Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Medical-health abdication and balls-carrying

From Malaysia Outlook (extract):

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The Health Ministry should stop dragging its feet and expedite the approval of the world’s first anti-dengue vaccine Dengvaxia.

Singapore’s Health and Sciences Authority (HSA) has already approved Dengvaxia to be used at Down South, but Malaysia is yet to approve it even though the vaccine was offered a year ago by Universiti Malaya.

The Star reported UM research consultant Prof Emeritus Lam Sai Kit of questioning the delay in approving the Dengvaxia vaccine, pointing out that the dengue situation in Singapore was similar to Malaysia’s.

“The sad thing is that we were offered this vaccine more than a year ago and the ministry is still dragging its feet.

“Why must we always have to follow instead of lead?” asked Dr Lam, who has been involved in dengue virology for over 40 years.

“I feel for those who suffered from dengue, and more so those who succumbed to it. How much longer to wait? How many more cases and deaths before they make a stand?”

Dr Lam was a central figure in the discovery of the Nipah virus in late 1990s and instrumental in developing in-house rapid diagnostic techniques to detect the dengue virus.

Launched in 2015, the vaccine is backed by the World Health Organisation’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts.

Singapore aside, Dengvaxia has also been approved for use in Mexico, the Philippines, Brazil, El Savador, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Guatemala, Peru, Indonesia and Thailand.

Maybe Malaysia has to wait for a halal certificate just in case the vaccine is haram like Cadbury Chocolate. After all, many mums still refused to have their babies vaccinated for fear of porcine stuff.

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Last month Malay Mail Online reported:

Islamic authorities must present a unified guideline regarding abortions for cases of pregnant women infected with the Zika virus that may cause birth defects, Health Minister Datuk Seri S. Subramaniam said today.

The minister said it was important that the Muzakarah National Fatwa Committee Council in Islamic Affairs and state Muftis were in consensus on the topic.

He said he welcomed Federal Territories Mufti Datuk Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri stating his approval for abortion in such cases, but stressed that the law currently only allows therapeutic abortions when a mother’s life is at risk, and not the child.

“They must discuss this matter and if they issue a statement, that would help us in drafting appropriate guidelines that we can issue to everyone,” he told reporters after launching the 11th Allied Health Scientific Conference here today.

But alas, following that the Minister was severely criticized by lawyers for abdicating his medical-health duties to a religious body which does not have responsibility for health-medical issues, as reported by the MM Online:

The Ministry of Health is abdicating its responsibility by referring to the National Fatwa Council for guidelines on abortions in Zika cases, the Association of Women Lawyers (AWL) said today.

The women’s lawyers group said there was no basis for the ministry to consult the National Fatwa Council as the law does not require a religious body to give their opinion and pointed out that matters relating to Islam are confined to personal law and doctrines, according to the Federal Constitution.

“Given that the risks associated with Zika infections in individual pregnancies can only be determined by a medical practitioner’s professional judgment on the matter, the move by the Ministry of Health is an abdication of responsibilities and creates a bad precedent for future cases involving pregnancy risks.

“It is important to be mindful of the legislation and reproductive rights of the woman, so as to prevent resort to unsafe abortions,” AWL treasurer Daniella Zulkifili said in a statement.

It's not unlike what HRH Johor once told off Batu Pahat JKR for putting up a notice that warned Muslim women that they would be hung by their hair in hell if they did not cover up.

HRH stated: “Since when is JKR, whether at state or district level, being put in charge of religious matters? Their main job is to make sure the roads are properly maintained and not worry about women’s hair.”

“It is not the business of government departments to worry about people’s dressing. Just do what you are paid to do and mind your own business.”

Ampun Tuanku, they were carrying balls, no not the royal balls but the ulama's which at times are far more heavy, wakakaka.


  1. yea.. their balls are far more heavy because of more testosterone and higher quality and volume of sperm.

    1. you're absolutely right because they're constantly so obsessed with women and what they do and wear, wakakaka

  2. The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan....
    * The Sharia shall be the Supreme Law of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
    * No Law or Government policy which contradicts the Quran and Sunnah shall be passed
    * All existing laws and government policies shall conform to the Quran and Sunnah
    I suppose this is Heaven for the Islamists...

    Islamists have a "thing" about vaccines.
    Pakistan is one of the last significant reservoirs of the Polio virus. The polio virus cannot survive long outside the human body...and only the human body.
    An alliance of Do-Gooders, including the Bill Gates Foundation , have been trying to have all Pakistani children vaccinated to make extinct the last of the polio virus.

    The Islamists have accused this of being a plot to inject Haram substances into Pakistani children. Aid workers have been murdered, threatened with death.
    The Pakistani Taliban were going around chopping off the arms of children found to have vaccination marks.
    Now, the US drone campaign has killed a lot of innocent people....but I cheered when one of Obama's Predators sent the Pakistan Taliban chief off to meet the 72 beautiful virgin Houris who had been eagerly awaiting his arrival....