Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Altantuyaa Stat Dec (2)

13 years after he raped, murdered and burned Canny Ong, Ahmad Najib Aris was finally executed on 23 September 2016 at 6 am.

I was against that execution or any execution because I stand strongly against any capital punishment. It was just another form of state sanctioned cold blooded murder, the act of a barbaric state. I'm ashamed to say Malaysia or any other states that imposes capital punishment (eg. China, Sing, USA, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, etc) are barbaric.

Star Online reported that: The randomness of the crime – Ahmad Najib had no apparent motive – made it all the more horrific and prompted many unsolicited and baseless conspiracy theories much to the dismay of Ong’s loved ones.

Note that the murderer was said to have no apparent motive, yet in another far more famous or notorious murder, of Shaariibuu Altantuyaa, many public members, specifically those in Pakatan insist on there was, had to be a motive for any murder, meaning Shaariibuu's murder.

But they remained strangely silent on the murderer of Canny Ong being without any motive, but such is prejudice, particularly reckless, emotional and invincibly blind double standard prejudice, especially when that prejudice has been laced with the poison of acrimonious politics.

But I have to acknowledge that most Pakatan supporters have been absolutely right in that there is no such thing as a murder without motive. Even the ISIS murderers on a senseless killing spree did and do have a motive - please work that out yourself.

Yes, I would say that if someone has been killed, there was definitely a motive.

The famous British crime author, P.D. James, who served for thirty years in various departments of the British Civil Service, including the Police and Criminal Law Department of Great Britain's Home Office, as well as a magistrate and as a governor of the BBC, wrote in her book The Murder Room that “All the motives for murder are covered by four Ls: Love, Lust, Lucre and Loathing.”

Ahmad Najib Aris who murdered and then burnt the body of Canny Ong was motivated by lust, which saw him raping her before killing and attempting to get rid of her body through burning the corpse to hide his crime.

I was monitoring the news and some blogs to see what they would say about the nonsense of Canny Ong's murder being without apparent motive. But obviously no one or at best, very few cared about Canny Ong or for that matter, Shaariibuu Altantuyaa.

The latter, Shaariibuu would only be useful if her murder could convict someone, a particular person. Otherwise, Shaariibuu was just like Canny Ong, a murdered person of fleeting interest in a highly politicized Malaysia.

Much as I am a pro DAP person, I have to say the bias is sheer f**king bloody double standards by Pakatan supporters when they have been insisting that Shaariibuu murder must have had a sinister motive which the court failed to reveal, but remained silent on Canny Ong's case of no apparent motive for the murderer.

It's not that Shaariibuu Altantuyaa's case had no motive for her murder, but those Pakatan supporters wanted a motive which fits into their wishlist and the motive must be that of one specific person. That's dangerous, emotional and without justice, very reminiscent of the mindset of WWII Kempetai and current religious types.

Two police officer were convicted of her murder and sentenced to death. What were their motives? If you ask Mahathir, Mahfuz Omar or Pakatan supporters, they would tell you those two guys were INNOCENT and NAIVE and probably still virgins, and only acting on higher instructions.

But where is the evidence for such a belief?

Okay, kaytee suspects the motive for killing Shaariibuu Altanyuyaa was one of the four L's, love lust, lucre (money) and loathing. I pick lust, to wit, those two were told to remove her from Baginda's house where she was making quite a racket, but subsequently (allegedly) decided to rape her and have a bit of lustful fun, but the situation turned ugly where they shot her and then attempted cover their crime by demolishing her corpse with C4.

Yes, it's only kaytee's suspicion but isn't my suspicion far superior than a photoshop image of 3 dining in Paris, courtesy of Tian Chua of PKR, in a sinister underhanded politically-motivated attempt to implicate Najib Razak when there is no such event, or mindless clueless evidence-less accusations against Najib? And where every speck of dust floating around became a Earth-size planet suitable for living or executing someone.

Because the wishlist was to have Najib identified as her murderer, C4 became a tightly controlled item. But if it was Anwar on the receiving end of the accusations, C4 would then have been freely available as we would suddenly reveal to the world that the Malaysian Armed Forces have been notorious for their lax security on C4, which like an Omega watch, could be found in more than just one corner of Malaysia.

