Sunday, October 30, 2016

Danger of Chinese ghettorization

In Malaysiakini's The red shirts and the futility of Malay privilege, its author, Commander (retd) S Thayaparan (Aneh as I call him), wrote the following (extract of two paragraphs which aren't specifically on titled subject):

A couple of years ago, I wrote this: “What is really destroying the MCA is not the propaganda of the DAP but the acceptance by a large voting demographic of the Chinese community that no representation in the government is better than MCA representation.”

In other words, the “accursed” DAP is supported by the majority of the Chinese community, which means that Jamal’s main problem is with the majority of the Chinese community who support the DAP.

It seems the old saying that the Chinese are like the Jews is in a way coming true.

What do I mean by '... in a way coming true.'? Shouldn't it be just 'coming true'?

That old saying about Chinese being like Jews was related more to their common business acumen and cleverness in making money (and reputed obsession in saving it).

But there is another likeness between them that is far more troubling, that of 'social ghettorization'.

I must clarify what I mean by 'social ghettorization', because it's quite different from mere 'ghettorization'.

The dictionary defines ghetto as: a section of a city, especially a thickly populated slum area, inhabited predominantly by members of an ethnic or other minority group, often as a result of social or economic restrictions, pressures, or hardships.

The word is of Italian origin and refers to the original name of an island near Venice, where Jews in the 16th century were then forced to reside there.

Ghettos became particularly notorious after we learnt about the Nazis in Europe persecuting and confining the Jews in ghettos in German occupied Poland.

Wikipedia tells us:

Jewish ghettos in German-occupied Poland were established during World War II in hundreds of locations across occupied Poland. Most Jewish ghettos had been created by Nazi Germany between October 1939 and July 1942 in order to confine and segregate Poland's Jewish population of about 3.5 million for the purpose of persecution, terror, and exploitation. 

In smaller towns, ghettos often served as staging points for Jewish slave-labor and mass deportation actions, while in the urban centers they resembled walled-off prison-islands described by some historians as little more than instruments of "slow, passive murder," with dead bodies littering the streets.

In most cases, the larger ghettos did not correspond to traditional Jewish neighborhoods, and non-Jewish Poles and members of other ethnic groups were ordered to take up residence elsewhere. Smaller Jewish communities with populations under 500 were terminated through expulsion soon after the invasion.

I want you to read again, very thoughtfully, the 1st sentence of the 3rd paragraph above, which says: "... the larger ghettos did not correspond to traditional Jewish neighborhoods ...".

Okay, if you've read that carefully as well as given it much thought to its subtext or implied meaning, what elucidation could you get from it?

Well, it means that prior to the Nazi's oppressive ghettorization of European Jews in Poland, those Jews had already lived or chosen to live in 'social ghettos', meaning among their own ethnic communities, practising their own religion, culture and traditions as would be in "... traditional Jewish neighborhoods ...".

We also need to bear in mind that prior to the Jewish Holocaust, religiously-tolerant Poland had for eight long centuries been the biggest home and cultural centre for World Jewry, when by the 16th Century three-quarters of Jewish population throughout the world lived in Poland.

Prior to World War II, there were more than three million Jews in Poland alone. After the war, 90% or about three million Jews alongside 3 million non-Jews were found killed by the Nazis.

Anyway, prior to the horrors of WWII, Jews had already practised 'social ghettorization' by their intuitive inclination to live among their own ethnic communities for almost 800 years, mainly because of their unique-to-Jews religion or Judaism. Nazi-imposed physical ghettorization was to come only during German occupation of Poland.

The latter, Nazi-imposed ghettorization, would be ironically akin to what today's Israelis are imposing on Palestinians, especially those in Gaza and to a lesser extent in the West Bank by virtue of the latter's bigger space, much as the Israelis pretend to and arguing with the world they (Israelis) are not.

Yes, ironical, isn't it, that the so-called 'children' of European Jews are now inflicting on a race they considered as untermenschen (subhuman) what the German Nazis did to their forefathers whom the Nazis considered as untermenschen.

But let's leave the Jews, Nazis, Israelis and Palestinians for now, because today's post is about 'social ghettorization'.

