Monday, October 17, 2016

October wakakaka

In recent days I have been blogging on Pak Haji Hadi Awang's Bill to amend Act 355 which seeks to allow the syariah courts to increase its current maximum permitted sentences.

I and many other Malaysians see Pak Haji's Bill as an approach by sleazy sneaky stealth to snuck in Hudud punishments, firstly, for political acceptability by Muslims, minus the death sentence such as by stoning to death or by decapitation but probably with amputation of limbs for alleged crimes and increased floggings for 'sins' which in any other language would not be considered as crimes.

The horrendous persecution (or bullying) of Nik Raina has warned us that ulamas could not be trusted to be above board. They have proven themselves to be bullies on the strength of their religious given warrant, showing their lust to punish their victims kau kau.

Do Muslims believe that Allah swt has an intention to chop off limbs or heads of wayward Muslims? Hasn't Allah swt been frequently mentioned as the Compassionate One?

I reckon He is and it's only his questionable ulamas who lack His compassion and integrity.

Maybe in medieval times, due to the mode of tribal thinking at that time and the exigencies of the situations, such as war etc, chopping of arms was an expeditious method of deterring crimes such as thievery.

I will be the most powerful man in Malaysia

and by default of holy fiat, exempted from Hudud 

But in today's modern world, with more time to consider appropriate thinking (which has been why Allah swt endows humans with brains to think) and understanding on the nature and causes of crimes, and studies of criminology, there are more appropriate and humane ways to reconsider punishments, such as communal service for light crimes and longer incarcerations (but not death) for serious crimes.

The principal considerations today are not punishments per se, but rather restraints, rehabilitation and repentance.

Naturally once Pak Haji's Bill is passed, you can depend on him or members of his cohorts who like to punish, threaten and intimidate Muslims and one day also non-Muslims into their narrow thinking and publicly-seen beliefs, are likely to further enhance subsequent versions of the Bill to have the full plethora of severe punishments which they long to have in their hands or control.

The final version will probably see the exit (abolition) of the secular civil courts and, lo and behold, Malaysia becomes the true full Islamic nation that Mahathir had insincerely boasted about in 2002 for his own or party political survival.

But it will be an Islamic nation which the ulama have the advantage where they can punish but are never themselves punished, not even for forcing women to perform blowjobs for them or lying through their teeth.

will kaytee masuk Islam and be allowed 4 wives?

That Mahathir unilateral Declaration in 2002 about Malaysia being a fundamentalist Islamic nation saw Lim Kit Siang then tearing his hair out as he raved and ranted against the MCA and Gerakan Party for their subservient compliance with Mahathir's illegal boast, but alas, today Kit Siang himself cohorts with Mahathir. Memang Cina mudah lupa juga.

Or, maybe Kit Siang has ran out of hair to tear or voice so he no longer raves and rants against Mahathir as he used to do. Or he is just a bloody hypocrite (never thought I could bring myself to say this - makes me sad, for myself and Kit Siang).

Instead I want to blog on stuff as innovative approaches that add value to Malaysia, like for example,  the internationalised research programme on Penang Hill for the Unesco Biodiversity Reserve application, which will probably be in my next post.

One final word, it's not that I disrespect Islam or Christianity or Hinduism or Buddhism or Taoism or Ayah Pin-ism, but the bullshit of some of their priests (even of long ago) and followers sometimes motivated me to speak what I believe to be the truth, and it then won't be pleasant for you, whether you are Pak Haji or Hannah Teoh. Wakakaka.

MB of Selangor

has he approved JAIS new application for Muslims to spy on Muslims?


  1. You rant and rave against Hadi, Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang.

    Yet you are totally silent regarding the key enabler behind the Hudud Bill being presented - your Najib aka. Ah Jib Gor

    Without Najib's assent , nay, encouragement, the Private Members Bill would have been buried at the bottom of the ocean ,as has been with every other Private Members Bill since Merdeka.

    Or perhaps no less a hypocrite is You ?

  2. "I will be the most powerful man in Malaysia

    and by default of holy fiat, exempted from Hudud" ~ By KT on Hadi

    Wakakaka, what a mountain of fabrication created by my dearest KT. If that is the basis of much my matey's scholarship about Hadi, what could one expect of polemics produced by KT for mass consumption? Anything goes! Wakakaka again..

    1. wakakaka, a tongue in cheek poke at Pak Haji but more truths in it than meet the eye