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Jewish Heretic saves Israel again and again

From the Malay Mail Online:

Israel must cease her barbaric measures against Gaza now

OCT 6 —The Centre for Human Rights Research and Advocacy (Centhra) is concerned by and strongly condemn Israel’s recent interception of the Woman’s Boat to Gaza, Zaytouna-Oliva, from seeking to break the nearly 10 years unlawful economic blockade of the Palestinian Gaza strip by boarding and diverting the same to its port in Ashdod and its detention of 1976 Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Magiure as well as Malaysian physician Dr. Fauziah Mohd Hasan.

Such an act is reminiscent of Israel’s previous illegal interception of the Mavi Marmara in 2010 in which 10 Turkish activists were killed in cold blood. Centhra calls upon Israel to immediately release the detainees and allow them to continue their journey to the Gaza strip unhindered.

Built upon land unlawfully confiscated from Palestinians by the British in 1948 and illegally expanded by a war of its own making in 1967, Israel as a nation state purports to belong to the worldwide community of nations.

Whether or not her occupation of Palestinian territory is justified, it cannot now be said that Israel is a member of the international community of civilised nations. [...]

Israel has been an international renegade, a thug, hooligan, murderer for 70 years but has emerged politically unscathed with more arrogance and with more Palestinian land it has continue to rob, with total immunity.

Note I mentioned Israel, not Israelis, because the bad record of murdering and killing belong to the government, and not the people of that country.

The ownership and occupation of today's Israel is an emotional international issue. The Jews claim the land has been theirs for 3700 years since they entered Canaan in circa 1400 BCE but numerically which makes it more correctly 3400 years. I'm not sure where the extra 300 years came from. The Jewish Virtual Library said:

Israel’s international “birth certificate” was validated by the promise of the Bible; uninterrupted Jewish settlement from the time of Joshua onward; the Balfour Declaration of 1917; the League of Nations Mandate, which incorporated the Balfour Declaration; the United Nations partition resolution of 1947; Israel’s admission to the UN in 1949; the recognition of Israel by most other states; and, most of all, the society created by Israel’s people in decades of thriving, dynamic national existence.

Leaving aside some of the mentioned and biased nonsense above, the first (preposterous) sentence "Israel’s international “birth certificate” was validated by the promise of the Bible" is the clue to all the problems the Palestinians are having or have been having since 1947, and why/how Israel has been behaving so arrogantly and badly with seeming impunity.

It's the Judeo-Christian religion that allows Israel to behave like an international hooligan and killed people as they like, not just in war but in peacetime assassinations.

The fundamental Christian nations, especially the USA, joined by more European nations today because of Arabs' dastardly bad behaviour in Europe, have been supporting Israel no matter what, because to do otherwise would be to militate against Christian belief, that Jesus will ONLY return when Israelites have occupy the 'Holy Land'.

The Christian's "Second Coming of the Lord" is only possible if Christians ensures Israelites remain in Israel. Though there is no Israelite today, their descendants the Israelis represent an acceptable biblical substitute. Today, US Presidents could/can only be assured of US Christian Right's votes if they have been seen to be supportive of Israel, the land of the Israelites (or their descendants, the Israelis).

On one occasion, when the US economy was bad, the US Administration pared down the budgets of every US department BUT it dared not reduce but rather increase the aid for Israel, for fear of Israel Christian Right supporters getting angry with the US Administration for 'neglecting' the Israelite keepers of the 'Holy Land' who will ensure the Second Coming of the Lord.

Only two nations in the world dare to attack US naval ships with impunity, loose cannon North Korea in the USS Pueblo affair (23 January 1968) and Israel in its air and sea torpedo attacks on USS Liberty on 08 June 1967.

Initially no one was killed on USS Pueblo which was in enemy North Korean waters, but in the air-sea attacks by US so-called ally Israel, 34 crew members were killed and 171 crew members were injured while the ship was badly damaged, all in international waters.

Israel possessed an arrogant disregard for international waters as had happened also to the Mavi Marmara on 31 May 2010.

Both US and Israeli governments claimed the attacks, so drastic because the attacks were repeated again and again, was one of mistaken identity for an Egyptian naval ship. But the crew of the USS Liberty and the US Secretary of State (equivalent to our Foreign Minister) disagreed, saying the attack was deliberate (possibly to prevent the USA from spying on Israeli intelligence involved in the 6 Day's War).