'Social ghettorization' is an ethnicity's instinctive or intuitive inclination to stick to its own kind, more so in European Jews than Chinese because of the former's unique-to-Jews religion, which (and let's not deny it) discourages if not prohibits racial mingling.

The Chinese are a wee less predisposed in their visceral attraction towards their own ethnic grouping, but only because their religion(s) do not discourage nor prohibit mingling with other races.

European Jews of earlier years were mainly religiously circumcised, prayed to their Middle-Eastern god, attended their own ethnic gatherings in synagogues either for prayers or for cultural events, ate kosher food in accordance with Judaic dietary laws, their children attending their own Jewish schools, married within their own ethnic community where they very rarely married outside their own race, etc.

Traditional Chinese of earlier years would be almost the same as European Jews, except there was no such thing as kosher food unless they were RTA-type Muslims, wakakaka, their daughters were allowed to marry outside their race (but rarely their sons) and they were free to worship any god in Taoism including the King of Hell to nature-spirits in Shamanism, wakakaka.

[Note: no god in Confucianism, and Buddhism has only Buddha and some Bodhisattvas].

They can also worship all religions together at the same time, wakakaka.

Yes, in earlier years, Chinese were more concerned about the relationship within society, namely, between man and man, ordinary or stratified/social class, while the Jews were more concerned about man and god & god's laws.

After all, the Chinese greatest social teacher, Confucius, told Chinese 'to revere the gods but keep them at a distance', wakakaka.

And as for children attending vernacular schools, well, I have never been in favour of such segregation because it's bad for multi-culturalism, but alas, a series of UMNO Education Ministers have f**ked up our national type school system kau kau with consequential dropping of education standards to abysmal level so much so that most of the Chinese Malaysians were virtually driven into the only-too-welcoming arms of the Chinese educationists - I have already posted often on this.

And Helen Ang (in her 'previous life', wakakaka) had once written 'The Chinese vernacular boat had left the harbour and sailed too far to turn back.'

Eight years ago, in December 2008, when Mukhriz Mahathir made threats about closing down Chinese vernacular schools, Helen penned an article in Malaysiakini to discuss the hullaballoo following Mukhriz Mahathir’s alleged call for vernacular schools to be closed or absorbed into mainstream (national) schools so as to avoid polarization among school children and in that process, to strengthen Malaysian unity.

Oh, by the by, Mukhriz subsequently denied he mentioned that, and Hishamuddin who was then the Education Minister, asserted Mukhriz was misquoted – see Malaysiakini Mukhriz was misquoted: Hisham.

Then, in her article titled Di mana bumi ku pijak, Helen Ang lambasted Mukhriz for wrongly identifying the source of polarization among kids. She suggested that the then-MP for Jerlun visit national schools to see for himself the obvious ethnic segregation already existing there.

As further evidence of that, she told Mukhriz his own sister, sweetie Marina, had pulled her own children out of these schools for picking up some undesirable learnings (of an ethnocentric nature).

But having chided Mukhriz, Helen stated “Mukhriz may be guilty of posturing but he is nonetheless echoing a genuine sentiment and outlook of the Malay grassroots.”


Helen was also acutely aware of the feelings of Chinese Malaysians when she wrote:

“Chinese on the other hand will ‘riot’ if ever mother tongue instruction was to be withdrawn."

"An integrated system of education could have been implemented at an earlier point in time but this is water under the bridge; the boat has left the harbour and sailed too far to turn back now.”

I have to reiterate and re-emphasize this:

Thanks to a series of UMNO Education Ministers, including Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim and Najib Razak, our national type school system has been f**ked up kau kau with consequential dropping of education standards to abysmal level, so much so that most of the Chinese Malaysians were virtually driven into the only-too-welcoming arms of the Chinese educationists.

Anyway, I want to return to what I have intended to write about, namely Aneh's succinct statement (at beginning of this post) which I will now repeat for your perusing convenience, as follows:

A couple of years ago, I wrote this: “What is really destroying the MCA is not the propaganda of the DAP but the acceptance by a large voting demographic of the Chinese community that no representation in the government is better than MCA representation.”

