Monday, October 24, 2016

Trump-like Malaysian

From The News Minute

Clinton wins final debate, Trump says won't accept election results (brief extract)

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won Wednesday night's final presidential debate, while Republican rival Donald Trump refused to say that he would accept the result of the November 8 election if he lost.

We have such a Trump-character in Malaysia who won't accept the Malaysian Westminster parliamentary system even though the system nurtured him as PM for 22 years.

When he retired, which means he stopped participating in parliament while existing candidates fill parliament as well as the PM's position and the cabinet, he still believes he exercises the powers of a PM while the actual PM was/is still his tool to employ and deploy as he wishes.

Our Malaysian character also believes he and he alone may appoint successor PMs, not the voters nor rulers nor parliament, but only himself. And that each and every PM that comes after him would be his to appoint, not just his immediate successor. His latest successor is Moody.

Does he share the same DNA as Trump?


  1. A VERY Unfortunate choice American voters face this Presidential elections.

    One commentator put it crudely but succinctly -
    Donald Trump is a Son-Of-A-B**** but Hillary Clinton is a B*****

    This is no contest between a good candidate and a lesser one.

    This is a contest between an awful candidate and a repugnant one.

    Maybe a lot of Americans will stay home to play Computer Games or go out and hunt for Pokemons on November 8.

    1. I fail to see close comparison between Trump and Hilary Clinton. He is an asshole where the sun does not shine while compared to him, she is like a sun

  2. compare to mo1, trump is as clean as a whistle.

    dap fanboy cant see the elephant, bat have better eyesight.

    1. sometimes your reckless stupid comments leave me totally dumbfounded

    2. kawan, i am not one that starts the link of trump to msia. secondly, doj doc did mention mo1, its a expensive shot la. n finally, i am not american, i dun give a damn of trump n hillary internal policy, however if we look at usa foreign policy, pls enlighten us how hillary is a sun? so who is stupid?

    3. HY as usual in his eagerness to recklessly criticize me has once again failed to read my comments carefully

    4. kt as usual resort to name calling when he cant rebut my sensible comment wakaka.

      in case he feel name calling infer low quality, he would ask me to re read his soso quality writes as if i cant read wakaka.

      hillary is pretty hawkish, her past record cant be erased. trump tok many kok, but we really have no idea practically how he would react to crisis, toward palestinian, muslim, chinese n russian etc.

      so dun talk shine n sun, the more precise term is perhaps cloudy n less shitty wakaka

    5. when I am faced with morons I address them as morons. If the moron had read my comments carefully, he would have noted I did NOT say Hilary is a sun. I wrote: He is an asshole where the sun does not shine while compared to him, she is like a sun

    6. apart the usual name calling, n hillary is like a sun, how that help to retort my assertion that hillary is hawkish? plus my claim that yr writes is wakaka still so so quality?

    7. I only need to respond to your reckless accusation about my comments or post. I need NOT respond to your remarks about Hilary or Trump.

      You are quite welcomed to criticize or sneer at my writeup. Let's see you do better then.

    8. i didnt realise it was a poem abt sun, let me try one.

      the sun shines at the poem writer n make him blind as bat, he thus make sound at high pitch that is beyond the human hearing range, n he choose to respond to his own sound, or noise wakaka

  3. This coming American GE,Americans have a choice.To elect the first woman President who have tons of experience.

    Or elect a bombastic candidate,Donald Trump who have no experience of even running a local PTA.Donald Trump is a fucking bigot,who have no respect for anybody but himself.Not even his own daughter,Ivanka,who Howard Stern on his talk show asked Donald,if he can call her a nice piece of ass.Donald Trump was laughing his ass off,like his daughter was a whore.

    Donald Trump spent his whole life ripping off contractors,his hotel staff,waiters and you know who.His Trump University court case is on Nov 28,for ripping off students with a phony unlicensed university.More than a dozen ladies have come out and accused Donald of groping them.He has a rape case,scheduled in December for raping a thirteen year old girl.An thirteen year girl his convicted rapist friend,Epstein,shared with him.

    Donald Trump will go down,as a major political party presidential candidate,as a political pariah.He had dragged his own children,and surrogates down as pariahs for coming out to defend him.An alleged cheat,groper and rapist.

  4. When the so-called new economy demands the fresh graduates should not look for a job or career befitting their eduation and instead creat a job for themselves the system comes into question. Institutions have become too big to fail anf too big to jail. The future of Man must be at the centre of development. Governments in the Third World and now the First World have deviated from this. The time has now come to pay the piper. And the Third World is doing this by exporting refugees to the First World.