Sunday, October 02, 2016

Pribumi's latest score sheet (1)

Pribumi's Moody told PAS at a PAS conference that Pribumi will contest those seat lost by PAS to UMNO. But PAS has still not responded.

Now does PAS want to re-contest the sats it lost to UMNO, like many in Kedah, or is it prepared to surrender those seats to Pribumi?

may I be head of cabang Cina

dei bodohkah, ni parti pribumi lah
lu budak buat kopi ok

Earlier PKR has surrendered its seats to Pribumi, while DAP currently acts dunno, with the Father supporting Mahathir, and The Son refusing to support Mahathir. 

Amanah has shown it's inclined towards Pribumi.

On the score sheet, Pribumi can be said to have subjugated PKR and Amanah, whilst PAS and DAP both are yet uncommitted.

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  1. PKR agreed to let Pribumi contest in some Deep Black seats that PKR has not made any headway vs. UMNO even in the best days of the 2008 tsunami as well as 2013.

    In practical terms , I don't see any problem with that.

    PAS , on the other hand, looks set to cling on to contest seats it hasn't had any chance in 59 that is really Klingon stuff.