There were two USN aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean, USS Saratoga and USS America. The latter launched 8 aircraft fighters to intercept the Israeli air force planes but was instructed by very high US authority to return.

This was what Wikipedia said (extracts): 

From the start, the response to Israeli statements of mistaken identity ranged between frank disbelief and unquestioning acceptance within the administration in Washington.

A communication to the Israeli Ambassador on 10 June, by Secretary Rusk stated, among other things: "At the time of the attack, the USS Liberty was flying the American flag and its identification was clearly indicated in large white letters and numerals on its hull. ... Experience demonstrates that both the flag and the identification number of the vessel were readily visible from the air.... Accordingly, there is every reason to believe that the USS Liberty was identified, or at least her nationality determined, by Israeli aircraft approximately one hour before the attack. ... The subsequent attack by the torpedo boats, substantially after the vessel was or should have been identified by Israeli military forces, manifests the same reckless disregard for human life."

George Lenczowski notes: "It was significant that, in contrast to his secretary of state, President Johnson fully accepted the Israeli version of the tragic incident."

He notes that Johnson himself only included one small paragraph about the Liberty in his autobiography, in which he accepted the Israeli explanation of "error", but also minimized the whole affair and distorted the actual number of dead and wounded, by lowering them from 34 to 10 and 171 to 100, respectively. 

Lenczowski further states: “It seems Johnson was more interested in avoiding a possible confrontation with the Soviet Union, ... than in restraining Israel.”

McGonagle [Captain fo USS Liberty} received the Medal of Honor, the highest U.S. medal, for his actions. The Medal of Honor is generally presented by the President of the United States in the White House, but this time it was awarded at the Washington Navy Yard by the Secretary of the Navy in an unpublicized ceremony, breaking with established tradition.

Other Liberty sailors received decorations for their actions during and after the attack, but most of the award citations omitted mention of Israel as the perpetrator. In 2009, however, a Silver Star awarded to crew member Terry Halbardier, who braved machine-gun and cannon fire to repair a damaged antenna that restored the ship's communications, in the award citation named Israel as the attacker.

It was an amazing coverup by the US President. In another post, Wikipedia reported:

A former Navy attorney who helped lead the military investigation of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that killed 34 American servicemen says former President Lyndon Johnson and his defense secretary, Robert McNamara, ordered that the inquiry conclude the incident was an accident.

In a signed affidavit released at a Capitol Hill news conference, retired Capt. Ward Boston said Johnson and McNamara told those heading the Navy's inquiry to "conclude that the attack was a case of 'mistaken identity' despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary."

It was “one of the classic all-American cover-ups,” said retired Admiral Thomas Moorer, a former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman who spent a year investigating the attack as part of an independent panel he formed with other former military officials. The panel also included a former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, James Akins.

Torpedo hole in USS Liberty

“Why would our government put Israel’s interests ahead of our own?” Moorer asked from his wheelchair at the news conference. He was chief of naval operations at the time of the attack.

Moorer, who has long held that the attack was a deliberate act, wants Congress to investigate.

Fifteen years after the attack, an Israeli pilot approached Liberty survivors and then held extensive interviews with former Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey about his role. According to this senior Israeli lead pilot, he recognized the Liberty as American immediately, so informed his headquarters, and was told to ignore the American flag and continue his attack. He refused to do so and returned to base, where he was arrested.

For more, read Cover-Up Alleged in Probe of USS Liberty.

Retired USN Admiral Thomas Moorer, a former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman who investigated the incidnet asked: “Why would our government put Israel’s interests ahead of our own?” 

I can answer that. 'Tis the power of the US Christian Right plus Israel's powerful lobby in Washington.

Who can ever succeed in taming Israel and its arrogance when it has ironically a Jewish heretic on its side?

The Jewish heretic is named Yehoshua ben Yosef, better known as Jesus.

what Yehoshua ben Yosef looked like

he was a Jew in Judah, not a blond Caucasian


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    3. you would NOT believe this - in 2006 I was invited/urged by a Chinese towkay friend to join PKR. His argument was we must fight against UMNO for its racism but joining the DAP was a no-no because it was too Cinapek

      I respectfully declined, staying true to the DAP. I am glad I didn't plunge into the nest of vipers that was/is PKR

  2. Today 6th October is the Anniversary of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the nearest Israel ever came to be defeated militarily.