In other words, the “accursed” DAP is supported by the majority of the Chinese community, which means that Jamal’s main problem is with the majority of the Chinese community who support the DAP.

Please read again what Aneh had written, to wit "... but the acceptance by a large voting demographic of the Chinese community that no representation in the government is better than MCA representation." 

This means that Chinese Malaysians are quiet happy to enter not just into 'social ghettorization' once again, but also 'political ghettorization' because they are prepared to (reject MCA and Gerakan and) have no representation in the government.

Maybe most Chinese Malaysians believe they can survive by themselves in their own social and political ghettos (as the Jews once did in Poland), and f**k the Malay government?

What do you think of my assumption?

This is not healthy for a multi-ethnic Malaysia where we should and must believe in and consider ourselves as Malaysians rather than Chinese, Malays, Indians, etc, in the way citizens of the USA, no matter what ethnicity they belong to, consider themselves as Americans, and citizens of Australia consider themselves as Australians, and citizens in Thailand consider themselves as Thais, etc.

We cannot afford any ghettorization. It's far too dangerous for our society.

If you have time, please read what Clive Kessler has written in the Malay Mail Online about Umno’s two souls.

The Chinese Malaysians must avoid political and social ghettorization, and indeed all of us must strive to restore UMNO back to its pre-Mahathir days, as Kessler has written, as follows:

The heroic Umno of 1946: the Umno of Hidup Melayu and now Ketuanan Melayu; and the Umno of 1951, and especially 1955, to 1957: the Umno of constructive inter-ethnic conciliation and compromise, the Umno of modern, inclusive, progressive democratic nation-building.

The Umno that, with its political partners, looked forward to — and sought to create the foundations for — a Malaya and then Malaysia that would be the common, shared and equal inheritance of all its children, no matter by what different converging pathways their parents and forebears had come into membership as citizens of that modern new nation.

That is the Umno of the original Merdeka Constitution and its informing understandings — a charter of shared nationhood, not “Ketuanan Melayu”, which is this nation’s founding “social contract”: the only social contract that this nation has ever had.

This does NOT mean we should vote BN, wakakaka, but UMNO has an important role as Kessler said. Yes, maybe in the future, UMNO has a role in federal opposition?


  1. "..UMNO has a role in federal opposition?"

    clive kessler and george soros are both jew. not surprising lah for chinese in malaysia to welcome their support and involvement in malaysian politics. ha ha

    1. actually Kessler supports the restoration of UMNO to its pre Mahathir days.

      that in the distanced future UMNO can play a role as federal opposition is my speculation, not Kessler

    2. thus a government by the malays shall always remain the bedrock of the 'persatuan kebangsaan melayu bersatu' atau umno di dalam bahasa inggeris. ini adalah untuk memastikan bahawasanya bangsa melayu dan berajakan melayu akan terus hidup dinegeri ini sehingga akhir zaman. if the nons can accept and aknowledge that, then we will be inclusive as we progress and develope together.

    3. 'bahawasanya bangsa melayu dan berajakan melayu akan terus hidup dinegeri ini sehingga akhir zaman.'

      Maksud u paki tongkat macam dulu, kini Dan selamanya, betul tak?

      Bukan process tu akan menghasilkan orang yg membunyai minda cacat?

      Bolih ke gabungan tu terus hidup dinegeri ini sehingga akhir zaman?¿??

      Memang minda pariah seterusnya!!!!

    4. My grandfather died in 1943 in Singapore. The death certificate typed - Race Malay - Nationality British Subject. The land the Raffles City is today was his. It was taken from him then without any compensation. Sigh..

    5. There is a rising consciousness about native right.

      If u can prove yr grandfather actually processed that land where raffles city stands now, initiate a court claim lah.

      Otherwise it's just another fart.

      U might say Spore govt won't entertain yr claim. But with internet media's & solid documentary proofs, the red dot govt would be hard pressed for international shame!

    6. there had not been a malay president since yusof ishak.

      what happened to istana kampong gelam? Where are the descendants of Tengku Abdul Aziz? most of them are in hdb flats together with other malays. singapore tak ada ghettos and pariahs?