It had been the same treatment as for Canny Ong who was murdered with no apparent motive but not so for Shaariibuu Altantuyaa, whose murder must have a motive. Sheer double standards

In reality only the most mindless moronic mad murderer would deliberately kill someone without motive, but then I suppose his lawyers could plead insanity (and he would probably win too with the court ruling 'twas no murder but an act of madness').

In probably the last court case on Malaysia's most notorious murder, my hero Karpal Singh was very angry with the bizarre statement of the Shah Alam High Court judge Mohd Zaki Md Yasin, who astonishingly said "Whatever the motive was, it is a matter of law that the motive, although relevant, has never been the essential to constitute murder."

And this was AFTER he admitted that Abdul Razak Baginda could have had a motive to murder Altantuya as she was blackmailing him.

But then the most learned judge stunned every legal person in Malaysia (well, almost everyone) by declaring the motive could not be the basis to call for Razak Baginda's defence.

So, my Lord, what basis if not motive should be the case then? Would a videoclip of the murderer (plus 4 witnesses) plunging the knife (or detonator) into the victim's heart do? I dare say His most learned Lordship by his flabbergasting ruling further enhanced the already strong suspicion against Najib Razak, wakakaka.

Well, everyone including the most learned judge knew that Altantuyaa was blackmailing her ex lover Razak Baginda with such aggression that he became terrified enough to ask for special protection, so most would say there was initially love and lust in their relationship, and then when the passion and ardor turned cool and relationship soured, the blackmailing for money (lucre) kicked in, with the final outcome of loathing, probably of a mutual nature.

But I suppose his Lordship knew best in asserting that motive cannot be the basis to suspect someone, so much so that Karpal Singh was moved to say:

"The High Court has provided a precedent for the acquittal of a person with a motive to murder and charged with abetment without calling his defence."

"It’s the first time in this country that an affidavit used for the purpose of bail and later tendered as an exhibit was used to acquit an accused person."

Mind, I've been NOT surprised by our amazing judiciary ever since the unbelievable (original) Adorna ruling where the Malaysian court (supposedly of law) helped crooks relieve rightful owners of their properties.

Thus it’s hardly surprising and perhaps also politically convenient (also a motive, wakakaka) that most Malaysians would cast their eyes on siapa godfather-nya?

Of course Baginda's close friendship with Najib plus alleged corrupt armed purchases had deepened the suspicions that there had been kow-tim-ness.

Those suspicions were/are all emotional, natural and thus unavoidable, and coupled with the (lack of) reputation of our alleged kow-tim-able judiciary, had led to accusations that our Malaysian Don Corleone might had intervened.

I'd go along with such suspicions as natural but quite emotional rather than coolly logical. We must have evidence for that has been our legal foundations but thus far we lack that evidence.

And just read some of the readers' comments in Malaysiakini on the judge’s dismissal of charges against Razak Baginda, such as “The 2 policemen had no motive to murder Altantuyaa” and ...

... as someone commented in my last post in Exploiting the murder of Altantuyaa Shariibuu that “The UTK goons who were convicted were just the idiots who shouted 'Aye Aye Sir' and carried out the orders. Who gave the order to drop the bomb?”, ...

... I had long come to the conclusion that even if the judge had called Razak Baginda to give his defence and he was subsequently found guilty, those baying out for blood would still not be satisfied.

No sirree, as mentioned above, not with Razak Baginda or even those already ‘found guilty’, namely Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar.

Just a reminder, the two policemen were the ones who were the last people with a still-alive Altantuyaa when they whisked her off from Razak Baginda’s house to her sad fate.

But those Malaysiakini readers and Pakatan supporters want Najib’s head. They want him not just as an accessory to the murder (in helping Razak Baginda) but as the murderer.

Why? I suppose we could ask: what's their motive? Wakakaka.

Thus it is sad that today I read Shaariibuu Setev, the father of the late Mongolian woman, said there is still no justice 10 years after Altantuya’s murder, even when the two policemen who murdered her have already been found guilty and sentenced to death. Setev has even accused Australia, Mongolia and Malaysia of colluding to hide the real murderer. I've never heard of such wild accusations.

