Friday, July 06, 2018


MM Online - Cabinet allocation ‘ticking time bomb’, says research outfit (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, July 3 — The lopsided allocation of Cabinet positions that favours Malay-dominated parties could cause discontent in Pakatan Harapan (PH) that may escalate with future disagreements, BMI Research said today.

The Fitch Group research outfit said although PKR and DAP have the most ministerial and deputy ministerial positions totalling 15 and 12 respectively, a Cabinet line-up strictly proportionate with parties’ parliamentary seat count should see PKR holding 19 positions, DAP (17 positions), Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) (five positions), Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) (five positions), and Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) (three positions), with two positions to spare.

PPBM, Amanah and Warisan instead have 10, nine and five Cabinet positions respectively.

“We believe this lopsided allocation of Cabinet positions was one of the main contributing factors to the drawn-out nature of the negotiations before the appointees were finalised.

“We therefore see this allocation as a ticking time bomb that might be triggered and brought up as a key grievance among the parties should future disagreements about policy or other matters become aggravated and is another risk contributing to a possible dissolution of the coalition,” said BMI Research.

The research unit said it acknowledged that the Cabinet lineup may allay fears among Malays about the Chinese supposedly taking over the country, and so PH parties might have agreed that giving predominantly Malay parties more portfolios was necessary for their political survival.

However, the degree of over-representation for PPBM and Amanah is high as they received twice the number of portfolios that they should be getting at the clear expense of PKR and DAP,” said BMI Research.

Some have said that Mahathir is having his way (and fCk a crying Lim GE) so as to encourage UMNO and PAS people to leap over to his side, to probably form a new UMNO III.

Once that is achieved it'll be back to the good olde bad days when UMNO III lords it over the new DAP-MCA, wakakaka.


  1. DAP also needs to make up its mind whether it is a true multi-racial party or a Chinese-based party.

    1. "For 20 years since 1998, the Chinese have been embarking on a hate campaign. Finally, after 20 years, this campaign paid off when they managed to split the Malays into five and unite the Chinese almost 100% behind DAP. But the hate campaign has not stopped. And anyone who does not serve the Chinese agenda will get whacked, even if you are in Pakatan Harapan." RPK

    2. Quoting the Fat flabby white mat salleh drunkard again ? hehehhe.

      I know, I know, for 20 years...errr, for 40 odd years since Tun Razak, the Malays under Umno have been embarking on a love campaign....their great love and care for the Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans etc, and their super super love for the real original inhabitants of this land the Orang Asli ; and esp. for the Chinese, split them into various parties of MCA, Gerakan, DAP just so they should learn what is diversity, hehehehe. And the supreme love campaign of Umno for the Chinese has not stopped ever since. Did not Najib al Songlap, even now on the verge of going to be in the lockup for the rest of life, recently gave a touching speech how he had cared for ALL Malaysians, that he's always thinking of us 24/7 ? Almost brought me to tears. Kita pun sayang mu, Pokjib !

      Aiyooo....that Botak Mabuk Liar is married to a Chinese and his children all have half Chinese blood in them, and his grandchildren have at least a quarter Chinese blood running in their veins. I guess when he's really drunk on certain nights and when he's screwing his Chinese wife, he must be less than kind to her la...he must have thought he's seeing some Chinese enemy that he hated so very much, hehehhe. And his children..perchance he feels ambiguous towards them...left hand caress them with lots of sayang, right hand slap them coz he can't keep check of his hatred of the Chinese that he sees in them ? Wakakakkaka

    3. raja liar thought he could revive the feudaliatic sultanate dream by being provocative via racism approch in the last 30 years, but too bad again n again, mahathir toying them like a fool that cold only continue to kiss mahathir ass like a eunuch, in tis respect, mahathir is great.

  2. BMI Research is supposedly an Independent consultant , being a subsidiary of the International Fitch Group.

    However, I find the objectivity of its Malaysian chapter suspicious.

    From months before GE14 , until now, BMI's published statements have been unrelentingly negative on Pakatan policies, while being full of praise for Najibnomics.

    Consultants analysis are written by humans, and many have hidden agendas.

  3. Why is there a “Free Najib” movement? Is he in jail?

    Also, hands up all those who have contributed to the Najib Legal Fund. By doing so you confirm that you consider him innocent.

    1. These followings have their hands up (wakakkaka) :

      1 Ktemoc - RM 5
      2 john - RM 3
      3 Unkown - RM 3
      4 UmnoSamaPas - RM 0.50
      5 Anon - RM 3

  4. there will be no end to this kind of insignificant research, no one particular party will ever be contented but what is more important is those party who are supposedly not happy must realise that the voters ARE happy with the PM's difficult choice, I know I am...

    losers can't be choosers

  5. The PH Cabinet in the absence of any race or religious parties except for PBBM and Amanah is actually quite well balanced racially and religiously.

    DAP and PKR parties are open to any race or religion unless you are still blind and trap by 60 years of UMNO indoctrination.

    Welcome to the New Malaysia and Bangsa Malaysia idealism.

    I think this New Malaysia Cabinet is definitely better and fairer than the old ones under BN where it called itself a so called multiracial, multireligious Govt.

    Go, gigit jari and baling batu, sembunyi tangan or become batu api some more and it ain't going to matter to the majority who voted and supported PH.