    7. Yea CK,I have engaged a Singapore property and inheritance lawyer. I will be rich soon. I am rich. I am rich. Wakakaka.

    8. Unknown - what's yr point?

      Tak habisx2 Dana ketuanan Melayu ke?

      Spore is a republic, samax2 republic lain didunia serata. Di republic tu, bekas kings & emperors semua jadi rakyat sesama.

      What do u expect? Tongkat for the dependents of the blue-bloods? How feudalistic CAN u be in this modern day!

      Melayu palsu, make very sure u got the real documentation & substantiated proofs. Otherwise all u get will be wang kertas neraka yg berbilion.

    9. you should ask your migrant relatives and friends in england to fantasize and revolt for a republic of england. ha ha

    10. This is getting worse!

      A zombie with brain (??) wiring crossed.

      Oui..Spore is a republic while England adalah constitutional monarchy, whose queen behaves nth times better lah!

  2. Just a few questions for u;

    Why called it the ghettorization of the Chinese M'sians?

    Whatsoever issues that u had said about the Chinese M'sians' 'evolution' in bolihland apply to that rabbit breeding ketuanan class too. Why not the ghettorization of the Melayu?

    Isn't the basic of the basic lying in that rabbit breeding number?

    Shouldn't u add yr sifu's often fart about 'So consider this a warning' to end yr fart too?

    1. I wrote above:

      The dictionary defines ghetto as: a section of a city, especially a thickly populated slum area, inhabited predominantly by members of an ethnic or other minority group, often as a result of social or economic restrictions, pressures, or hardships.

      I teh Malay a minority race in Malaysia?

    2. Answer the questions lah!

      The dictionary definition of ghetto is the right-winged wordsmith's excuse to run down his/her target using number.

      Yr grandmother's story of the Jewish Polishs falls exactly into that pattern.

      & now the Chinese M'sians!

      'Is the Malay a minority race in Malaysia?'

      See the point as I clearly & cleanly pointed out the moment ghettorization is been used as a keyword?

      Ghettorization is used on the minority certain trends is simply bcoz it's insulting & degrading EVEN THOUGH the same patterns r found in the majority.

      Big in number but acting obnoxious & useless IS not OK. While small in number but contributing in gallant & noble-minded services to the nation r always been overlooked.

      Search into the history of the Polish, & Malayan/Malaysian & seek the truth lah before u fart big time.

  3. "no god in Confucianism" vs "to revere the gods but keep them at a distance" wakaka

    513 happened in pre-mahathir days, n probably again in post mahathir days.

    if u dun have a solution for our constitution, segregation is perhaps one of the best option. u must remember the historical fact, the one that stir up (or indirectly created the field day for the opportunist) the racial riot r the eng educated (baba) chinese like lky, lks n lce, they forget they r chinese. helen acute writes is on dap role which u rarely touch on, n u try to blame us chinese for ghettorization? btw pls dun asked me to re-read, u go read lky n lks, u people more or less share the same thought.

  4. Confucianism does not dismiss the notion or belief in gods by the Chinese but as a system does not believe in nor place any importance in gods

    513 might have happened in pre Mahathir days but I wonder who were then advising Tun Razak; maybe we need to ask Dr Kua

    which constitution? the original or the one badly mutilated by mahathir

    dr kua in his book 'may 13' has already identified who teh stirrers fo may 13 was - please read it, wakakaka

    1. confucius dun know if there is god (deity) or no, we therefore cant conclude no god in confucianism, the concept of tianzi, heaven n mandate of heaven is quite similar to god.

      the father listen to each n every word mahathir said n the son not? interesting.

      nep not start under mahathir, razak report not drafted by mahathir. mahathir oso not involve much in the constitution.

      did kua wrote tis "The UMNO members’ anger was further aggravated by some thoughtless jeering by the DAP-Gerakan party victors in Selangor as they conducted their jubilant victory motorcade around Kuala Lumpur (though the leaders of the Gerakan Party made a public apology the following day). That anger at the unthinkable loss of Malaysia’s premier State to a Chinese-dominated party and the jibes and jeerings by an insensitive DAP-Gerakan were what lit the racial fire, and not the socio-economic inequality."?

      i heard tis from a malay, he own a benz. "celaka ini xxx, dia ingat saya ahmad" so tell me,during pre mahathir era, how many malay u meet in penang that drive a merz is not a driver?

      if today the malay still wan a 513 coz of so called chinese ghettorization, let it be.

      i am not here to defend mahathir, i notice however u n petra seem to blame everything on mahathir. i can guess y petra did it, what abt u?

