Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven?

In Malaysiakini our Aneh S Thayaparan penned an article titled Forget it, M’sia will never have an Obama.

What he meant by the article's title is that Malaysia will never have someone from the minority as PM, not like the USA having Barack Obama as President (for 2 terms) or Peru having Alberto Fujimori (2 terms) or Thailand having many PM of Chinese descent - see my post Should Chinese Malaysians adopt indigenous surnames?

former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori

now a jailbird but still very popular in Peru
after serving 2 terms as Peruvian President he successfully attempted an unprecedented 3rd term by re-interpreting that the law limiting presidential terms did not apply to him as it had been enacted while he was already in his 2nd term

though he won his 3rd term, due to nationwide protests about manipulations of votes in his 3rd election, he withdrew. He was subsequently sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for embezzlement, corruption, bribery and human rights abuses.which included murder, bodily harm and kidnapping

recently his daughter Keiko ran for presidency in Peru and nearly won 

Keiko Fujimori

when her mum passed away, she served as First Lady of Peru to her Peruvian President dad at just the age of 19, the youngest 1st Lady of the America's

she lost the recent Peruvian presidency by less than 0.25% in the final count

I wonder whether I ought to argue that Malaysia had had a PM of Indian origin, but I suspect Aneh won't accept someone who seems to go out of his way to disown his own ethnic origin. I hope Aneh will consider it as a case of mudah-lupa-ism, wakakaka.

Aneh has written about the issue of 'Identity politics', now prevalent in the Trump campaign. One of the points of that form of racist politics is as follows:

The first point - “First, it is Manichaean. It cleanly divides the world into opposing forces of light and darkness.”

Religion of LIght Symbol Manichaean Cross of Light and Life

Rationality went out the window a long time ago. Appeals to emotions are the standard rhetoric. Us against them are buried beneath the propaganda of change or stability. Our constitution is compromised but nobody wants to admit to the fact because to do so would invite charges of treason or sedition. 

Instead, we assure ourselves that our fight for equality is justified. PAS had its ‘mahafiraun’ narrative, the DAP, its apartheid rhetoric, and PKR its righteous anger of being expelled from paradise. 

Nobody is interested in nuance because it gets in the way of the narrative that the Najib regime must be stopped at all cost.

Let me select sentence from the above paragraphs for discussions, namely, "PAS had its ‘mahafiraun’ narrative, the DAP, its apartheid rhetoric, and PKR its righteous anger of being expelled from paradise."

Each of the three named political parties above with its political hangup is worth a word or two.

PAS has always hated Mahathir because he continuously outfoxed and hurt them, perhaps the last through issues such as Memali (though for years Musa Hitam carried the burden of responsibility for that).

Thus together with KeADILan (because of the first jailing of Anwar), PAS insulted him with the derogatory supposedly-cursed title of MahaZalim or more frequently MahaFiraun.

DAP has of course likened UMNO's racial-biased policies as akin to those in Apartheid South Africa (in the former white supremacist state) while Helen Ang had once, if my memory serves me right, succinctly* compared UMNO's Malaysia to contemporary Israel where the ruling majority of Israelis discriminate against the minority Arabs, far more harshly than we know or have experienced.

* [yes, I am praising Helen Ang of a 'previous life', wakakaka]

Neo-Nazi Israel

just read the Old Testament to know their mindset

And yet so many Chinese Malaysians support Israel while sneering at Palestinians, when they, those stupid Chinese Malaysians, have been the very epitome of the 'Palestinians' of an Israel-ish Malaysia?

Just imagine the comparisons - Israelis are to Malays, while Palestinians are to Chinese Malaysians (and Indian Malaysians), wakakaka. What a comparison! Won't it make the Malays embarrassed in being compared as akin to Israelis, and the Chinese Malaysians likewise to mainly Muslim Palestinians?

I hope Chinese Malaysians will henceforth be more sympathetic to the oppressed Palestinians, while ketuanan UMNO members can be less racist. Thanks, wakakaka.

Indian Malaysians are particularly devout Christians

Though I know most Christian Indian Malaysians, being very devoted Christians, support Israel unconditionally, and Muslim Indian Malaysians likewise towards the Muslim Palestinians, I wonder how Hindu Indian Malaysians feel towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? What is your thought, Aneh Thayaparan?

But the most succinct observation of Aneh, in which I share and in fact had blogged on it several times, is PKR being pissed off because of its expulsion from paradise, to wit, UMNO and its blissful Utopia of unlimited gravy trains, wakakaka.

Of course when one talks about PKR, one cannot avoid including Anwar Ibrahim (and family), particularly in this context as he was after all UMNO's erstwhile DPM and anointed heir to Mahathir, and I am sure had benefitted enormously from the largesse of the Grand Olde Party.

friends again, okay?