    For most Chinese in Malaysia, faced with the daily torrent of filth coming from the Race-Religion warriors in UMNOPAS, there is little sympathy left over for the Arabs.
    On top of that, Hamas and Hezbollah look full of unpleasant characters, Suicide Belt Bombers, Car Bombers and their ilk.
    Between the black Israeli Pot and the black Arab Kettle, its futile to chose sides.

    Most of my social circle gives generously to good causes, Orphanages, Old Folks Homes, Disabled Aid, Homeless Soup Kitchens, you name it.

    I don't think any of us has given or will give a single cent to Aid for Palestine. There is a strong suspicion that money gets siphoned off to terrorist groups in the Middle East, the same way the money raised for the Sabah hostages got siphoned off to "Filipino Islamic Bodies" aka Abu Sayyaf terrorist front organisations.

    Say No to Terrorists.

    1. desperation plagues the palestinians so what do you expect them to do, but to follow the example of the israelis against the british - same old same old. then the british was the establishment and the israelis (or jews in those days) were the guerillas, now it's the israelis who are the establishment and the palestinians the guerillas.

      not all palestinians are muslims, a common fallacy which plagues even you and which the israelis go about promoting the incorrect belief.

      but muslims or christians of otherwise I can identify with the palestinians, a suppressed race against the privileged ketuanan yahudi in the middle-east

    2. U said, 'not all palestinians are muslims, a common fallacy'.

      So have u gotten ANY idea about the differences in lives of Muslim, Christian & Pagan Palestinians?

      Guess RM100 that u have NEVER thought about that differences.

      Should have gone there for an on-hand look-see, look-see.

      Do remember that 20/40/40 sopo rules. The bottom 40 is always the sacrificial lamb, while the middle 40 is seldom heard. The top 20 takes all the cake, good &/or bad.

      Same like M'sians r mostly Melayu. Cina ke, Hindu ke, Orang Asal ke, tak ujur bagi majority of the common non-M'sians out there!

      So, atrocities wujud for the Palestinians as a whole by the Zionist Israelis. But then DO u know the atrocities happened amongst the different classes of Palestinians? & by who & whom?

      U WILL never read about them, that's for sure!

      Yr constant rants about the Zionists r commendable. But do keep in mind, the rot starts from within, thus the situation is taken advantages by ALL sides.

      No choice, by whosoever parties, at this juncture of that land's geopolitical path.

      Furthermore that place is condemned by religious bigotry. Nothing more, nothing less.

      As a self-proclamed atheist, u SHOULD instead champion for the dissociation of religiosity in that land, before the playing of the geopolitic of the various interest groups.

      Otherwise, u CAN continue yr Zionist rants till sun roses from the west!

  3. U should take heart of what yr sifu's saying that;

    The trouble with historians is they are human and humans have feelings, emotions, opinions, prejudices, likes, hates and so on. In short, humans are biased and would look at things from a certain angle or perspective and normally would favour one opinion over another.

    Though I thought it should have referred to the wordsmith rather than the poor historians. Wordsmith could be bought, while the historian could be facing life threatening order to twist. Yes?

    But then one MUST not twist the fact like yr sifu's take on Henry Gurney’s assassination on 7th October 1951 along the Kuala Kubu Road while he was on his way to Fraser’s Hill for a meeting.

    Yr sifu's take is bcoz of coincidence, based on his 'reading' of ChinPeng's memoir. Then he goes into overdrive in his distortion mode.

    Read that paragraph about 'The CTs had actually laid in wait for three days and were just about to give up and go home'.

    Laid in wait for what?

    Syok-sendiri ke, to practice ambushing on casual training?

    Obviously, he was playing into what his mind dictated while writing that fictional account.

    U might say, not related to the topic.

    But the message is - read & be conscious of the ACTUAL causality that involved all elements. Then ask yr conscience before u write.

    Otherwise, u r just a wordsmith - paid or freelanced, it doesn't matter!