    2. Dr Kua wrote it was Gerakan, not DAP, who jeered at Malays in their kampong - after Gerakan joined BN, UMNO accused DAP of doing so to shield Gerakan.

      the Malays were annoyed with Gerakan, no doubt, but it was connived agitation by Razak and gang which drove the Malays into rioting against Chinese in KL

      I personally know many Malays who drove far better cars though I accept not in Penang but mostly in KL and Selangor

      what RPK does is not my concern other than articles to read, but let's not protect mahathir because he didn't and still doesn't like chinese

      the concept of tianzi predates Confucianism and thus Confucius. It was a political creation of and thus a heritage from the Zhou Dynasty when it replaced teh Shang Dynasty. The Zhou Dynasty ended 220 years before Confucius. Besides, as I said tianzi was a creation for political purpose and had nothing to do with belief in the divine

    3. tianzi n mandate of heaven is part of confucianism. n of course predate confucius. confucianism is to follow the practice of old n ancient especially zhou, the 4 books 5 classic is mostly abt past. in simple saying, rujia talk abt past, fajia abt current n daojia abt future or unknown. u, like ck, only touch on the thinking but ignore rujiao the religious side. thats the problem with atheists, they read what they wan to read.

      mandate of heaven could be a political creation, is not all religion man made wakaka. han dong zhongshu made the mandate of heaven an official ideology that last for almost 2 thousand years, its a divine one.

    4. “子不语怪力乱神”、“敬鬼神而远之“。

      Atmost 孔子 was an agnostic. The rujiao parts of the rujia is a later reinvention that 孔子 played no part!

      孔子's tian had a totally different set of meaning from the talk of 神鬼. It actually tied in with the basic of 仁, the core of rujiao thinking.


      Han dong zhongshu reflects those thoughts!

      So, u r actually part of those who read what they wan to read. Yes???

    5. Sorry, it should read

      It actually tied in with the basic of 仁, the core of rujia thinking.

    6. one shd know the diff of confucius words, Confucianism the thought n Confucianism the religion. confucius took a vague stand on anything relate to myth, god etc, but he never said it doesnt exist, for example tian n tianming. i dun think one can easily retort by claiming confucianism have no god divine deity etc, n oso one cant simply said the add on later is not part of Confucianism, r u telling me han dongzhongshu, tang hanyu n song zhuxi r all rubbish? in fact Confucianism increase it influence and expand under the theoretical add on / interpretation from the great ru / 大儒 i mentioned. if one insist to limit his scope of discussion to confucius, then perhaps dun use the term Confucianism.

    7. Whatever yr arguments, do please refer to;


      Here 孔子 implies everything's related to 孔子, or rujia thinking!

      Deeper comprehension, please!!!!!

  5. Najib is fast doing a "pivot" toward the Chinese, as in the Peoples Republic of China. Its a combination of Need and Want.
    Najib desparately needs cash-rich Chinese infrastructure companies to collude in back-door bailouts of 1MDB and SRC.

    Otherwise those two criminal Ponzi schemes will collapse with extremely serious repercussions to Malaysia's economy.

    China GLCs, with a corrupt economic system of their own, are very familiar with such You-Help-Me-I-Help-You schemes, and make ideal partners for such settlements.

    The needs currently is for Najib to thumb his nose at Western powers for the legal actions they have taken against people and banks surrounding 1MDB transactions.
    Though Najib himself has not been indicted, the ring of legal sanctions surrounding 1MDB's deals and other associated people is inescapable.

    Ironic that even as UMNO demonises the Malaysian Chinese, they are tripping over each other to make deals with the China Chinese as fast as they can put down ink to paper.