Thus (wakakaka) an ode to the original KeADILan members of PKR:

They, looking back, all the eastern side beheld
Of Paradise, so late their happy seat, (wakakaka)
Waved over by that flaming brand, the gate
With dreadful faces thronged and fiery arms:
Some natural tears they dropped, but wiped them soon;
The world was all before them, where to choose
Their place of rest, and Providence their guide;
They, hand in hand, with wandering steps and slow,
Through Eden took their solitary way.

John Milton - Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost by J
ohn Milton

BTW, title of this post "Better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven" is a quote from this book


Aneh also remarked that "... an egalitarian Malaysia devoid of identity politics is a dream deferred, maybe forever" which is kind of depressing to a non like moi, but surely reassuring to some ketuanan Malays.

But Aneh warned that (not as if we don't already know) while "We may never have an Obama, but the road we are travelling we will continue producing our share of Dutertes."

"Those criminals should have let me screw that
Australian lay minister first"

some Pinoy weirdos believe Duterte is good for Philippines, and I bet some Malaysians will think likewise if a Malaysian 'Duterte' were to arise



  1. India is an excellent example of a country with a sane and level-headed position on Israel and the Arabs. I suspect the non-Muslim Indians in Malaysia have similar thoughts.

    India has condemned human rights violations against the Palestinians, and votes with the non-aligned group at the UN on issues regarding Israel and the Palestinians. It has criticised Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

    India also has unbroken diplomatic relations with Israel since 1950. It recognises Israel's right to exist wihin its 1967 borders. Today , India is the single largest buyer of Israeli military exports.

    This happened after USA removed many of the restrictions for military exports to India, as part of its "pivot" to India.
    Many Israeli military equipment have US controlled technology in their guts.

    India, in turn sells many commodities to Israel , that are the subject of anti-Israel boycott by other Third World countries.

    Some may consider this relationship hypocritical, I would consider it pragmatic and sane.

  2. Isn't the analogy the other way round ?
    That is why many Chinese sympathise with Israel.

    Arabs = UMNO extremists
    Using Islamic religious extremism, threats of violence (and actual violence) , overwhelming numbers to threaten Israel's existence.

    Israel = Chinese Malaysians.

    Small, industrious, hardworking minority, forever under threat of oblivion by a violent surrounding Muslim majority.
    Some of Israel's methods may be extreme, but understandable given the extreme, permanent threat they live under.

    1. An unusual anology? I can go along with you that the Chinese Malaysians are indeed outnumbered and surrounded. No choice..eh meh..kena bow lah? Wakakaka

    2. Ah Beng Kia, I'm afraid I have to repeat my words in the post, that I have always been puzzled by Chinese Malaysians who support Israel when Israelis (not all but most) have been the racist oppressors of Palestinians. Chinese Malaysians have been like Palestinians, the oppressed minority, while Malays have been like Israelis the ketuanan race. Israel is virtually the regional superpower

    3. Why use such a comparison?

      Is it another one if yr sifu's business trick of constantly reminding & stirring the sentiments between the CinaBengs & the blur-sotongs within bolihland, about their sopo economic & religion incompatibility?

      The inhabitants of that region, where the Abrahamic faiths claimed home, r self-condemned by their inbreeding hatred, nurtures by everything surrounding that land.

      U might want to argue that the land is innocent. Then u must prepare to answer why those inhabitants, of various faiths & tribes, COULD get along well once they leave that land!

      The majority of the Malay M'sian would like to be the imitating Arabs. That's their business of choice.

      Equating the Chinese M'sians to the Israelis/Palestinians is either big time ignorance or purely evil.

      Evil in the sense that knowing those blur-sotongs' dying sense of Arabization WOULD enhance their hostility towards anything Israelis/Arabs related!

      The CinaBengs having survived for so long with the only continuous civilisation known on Earth, DO NOT need to compare to anyone! Not even within a rabbit farm!

      So put yr ignorance/udang somewhere else!!

    4. The Muslim world is pretty big, with our southern neighbour as the country with the biggest Muslim population and then there is Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran (all non-Arab countries).

      The Palestinians are aggressive but only because they have been oppressed for 68 years, since 19478. I consider them as different from teh Arab or Muslim world.

      Right now, Israel is covertly collaborating with Egypt and Saudi Arabia to continue to oppress and suppress the Palestinians, all with the knowledge and encouragement of the USA.

      The Egyptians do it because they want to neutralize the Muslim Brotherhood, which Hamas has a link with and took its example from, the Saudis because they want to destroy the republicanism of Hamas lest that concept grows in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Kingdoms.

      So put yr ignorance/udang somewhere else!!wakakaka

  3. Didn't I say

    'The inhabitants of that region, where the Abrahamic faiths claimed home, r self-condemned by their inbreeding hatred, nurtures by everything surrounding that land."

    Any difference from what u have just jerked out?

    What's yr point of bringing others into the conflicts happened within M'sia?

    Is yr point of contention relating to bolihland specifically or outside bolihland, when u mentioned the comparison?

    What r u smoking while doing yr blog within the rabbit farm??

    Go & husbandry yr udang somewhere else lah!!!!