Monday, October 31, 2016

RMP being misused

Malaysiakini - Ismail Sabri's boycott Chinese call still with DPP 20 months on

boy-cock macam ini saja

PARLIAMENT The police probe on Ismail Sabri Yaakob's call for Malays to boycott Chinese businesses is now with the deputy public prosecutor's (DPP) office, almost two years after the controversial remarks were made.

In a written parliamentary reply to a query from Lim Guan Eng (DAP-Bagan), Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the investigation papers had been submitted on March 23 this year.

Ismail had in early February last year, urged Malays to boycott Chinese businesses to force them to lower prices.

"The majority of consumers are Malays. The Chinese are the minority. If the Malays boycott their businesses, they will have no choice but to reduce prices," Ismail Sabri wrote on Facebook.

Ismail Sabri also accused Chinese businesses of having suspect halal certifications, yet Malays were still patronising such establishments.

The case was probed under Section 505(b) of the Penal Code for among other things, issuing a statement that could cause “fear or alarm to the public”.

Those convicted under this law can be jailed up to two years, or fined or both.

Meanwhile Zahid said controversial preacher Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is under investigation for issuing statements that are allegedly inflammatory.

This is in regards to Ridhuan’s remarks that Chinese athletes were unpatriotic, as they were only looking for monetary rewards.

The comments published in Sinar Harian, also claimed that Malay athletes were sidelined and deprived of the same attention given to non-Malays.

The case is still being probed under Section 505(c) of the Penal Code.

All because of a low level crook who has been charged for all sorts of felony.

Mind you, I don't agree with the police investigating Sabri for urging Malays to boycott Chinese businesses so long as he did NOT urge violence against the Cinapeks.

Nor do I agree with Ah Tee (RTA) being investigated for saying Chinese athletes were unpatriotic.

These investigations have been as time-wasting and stupid as RSN Rayer was investigated by police for uttering the word 'celaka' (since then, dismissed by the courts).

My late Bhai was fond of saying 'celaka' but was never investigated nor charged for using the word.

In recent times, the RMP has been investigating bullshit cases when the manpower could have been employed more fruitfully in crime solving, preventing, etc including watching out for seditious ashes sneaking into Malaysia from the North.

Stop misusing the RMP for political and trivial nonsense. And our IGP should also learn not to behave politically like the Director of the FBI, wakakaka.


  1. I think the FBI Director, to the contrary, was trying hard to avoid being seen to be beholden to the Obama Administration by suppressing information on the e-mails found. The Obama Administration is clearly fully supporting Hillary Clinton's candidacy.

    In the process, he may have gone to far the other way, being accused of getting political.

    Don't blame the FBI Director, who was between a rock and a hard place with the information once he knew about it.
    To go public or not to go public.

    The only person Hillary Clinton has to blame for this mess is herself. My guess is she knows very well somewhere out there are e-mails containing Classified information, which went through her personal servers.

    Anybody who has worked for a large organisation knows that using a personal e-mail account to transact work-related communications is a big no-no.

    I bet those "missing" e-mails were deliberately wiped off, but she didn't realise the saying "the Internet is forever". Whatever you have sent out or received over the Internet, somebody somewhere likely has a copy of it, or it may have been copied or forwarded to someone you didn't know about. So wiping out e-mails is no guarantee it is gone forever.

    This case promises to be extremely interesting, even if, as expected , Hillary Clinton wins the election. She may end up the first sitting US President in a long time to be indicted for a criminal offense.

    1. A person is presumed innocent until found guilty. Hilary Clinton was already cleared of charges pertaining to her email saga months ago.

      OTOH Director Comey of the FBI has done the unprecedented by writing to Congress on an investigation which has NOT even arrived at a finding, thus it has to be presumed as interfering in the election which is just a week to go. Even if Comey wanted to inform Congress of new emails by procedure it has to be an investigation that has findings of some form. Besides, he ignored Department of Justice's advice not to write to Congress

      BTW, Comey is a Republican Party member and had only in recent time did not renew his membership card

  2. Malaysia/ Malaya has always had a political police.
    From before Merdeka, the police acted as the shield for the British Colonial State.

    The British Colonials lacked legitimacy no matter how they spin it. So at least one branch of the Police always served as a political police - the Special Branch - watching and acting against the critics of the ruling regime.

    That role has continued after Merdeka, with PDRM often acting as the sword and shield of the Ruling Party, UMNO/BN, effectively a political police force.
    There has never been any pretension that the Malaysia Police is a strictly apolitical enforcer of the law.