Friday, October 21, 2016

Separation of State and Church must be enforced


Malacca and Johor Catholic Diocese Bishop Bernard Paul, who came under fire for urging people via Facebook to join the Bersih 5 rally, has vowed to be among the participants on Nov 19.

The bishop in fact had joined the Bersih 4 last year in Penang in his personal capacity.

"I am intending to (join the Bersih 5 rally), I have to take up my commitments," he told Malaysiakini.

It's bad enough having Islamic clerics intruding into our politics, but now even the RC bishop wants to play in the game too. Podah.

Keep the priests of all religions out of politics.

The greatest tragedy in mankind's entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion.

- Arthur S Clarke (1990)


  1. Not so quick lah.

    Can u justify yr rant if Malacca and Johor Catholic Diocese Bishop Bernard Paul is taking part on Bersih5 on his personal capacity?

    Or r u going to argue that person who is holding post in public/social office have no such right?

    Do look back to yr past postings before u jump to comment. Wakakakaka.

    1. in his personal or official capacity, the bishop is a 'man of god' thus when he speaks he speaks with the so-called authority or sanction of god. once a cleric, a man of the cloth, the bishop is no longer a civilian like us

      thus, when he participates in Bersih, he brings his god and church along with him

    2. Maksud u, jadi org macam dia, tak bolih exercise his/her personal right due to the official duty his/her is holding. Right?

      Kalau I ingat betulx2, u'd written before that personal expression was an indisputable right despite the official post!

      Too lazy to search for those blogs. But I'm sure u can remember.

      So, macam mana???

      Perhaps, this is just one of those form & substance spins, just like yr sifu's

      NEP is only the medium where CORRUPTION AND ABUSE OF POWER r been executed by the elites. It could very well be any other official policy.

      In bolihland, nothing beats NEP in creating CORRUPTION AND ABUSE OF POWER. PERIOD.

      Just to clarify;

      - NEP/official post = form

      - CORRUPTION AND ABUSE OF POWER/personal opinion = substance

      If u concentrated & twisted the form & ignored the content & substance, u reach yr current stage of illogical rant.

      It can clouded the simple mind of the easily confused blur sotong. Then mission completed!

      The above examples, might not be the best as they involve negative (NEP/corruption) with positive (post/personal opinion) form&substance comparison. But the essence of the idea is there.

  2. Religion has no place in politics.Then,Anwar will not be where he was,when in Umno.

    1. he was once groomed to head PAS but UMNO has more "attractions" wakakaka

  3. Counterpoint to Ktemoc's atheistic prejudices.
    Case No. 1
    During the late 18th Century, the Methodist Church in England was instrumental in galvanizing public opinion against the evils of Slavery. It culminated in
    -The outlawing of slavery in all territories in the British Empire.
    -Making it an offence for any British subject to engage in the business and traffic in slavery, anywhere in the world. They could be tried and jailed by a British or Empire court for engaging in slavery even outside British territories. It was a controversial early application of Extraterritorial laws, but such was the opprobrium against slavery.
    - The Royal Navy - at the time the most powerful military force in the world - was given orders to interdict slave ships anywhere on the world's oceans.
    Ultimately it was the politicians in Parliament who were goaded to act, but it was the Methodist Church which provided a powerful moral and Non-Partisan voice against slavery.

    Case 2.
    Bishop Desmond Tutu and the South African Anglican Church provided a powerful voice engaging international opposition to Apartheid in South Africa. It was most effective because the Bishop was a respected and Non-Partisan voice.

    Case No. 3.
    Martin Luther King - "I have a Dream" - was the most powerful voice of the 1960's Civil Rights Movement in America. He was also a Baptist Minister.
    His leadership in the Civil Rights Movement did not violate the separation of Church and State.
    His being a Baptist Minister was incidental, because he acted in his personal capacity as a citizen (something Ktemoc does not recognise).
    The Church itself was not involved in the Civil Rights movement, and Martin Luther King did not claim to be speaking for the Church.

    Frankly, I find Ktemoc's unrelenting attacks against Bersih , arising from his support for Malaysian Official 1, as a subversion of citizen's democratic rights.

    1. Your comment "arising from his support for Malaysian Official 1" is a joke, nay, a reckless slanderous joke without any evidence at all

      I stand by my belief in separation of church from state as history has already proven me right.

      As for your cases, slavery just like trafficking in opium were evil, and oppression of blacks in both SA and USA were equally evil - hardly appropriate for Bersih which under Maria Chin has become confused as to its role