Sunday, February 03, 2019

Silence of Lamb (paa-less) Pakatan

FMT - The deafening silence of PH leaders by TK Chua:

other than Mahathir and biologically Wan Azizah (and Pakatan sweeties), the rest including backbenchers are boe-hood

Malaysia must continue to speak up on issues such as moderation, good governance, people’s livelihood, sound policies and progressiveness.

But Pakatan Harapan’s victory has now given us another problem.

PH politicians who used to champion moderation, economic wellbeing, good governance and the environment have become silent.

Umno, as an opposition, does not even know how to advocate these issues and continues to harp on Malay supremacy and privileges to stay relevant.

Similarly for PAS. Their preoccupation with religiosity and obsession with Muslim leadership regardless of competency and integrity.

It would have been more tolerable and palatable if Umno and PAS, despite their racial and religious orientation, have fought more for “livelihood issues” by articulating better policies and economic management.

But it is not to be. They have essentially used race and religion as conduits to power rather than to build a better Malaysia.

As for PH, they have largely forgotten where they came from.

The smarter ones among PH have become frontbenchers. Hence, they don’t provide checks and balances anymore. In fact, they are even afraid of being criticised now.

The backbenchers among PH, except for a few, have also become silent or disinterested. I have got an inkling that many of them are just trying to be nice guys – you know, don’t rock the boat and wait for their turn.

loose cannon or not, we need him more than ever 

Who then is fighting for Malaysia today? Who has pointed out the drastic increase in vehicle insurance premiums lately?

Who is studying whether the proposed increases in water tariff is justified? Who is following up on whether the current toll rates and electricity tariffs are “overpriced”? Who is looking at Lynas now? Who is concerned with continued environmental degradation and encroachment of our forests and catchment areas?

Who is monitoring the many construction mishaps and accidents in the country? Who is tracking inflation, cost of living, unemployment and wages?

Who is taking an interest in death in custody and unjustified use of certain draconian laws? Who is highlighting and criticising some of the ill-conceived policies being proposed and implemented by PH?

When BN was in power, we had no shortage of criticisms of government’s shortcomings and misdeeds. We justifiably highlighted many malfeasance and bad policies. Today, how many politicians do the same? Former prime minister Najib Razak has pointed out a few shortcomings here and there but he lacks credibility.

Silence of Lamb (paa-less) Pakatan

Boe-Hood Tong 

As I see it, many of the present politicians don’t even want to take an interest to know what is going on, much less to evaluate and criticise.

Many said May 9 was a watershed for genuine change and a new Malaysia.

Unfortunately, many are now telling me May 9 was not a watershed for change but an indication that we, as a nation, cannot really change. It is as if we are a handicapped country forever caught in the quagmire of political elitism, vested interest, cronyism, race and religion.

Food for thought, did Zimbabwe change after Robert Mugabe?


(1) Silence of Lamb (-paa-less) by DAP in face of Mahathirism Redux.

Edgar Lee Masters wrote a poem on Silence more than a century ago. The following is the last paragraph of his poem:

And there is the silence of the dead.
If we who are in life cannot speak
Of profound experiences,
Why do you marvel that the dead
Do not tell you of death?
Their silence shall be interpreted
As we approach them.

Chai, just keep your eyes on your Sudoku, don't look up or you'll be questioned on currrent policies or worse, on Mahathir's reversion on some policies and plans


  1. Populism aside, the increase in the water tariff is very much justified.

    Low cost leads to careless usage and waste, which is very much the case in Malaysia.

  2. Hadi quietly settled out of court with Claire Rewcastle on the defamation case - with the article at the centre of the case still fully up on line.

    Legally, formally, it may be out-of-court but in reality Hadi effectively lost the case.

    1. PAS/HADI made the mistake of suing Clare in the UK. Very expensive and harder to prove defamation there. He should have sued her in Malaysia, where the official religion always wins in court (or so it appears). Here Hadi would have won a huge psychological victory.

