Accountants (for 35 years!) but has become Finance Minister and is in the process of returning 37 BILLION Ringgit this year to Malaysians for GST and Income Tax refunds that the last Finance Minister for some unexplained reason with-held. When refunded this money should ticker up our GDP growth by about 0.5% this year. Well done.

  5. Let's look at this bs-ter's two mismatching fake news.

    In the previous post, he gamely stated:

    It's been said that Mahathir has threatened to take Pribumi out of Pakatan into another coalition if the "others" object to his acceptance and continuous recruitment of UMNO "garbage".

    & now:

    Mahathir and his Pribumi were not as popular with the Malay voters as we have been misled to believe. GE14 was waiting for Pakatan to win, and Mahathir smoothly slided into the picture to boldly claim undeserved merit for that victory, while his 'macai's' proclaimed his divinity.


    If mamak and his Pribumi were not as popular with the Malay voters where is his leverage to 'threaten' the other coalition members of PH?

    Right also fart. Left also fart. No wonder this blog has becoming more of a fart chamber!

    With Semenyik by election getting closer, more fart favours would be generated as his sifu's mamak given RM 900M to hadi bawang for not supporting bn!

  6. your soul mate in Manchester whom you share your underwear with must be hopping mad coz the one he looks up to for inspirations foolishly as expected, was being made used of by maddy in a photo op which was spun kaw kaw to make it look like hadi is in agreement of not supporting umno this time

    maddy is desperate indeed, this by-elect is a referendum of sorts of malay support for him and his recent acknowledgement that the rakyat are getting impatient for change and reforms shows he is worried and troubled

    fog the frog

  7. "Mahathir as the so-called 'turning point' for Pakatan in GE14 has all along been a myth.....Mahathir smoothly slided into the picture to boldly claim undeserved merit for that victory.."

    This is an example why Ah Moc can never make the cut to be among those who could bring any worthwhile analysis to the table, so one shouldn't be surprised that he had gone to De Dak side like ducks taking to the murky water drowning in filth like his rotten sifu who is relentless in spewing lies after outrageous lies.

    Even the Old Man's severest critics dare not come out with this blatant lie that he " claim undeserved merit for that victory.."

    Pakatan Rakyat knew full well what's the score when they agreed to work with Dr M....remember that mantra using Fire to fight Fire ? A few times, the negotiations to join forces broke down, even Nurul, who has every reason to hate him to death, personally flew to meet him to persuade him to come back to the table to sort it out.

    Two attempts to defeat Umno in 2008 and 2013 failed and it was only when the Old Man, who was more or less kicked out of Umno decided to join forces with the then-PR that we see victory, although this victory shocked everyone, including Dr M and the leaders in PR too as well as those in BN.

    It is a FACT that without a 100% Malay party like Bersatu, with Mahathir at the helm joining Pakatan Rakyat then, there's ABSOLUTELY no way 25% of Malays will vote for PH and be THE deciding factor which gave victory to PH to rule the country. All of us have to accept this fact.

    Without Mahathir working his network with those of his loyalists in the Army, those army generals especially, without Mahathir tapping into his old loyalists in Civil Service, the Police, those in Sabah and Sarawak....without Mahathir calling them, persuading them and writing to them, there's no way PH be allowed to take the throne even if they won that fateful night on May 9th. So that is why even when Mahathir's Bersatu only managed to garner only 13 seats in GE 14, this is EXPECTED ! PH went out to hoping for only 15% Malay swing and when it got more than that, the deal to rule is in the bag. Dr M is tireless and unwavering in his Ketuanan Melayu and those Malays who voted PH in the last election was solely because they trusted him to ensure the Malay Agenda when he was designated as the PM to lead the coalition. The spill over of this was the extra Malay votes given to PKR and Amanah in GE14 in areas where Bersatu are not contesting.

    Now we all gripe and bitch and refuse to recognize or give credit to what had gone through in order to reach where we are now.