Ihas been such a politicized (not just political) issue that some Pakatan supporters had even mourned Shaariibuu Altantuyaa when they might not have even mourn their own grandfather. So what chances would Setev have in their biased midst?

I hope the effort was not wasted without obtaining an 4-Ekor?

Poor Shaariibuu Setev - he has been conned kau kau by certain people into believing only one person fits the bill.

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Kaytee Note:

titled this post as The Altantuyaa Stat Dec (2), although there is no discussion of Stat Dec within, just to provide a continuation of the earlier post with same title (1), wakakaka


  1. The intensity of your efforts to defend the innocence of "Somebody" is admirable but so misguided.
    In the process you have practically denied the occurrence of pre-meditated crimes.
    Crimes such as carpark muggings, backlane stabbings are usually Opportunistic crimes, and the victims are often just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    The victim could well have been somebody else. Canny Ong was one such unfortunate case.

    There are other crimes such as Bank robberies and blowing somebody up with military grade explosives that definitely NOT crimes of opportunity. They are pre-meditated, somebody or some group of people went to a lot of effort to plan it out.

    You can kill somebody in 1 second with a gun or other ready made weapon like a grenade or claymore mine. But Altantuya was blown up by what is called today an IED.

    You need hours of careful , skilled , concentration to make such a device. Otherwise the bomb make runs the risk of blowing himself up, or the explosion occurs at the wrong time, or it doesn't explode at all.

    There is Zero Chance Altantuya was blown up by a bomb on the spur of the moment.

    My belief is still that Azilah and Sirul were Ordered to do it, or they believed they were ordered so.

    1. Teoh Beng Hock & Altantuyaa's death shared a common thread - premeditated murder, executed by subordinates under higher up's order.

      KT can see this thread, somewhat, in TBH's case.

      & yet KT keeps looking at the other direction in Altantuyaa's!

      Where's the beef in his two opposing approaches?

      The unmentionable MO1 could be the link that KT keeps omitting when tracing the linkage of that fatal event & wanted to create a terminal source at razak ONLY!

      Despite all the glaring loose ends of that 'limited royal inquest', KT is still game on forcing the 'dead chook' down out throat.

      Say much about his udang dibelakang batu motive!

    2. you contradicted yourself by talking about crimes of opportunity which I blogged as happened to Altantuyaa ( in a second she was shot) then you insisted that her crime was premeditated. Make up your biased mind

      Altantuyaa was in fact killed first by shots, probably after she was raped and made threats to complain.

      It was only subsequently her corpse was blown up

      does that tally with your argument?

      stick with the evidence, circumstantial as they might be, but don't allow your pro-Anwar mentality to blame someone who was probably not directly involved.

      Indeed, the intensity of your efforts to defend "Somebody", wakakaka, is admirable but so misguided.

    3. CK, I didn't say TBH's murder was premeditated. I said his murder was a result of f**k ups by his interrogator. I heard rumours TBH was held outside a window (14th Floor) by his belt to frighten the shit out of him into confessing to what his interrogator wanted, but shit happened and TBH's belt broke

      Similarly I suspect Altantuyaa, quite an attractive woman, was raped on an opportunity basis and then shot when after the rape she threatened to make much noise. The C4 came later to hide her corpse.

      So both murders were NOT premeditated but happened when shit happened in TBH's case and probably A;atntuyaa's threat to complain about her rape

  2. 'contradicted myself'???

    Bila I ada cakap Altantuyaa's case was crimes of opportunity?

    Bolih tunjuk ke?

    Yr description of Altantuyaa's scene of death indicated as if u were present (together with that not-named hippo???) at the crime scene! Betul ke?

    Or u were letting yr imagination running wild again? No udang?

    'the intensity of your efforts to defend "Somebody", ...& pro-Anwar mentality to blame someone who was probably not directly involved.'

    Defend somebody? Siapa?

    Unlike u, I dont oiled the slippery path for that MO1 to get out of this loop. U said it yrself that he might not directly & I say he definitely & tracefully indirectly involved. Ain't there circumstantial evidences to that effect?