      The Sultanah of Terengganu sued Clare in Malaysia over her book. The outcome of this case would be telling, what might have been with Hadi’s case.

    2. Boh cha'p ! I think this is a Singaporean expression of Don't care/Tak peduli ? Ah Moc's mantra is Boh cha'p, Boh cha'p Boh cha'p, wakakakaka. He's thinking....bodoh betul Hadi ni to take the case to a matsalleh's court, sama sama kita makan dedak but why so stupid to challenge the white woman in her own home ground ?

      Eddy Bawang has miscalculated after sudah 'makan' a new wife he had acquired, of just 18 years old, young enough to be his granddaughter, or maybe even young enough to be his great granddaughter ? 90 millions can buy more than fresh meat young wives, hehe ( check below the spending spree these lebai lebai got into....hei, these unta riders sure know all the branded goods produced by the kafirs, hehe ). Now Claire Rewcastle crowed...her disputed article still stands in its full glory, not a single alphabet or a single comma are taken down, wakakakaka. But Eddy Bawang's zombies and blur sotongs, after donating RM 500,000, still firmly continue to smell his kentut, taking deep deep breathe lagi, haha, even after this kemaluan and declaring it smells better than all the perfume of Arabia, wakakakakakaka. I too want to have a direct phone line to his god...damn powerful cable la he got, hihihi.

      Copied and paste from fb: Extract from
      Claim No. HQ17M01386
      "... 26.9 Nasharudin and other senior PAS personnel have also benefitted personally, enjoying and exhibiting a new affluence from the money channelled into the party by Najib Razak.
      26.10 Nasharudin has shown his new-found wealth by acquiring vehicles costing not less than RM1.5 million (including a BMW 525 priced at RM388,000, a Mini priced at RM230,000, a Toyota Vellfire priced at RM290,000, a Toyota Camry, priced at RM150,000 and a Toyota Fortuner priced at RM200,000 and property, including a house at Banggi, Selangor, worth RM3 million, bought with cash. PAS MPs and senior party figures have bought new, luxury cars and new houses and married second and third wives, spending conspicuously in excess of their political salaries and what they could previously afford.
      26.11 In this way, the Deputy Chief Mvinister of Kelentan, Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah, has acquired a fleet of luxury cars, including a Range Rover, Audi 6, Toyota Vellfire and Toyota Attis and built several houses for his family. The Spiritual Leader Hashim
      Jasim acquired a Porsche Cayman car. PAS MP and Information Chief Khairuddin Aman Razali gave his second wife a RM500,000 Audi Q7 car as a gift. PAS Information Chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi bought a RM300,000-plus Toyota Vellfire. Secretary to the Syura Council, Nik Muhammad Zawawi Nik Salleh acquired a luxury Mercedes with the number plate PAS 9, itself worth around RM100,000, and a luxury Audi. Takiyuddin bin Hassan, MP for Kota Baru and Secretary General of PAS has acquired a fleet of expensive cars and a luxury motorbike, including a Volkswagen Passat priced about RM160,000 with personalized number plate TAK 11, itself worth up to RM100,000, Muhammad Khalil, PAS Youth Leader, has acquired a luxury BMW motorbike. Mokhtar Senik, chairman of the PAS Pahang Ulama Council, has acquired a luxury Mercedes and Toyota...

    3. Oops...under reporting...bukan RM 500,000. Alamak...RM 3 million collected..what happened to this donation money ? Lebai sangat pandai, catching up with Kleptocrat but lacks opportunity to songklap 2.6 billions and more...kesian

    4. all of you using Hadi's court problem to distract from the main issue, that of Pakatan ministers and leaders keeping quiet like proper macai and silent on BN-type policies

  3. "And there is the silence of the dead.
    If we who are in life cannot speak
    Of profound experiences,
    Why do you marvel that the dead
    Do not tell you of death?
    Their silence shall be interpreted
    As we approach them"

    A very apt description of Ah Mok with regard to the abuses of power and maladministration of Bossku.