    Now let's check out this comment floating in social media to chew on :

    "I think people here are so naive. They so wanted Mahathir to be a savior of some "new Malaysia" which would somehow elevate non-Malays to legal and political parity with the Malays. For God's sake, Dr M was the great architect of ketuanan Melayu. He never shed this mindset. He helped shore up Perkasa whenever the UMNO leaders showed some moderation in polices toward non-Malays. He wants an UMNO, which by the way he was absolutely loyal to until its successor leaders differed from and did not defer to him."

    So we managed to get one devil of whom we have 'recruited' to fight off the clear and present danger then of another devil (MO1) which is a feat of miraculous level. Now we are left with this one devil to deal with, instead of two.

    S.Thayaparan's "Does Harapan Really Want to Control Mahathir" should give some food for thought though....

    While we are at it, maybe one wants to read James Chin's article on this same topic at

    1. Mahathir's detractors, and there are many with an axe to grind against him from the past, attempt to dismiss his and Pribumi's contributions to BN's GE14 loss.
      Deliberately overlooked is the fact that Pribumi may have won a relatively few seats, but those were almost all by flipping incumbent BN/UMNO seats. So the contribution to the end result of BN's loss was significant.

      Even with the seats where PKR won against BN incumbents, the swing among the Malay population was helped by Mahathir's presence.

      Similarly, there are those in Pribumi who attempt to denigrate Anwar Ibrahim, with sneers at "Rear Admiral" or "Brother".

      The fact is PH would not have won in GE14 without Anwar Ibrahim's heavy lifting , from 2004 to 2013. Building a coalition of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Borneo indigenous people to work together and convince voters that they could be a viable government was the work of many years, with Anwar as a key leader.

    2. mahathir have a major role y ph won, i dun think its rational to deny tis fact, of course najib oso help.

      i know we cant just slices mahathir contribution/non into before n after may 9, but i hope he would retire as promised. the reform we expect contradict with his belief system, which is political in nature. as long as he stay, any changes take long time.

  8. Vote Uncle Kentang for Semenyih !

  9. After Semenyih got Rantau. These by-elections coming at a rate of one every couple of months. That’s great; will keep our politicians on their toes. We need a few in Sabah, Sarawak, Kelantan and Terengganu...test the waters there. Some rollicking contests for PAS and East Malaysian hodgepodge alphabet soup opposition parties.

  10. After attacking Guanee on his education credentials Ah Wee is now embarrassingly quiet. Even his official website has been taken down. I wonder why?


    Aneh endorses PSM for Semenyih

  12. The way PAS leaders talk nowadays, sounds like they don't live in the same world. Parallel reality.

    Hadi settled out of court a suit against Claire Rewcastle's allegation that Hadi and other PAS leaders received RM 90 Million from Bossku.

    The legal settlement results in No retraction of the allegations, No apology from Sarawak Report, so in practical terms, Hadi lost the court case.
    Yet PAS says its no big deal.

    Years ago, during Tunku's time, an education minister resigned after he lost a defamation suit against a person who alleged that the minister was involved corrupt practices. Those were the days....

    Nik Abduh admitted he lied when denying it is his voice on the tape admitting PAS leaders received the RM 90 Million , and Holy Hadi blessed the action.

    PAS says its no big deal, and promoting yet another lie about Israel offering millions to DAP.

    Yet PAS supporters still think it is a holy party.

    1. Holy party!!??

      Actually hole-ly pact, ie the leaky one, that ONLY the zombies instinctively subscribe!

    2. pas people r losing their mind. pity.

    3. Please get your fact(s) right before you membawang Hadi/PAS.

    4. What facts?

      Didn't Hadi settled out of court a suit against Claire Rewcastle's allegation that Hadi and other PAS leaders received RM 90 Million from Bossku?

      Didn't Nik Abduh admitted he lied when denying it is his voice on the tape admitting PAS leaders received the RM 90 Million , after hole-ly Hadi blessed the action?

