Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Penang's 130 million year old rainforest

From the Malay Mail online:

GEORGE TOWN, Oct 16 — The research programme on Penang Hill for the Unesco Biodiversity Reserve application will turn the island state into a world-famous research site, said biologist Dr Margaret Lowman.

The American ecologist said even without the Unesco inscription, the area has the potential to become a famous research site due to the pristine forest on the hill.

“We are looking at a 130 million-year-old rainforest, so I think the opportunity to work here is not only globally important, but it will offer such an amazing chance for local students to have the opportunity to work with international scientists in long term research right here, in their own backyard,” she said in an interview with Malay Mail Online recently.

Lowman, better known as Canopy Meg for pioneering the science of canopy ecology, said there are also more new species waiting to be discovered in the rainforest up on Penang Hill.

“There will be lots of new species to be discovered simply because nobody has been up there,” she said, adding that last year, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) researchers discovered several new species after a brief few days of research.

Lowman will be bringing in more international scientists to be part of the research programme in partnership with USM researchers. The project is a state government project that is supported by Penang Hill Corporation and eco-tourism site, The Habitat, which is run by Creative Quest Sdn Bhd.

Now this is what I would call an innovative plan/program to add value to the attraction of Penang Island. I congratulate The Habitat, USM, the Penang Hill Corporation and the Penang State government for their collaboration in not only academic research but also elevating the state of Penang to international limelight, participation and academic networking.


Oh, wakakaka, don't forget we also discovered the world's longest snake recently in Penang - surely that tells you how virgin our Penang Hill 30 million-year-old rainforest is. 
See also my post Penelope Phoebe Python, wakakaka again.

God knows what else will be discovered in the jungle?


  1. In fact, the circumstances of finding of a giant python in Penang a few months ago at a construction site is symptomatic of how quickly wild habitats are being utterly destroyed in Penang.

    This post is like rubbing salt into a wound, a reminder that there is so little virgin rainforest left in Penang.

    Between illegal clearing and rampant development, the Penang rainforest is being rapidly destroyed.

    The rape of what's left of Penang's jungle , started under BN during Ah Koon's time is being rapidly accelerated under DAP's Guan Eng.

    No one knows whether we are past the point of no return.

    1. a PKR-ista so biased against DAP wakakaka

      please read again what biologist Dr Margaret Lowman, the American ecologist said, that even without the Unesco inscription, the area has the potential to become a famous research site due to the pristine forest on the hill, a 130 million-year-old rainforest,

  2. The reality of the rape of Penang's jungles.





    Here's the real picture of what is happening to Penang's forests...which Guan Eng cheerleaders pretend is not happening.

    In fact Paya Terubong is practically in Ktemoc's backyard, except he hasn't been here in years, enjoying life in Sydney, just coming back to vote for Lim Guan Eng every 5 years.

  3. http://anilnetto.com/economy/development-issues/mess-near-mount-erskine-market/

    From Rainforest to Redforest.....


    Bukit Jambul becoming more and more Bukit Botak


    DAP breaks Penang Government's own rules (of decades standing)


    From Pristine Rainforest to Concrete Forest.

    1. to describe Paya Terubong as pristine rainforest is nonsense - I lived in that area as Monsterball acknowledged