  4. TK Chua is being a little unfair. There has been open criticism almost every day against the PH government, mocking even, in the press, social media, Wee Ka Siong, Jibby etc etc. So far nobody has been silenced, only rebutted. As for the PH ministers and front/back benchers etc their channel of complaint is from within the government/Cabinet. They don’t need to go to the press or social media to shout. That avenue is free and open to the opposition. Or does TK have inside knowledge to what is discussed in the Cabinet?

    1. TK Chua has been quite a prolific writer to the news media. He is known for his pro Pakatan views.

    2. Wakakakakaka…

      The real problem lies within that term 'prolific'!

      Sooner or later the writer's block firms up. Then the fart chamber starts to creating gas. Thus, the more frequently farts then sensible writes.

      Political affiliation IS not the point.

      The point is if one has nothing better to write then takes a rest instead of presenting farts to make sure nobody forgets about him due to an enforced but necessary hiatus.

      I called that 龙应台的小民的智慧!

    3. u oso the prolific type, 最厉害说空话、说大话、说假话 wakaka.

    4. Still practicing yr favorite 套帽子!

      U doing the investigations & labelling?


      Don't let yr 小民的智慧 rules yr non-thinking head lah!

      U r just one pathetic sore loser - as against many of a readers out there reading this blog le.

      最厉害说空话、说大话、说假话 - by just saying that MUCH that u know. Otherwise, u r just as kosong as yr blog owner pal here.

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    6. In fact , pitot tubes, which were at the centre of the MAS Brisbane incident, work using Bernoulli's principle. Which is the same basic physics as the venturi effect in an old fashioned car caburretor.

    7. wakakakakakakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……

      Venturi (effect) in an air instrumentation system.

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      Oooop…… air IS NOT a fluid, yr manual stated ke!

      Yr air instrumentation system must be using super duper out of this world sensor to detect pressure differences lah!

      Failed flyboy wannabe, write some more lah to entertain us.

    8. CK continues to show his pompous-laced BS and hubristic obduracy, believing he can laugh his ill-informed way out of a hole he had dug himself into. Venturi in an ASI, wakakaka

    9. pompous-laced BS and hubristic obduracy!!!

      Wa lau-eh. Getting bombastic to confuse er?

      Why not u trying to explain how yr super duper ASI works!

      BTW, don't play cheat lah. It's Venturi effect, not venturi yr pet cat.

    10. u type prolific writers really know how justification work eg capatalism is crossig river by feeling stone, lapdog is merely looking at bigger picture, room for chinese only is a matter of preference, when cant debate with facts then yr opponent is tin kosong?

    11. Again what debates u r farting about?

      When did u think u had perfected yr twisting & diversion technique?

      When u form a pact with the unmasked BS-ter?

      RD to the nth …tsk…tsk…

    12. Here's a jugular thrust to put yr pathetically misery to a stop.

      Capitalism is crossing river by feeling stone??!!

      Moron, read & understand lah. Chinese communism evolves by trials & slow adaptations - ie crossing river by feeling stone.

      Just a repeated reminder - marketing economy is not the invention of capitalism.

      老祖宗的智慧 mah! Unless u have a different 'root' ni.

      Lapdog like u ONLY understand small pictures surround u. So what bigger picture r u farting about?

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      When & where have I commented on this topic?

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      Anyway, just to paraphrase a bigger picture for f*ck like u. Think where choice is been dictated by politically correct sentiment lah.

      Why can't I choose whom I want to rent my vacant room to?

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      F*ck lah - 鱼与熊掌不可兼得!Definitely u have learnt a bastardized Chinese culture! The yankee-ish version, no?

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    13. there are many things that u could rebut wrt tkchua writes, however all u could do is ad hominem, need i say more?

    14. My rebuttal for tkchua is ad hominem!

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    16. HY why do you bother with the VAB - he's just a vile mad (& racist) dog who knows only how to bark, wakakaka

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      Ad hominem (Latin for "to the person"), short for argumentum ad hominem, is a fallacious argumentative strategy whereby genuine discussion of the topic at hand is avoided by instead attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself.

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