Saturday, October 01, 2016


Work with DAP???

PAS says 'no way', and DAP says 'okay' (meaning ditto to PAS' 'no way')

But Azmin Ali gives the impression its 'way' for Pakatan, wakakaka.

The best of all is Pribumi where Mahathir says 'my way', wakakaka aga
in, implying he doesn't give a shit about PAS's and DAP's 'no way' as long as he gets his way. And he knows AA is already way way deep in his pocket.

Tian Chua: "Pribumi is welcomed to contest in PKR's seats".

it's a wonder party for Chinese, though they can't join, being not pribumi's, wakakaka

suggested slogan (a) 22 more years (b) I am a Malay first
(c) apa lagi Tionghua mahu?

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  1. we must understand aa can decide and supersedes tionghua's way because he has a senile uncle who is nearing his 10 decades of his life and who wants to assert his own near death wishes. a classic example of 100:0 relationship i.e. my way or the highway. the (a) slogan should read another 22 more mamak years.