      A BIG bawang for those zombie pact, indeed!

    5. I have seen other defamation suits which got settled out-of-court in an effective draw.
      The defendant agrees to retract their statement, and in return the plaintiff agrees not to pursue financial compensation.
      That is a draw.

      In Hadi's case, he dropped the defamation suit, and Claire Rewcastle has not taken down a single word of her allegations in the blog. matter how Holy Hadi spins it, in practical terms, Holy Hadi lost the case against Claire Rewcastle.

    6. 'Zombie' is the exact right term to apply to this delusional utterly indoctrinated masses of PAS' sheeple....their world as they know it would collapse instantly if they have to accept the undeniable truth/facts of their lying zero-moral, zero-value leaders.

      Psychologists would be interested to make a case study of such phenomena to explore the depths humans are capable of descending to in order to accommodate their cognitive dissonance.

    7. 'Holy Hadi lost the case against Claire Rewcastle'

      Husam being called by MACC. Wait for the outcome.

    8. Wakakakakaka……

      In the same vein like that John/hasan/whatnot & mom predicting about the outcome of the hadi bawang's impending uk famation suit win against Claire Rewcastle!

      Now, so silence. & while that infamous mom is trying everything, including his restaurant's kitchen sink to twist a favourable fart for hadi bawang.

      Of course the zombie pact WILL think of anything just to sing that chorus. Otherwise that leaky doctrine propagated by the alpha zombie will be dead in water!

      Mamak's side is a dead end, as he won't play ball with anything pus touched!

      Maybe there is still a tint of salvation - by worming through the proper investigation using the ketuanan/zombie moles, disguised as Dept little Napoleons to derail the investigation lah!

    9. As they say, a week is a long time in politics.
      Just over 3 weeks ago, PUS was in a state of euphoria. The alliance with UMNO, playing on Race/Religious issues had apparently succeeded in crushing the PH/DAP campaign.
      And this would be the template for future success.

      Now, PUS is staring at an abyss. The allegations by Sarawak Report are now subject to a full-scale MACC investigation, and the truth will out. PUS and its leaders face major repercussions if proven.

      Holy Bawang is having to grovel to Mahathir to mitigate the course of events....Mahathir will , of course, extract a heavy price from any deal with Bawang..

    10. "Husam being called by MACC"

      Apparently Husam has documents and voice recordings, given by PUS internal people, which he has passed to MACC.

      Some people gonna pee in their pants soon...

    11. So, what's MACC waiting for?

    12. "Ingat RM90 juta itu sikit ke dan ingat senang ke nak menyorokkan amaun RM90 juta? Kalau betul Umno membayar PAS RM90 juta, seluruh bank akan tahu, bukan sahaja bank cawangan malah sampaikan ke Bank Negara pun tahu tentang transaksi tersebut. Bukan setakat itu sahaja, buktinya akan viral satu dunia hingga ke hari ini. Sedangkan bangkai gajah pun tak boleh nak sorok. Inikan pula RM90 juta yang seumpama 90 bangkai gajah. Orang bodoh sahaja yang akan percaya bahawa Umno bayar PAS RM90 Juta. Orang waras akan fikir betapa bodohnya cerita ini sebab bukti memang tidak ada." ~ RPK

    13. i dun know how true is the 90 mil, but if i have to rebut rpk using his foolery argument, i would just say in politics, its all abt perception, who care abt the truth. i dun know how rpk feel, but i feel damn stupid comment like tis. i cant believe he can write such stupid thing again n again, something to do with his education, or the lack of it?

    14. 'who care abt the truth'

      I care. And of course you don't give it a damn.

    15. if u care to know me, my point is i do care but .....

    16. U care about truth!!!!


      Yr 'truth' IS defined as ONLY coming from what that alpha zombie said, regardless of what has been made known to the whole world!

      Is that a TRUTH?

      Or a one dimensional fart that all zombie hive MUST not question?

      So how to give it a proper 'damn'?