    BTW please do tell why pro-Anwar mentality has anything to do with TBH's crime investigation?

    Yr hatred of the manmanlai is misguiding yr line of thought, big time man!

    Neither did I say u said TBH's murder was premeditated. I said KT could see this thread - maksud nya u had doubt but not saying.

    So now yr imaginations & hearsays have led u to conclude that both crimes happened as 'when shit happened'!

    What a detective mind! Agatha would be in praise banyakx2. Wakakakaka.

    1. Whoa, I did NOT say you claimed Altantuyaa's murder was on an opportunity basis. Au contraire you accused her murder of being premeditated which I disagreed. I said her murder was on an opportunity bauss, most likely after the two cops might have "fun" raping her, and she might have threaten to complained or report them

      We are all speculating on her murder but undeniably is the fact that two cops shot her and then C4-ed her corpse. From there we can speculate. You specualated Najib did the job, I speculated otherwise.

      The only correct speculation has to be based on evidence, not prejudices suspicions. I do not see teh connections between the term 'MO1' and the Altantuyaa murder - they have been years apart - so tell me how there is a connection?

      You wrote:

      Teoh Beng Hock & Altantuyaa's death shared a common thread - premeditated murder, executed by subordinates under higher up's order.

      KT can see this thread, somewhat, in TBH's case.

      & yet KT keeps looking at the other direction in Altantuyaa's!

      Wasn't that accusing me of saying TBH's murder was premeditated?

  3. Clarify this;

    'you contradicted yourself by talking about crimes of opportunity which I blogged as happened to Altantuyaa ( in a second she was shot) then you insisted that her crime was premeditated. Make up your biased mind'

    My Engrand no so powerful lehhh!

    '...that two cops shot her and then C4-ed her corpse.'

    Shot her then, could be attributed to an impulsive reaction. But...but..C4-ed her corpse later to destroy the evidence? Not so well performed in complete evidence removal, judging from the fact that Altantuyaa's DNA could be obtained from traces of scattered pieces of body tissues!

    Go & ask yr old uncle who used to work in the military about

    1) how to get C4 the explosive(u might want to borrow yr sifu's spin about porous bolihland border surveillance, wakakakaka)

    2) setting up & activation of the trigger mechanism of C4 requires highly skillful training that's beyond the ability of the two 'black goats'

    All these indications r just some of the irrefutable facts that higher-ups were involved. And the higher-up of the two 'black goats' were not that immediate supervisor that the court refused to investigate! He took order too & where did that buck(order) stopped???

    Well, we r ALL speculating. But don't pick-&-choose to speculate lah. These r NOT yr leisure readings in yr other blogs. Justice for the deceased is involved, Yes???

    1. No point in discussing this once you have closed your mind to your formed perception that Najib Razak nurdered her, directly or indirectly. But show me evidence, not suspicions or unconnected happenings or SDs of Balasubramaniam - not meaning to hurt a dead man, he was seen as too much in PKR camp, from Day 1 (SD conceived in Backyard Pub, KL) to 1st SD being headed by Anwar himself at a press conference to Day z

      Question: Was Altantuyaa harrassing Najib? Was she ever with Najib?

      your "Justice for the deceased ..." has already been done, but PKR people have convinced Setev (Shaariibii's dad) to believe it's not, for political reasons

    2. dap stand on altantuya case is no diff with pkr, the only diff is altantuya is not chinese, that's y dap talk less. typical dap fanboy blame everything on others.

    3. the reason for PKR chasing the Altantuyaa saga is contained in my post

      PKR started it to kowtim Najib through ONLY the words of Balasubramaniam

    4. Wakakakaka..

      Question: Was Altantuyaa harrassing Najib? Was she ever with Najib?

      Giving time, such scenes COULD arise if Altantuyaa was to allowed her 'ways'.

      Mmmm..just another possibility that she must be terminated, w/o prejudice!

      BTW, u asked evidences from my speculations. Where were yrs stood on?

      My speculations could be contextual but they r technically sound in murder 101.

      Yrs based on apa??