Thursday, July 12, 2018

Rais Yatim and his "core of civilisation"

So UMNO Youth is pissed off with the possibility of the new Pakatan government recognising the much dreaded fiercesome horrendous evil Cinapek's UEC?

So Dr Rais Yatim PhD reckoned recognising the UEC in Malaysia requires prior in-depth study, besides considering the interests of the Malays, the views of the Conference of Rulers, etc etc etc.

He worries about the implications of UEC’s recognition on the Malay Language, Islam, and Malay customs.

Effect of UEC on Islam and Malay customs??? Huh!

He pontificated sonorously (in hifalutin mode):

“I think that (recognising) the UEC is something big which touches on the core of civilization, the core of education and the core of our country’s values. Therefore, it requires an in-depth study first.

“This means it’s not something that can just be decided by the Cabinet, but rather requires input from scholars as well as social and community development experts in the country.”

Wow, what pathetic piffling pompous kok-tok. But what about the English language?

He continued in his hifalutin mode (wakakaka):

“In addition, it is also necessary for the government to examine why it needs to be recognised. Is this something of interest to the majority, or to certain quarters with a vested interest in the future of a particular group.”

His racist angle eventually emerges, as to be expected from a member of the ketuanan Pribumi Party.

In the meantime, while UMNO Youth and erstwhile cousin and current Pribumi scholar Rais Yatim entangle their underwear into knots of Gordianesque proportion over possible government's recognition of a Chinese school certificate, the PM (Mahathir, who else) has invited Japan to set up a Japanese university in Malaysia.

The Star Online reported in Dr M reiterates call for Japan to open university in Malaysia:

PETALING JAYA: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has reiterated his offer for Japan to open a university in Malaysia so that students have access to the Japanese education system.

The Prime Minister made the offer to Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Taro Kono who made a courtesy call on Dr Mahathir, at the Prime Minister’s Office on Wednesday (July 11).

“At the same time, the students could also learn the Japanese language and more importantly, the Japanese values and cultures, which have proven to be the foundation of Japan’s remarkable success,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Thursday (July 12).

It added that the university would be more accessible and would be able to attract international students not only from the nearby regions but as far as Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East.

So much for the effect of a non-Malay language and culture on the Malay Language, Islam, and Malay customs.

I wonder whether Dr Rais Yatim PhD will pontificate sonorously (in meek mousy mode this time):

“I think that (recognising) the Japanese university is something big which touches on the core of civilization, the core of education and the core of our country’s values. Therefore, it requires an in-depth study first.

“This means it’s not something that can just be decided by the Cabinet, but rather requires input from scholars as well as social and community development experts in the country.”

I bet my balls including and especially those of looes74 that Rais will remain diam-diam as a tikus.

As Penangites would say, "Haw t'au, geeow ch'u boi" .

(kepala harimau tetapi dengan ekor tikus) (berani pada permulaan, takut sebenarnya atau pada akhirnya) wakakaka. 

ohayo gozaimasu, you mongrels 


  1. Nobody voted for him and why should anyone bother about this unreformed ex-Minister statements who still has the Ketuanan Melayu mentality indoctrinated into his head by UMNO.

    Stop the pretense and beating around the bush.

    He just don't want to say and tell the truth and the Truth is:

    By recognising UEC, it will take away some places from the Malays in public universities and jobs in the Govt. due to more competing meritocatic qualifications.

    And he knows damn well currently, more than 70% and in some cases 90% or more places in public universities and Govt. recruitments are reserved to Malays.

    By his Ketuanan Melayu mentality, he knows some places will have to be given up due to meritocracy and he isn't willing to part with it.

    What more can you say about such Ketuanan Melayu mentality and his selfish ignoromus beliefs?

    Do you think if the UEC is conducted in Malay, Arabic or English or French or Korean or Japanese would be accepted next by these selfish Ketuanan Melayu?

    You know he is talking C*ck!

    1. Not just rais yatim. In fact, this cheebye motherfucker kaytee is talking bullshit.

      First of all, i have doubts that kaytee got permission from that girl in putting her results online. Its fucking unethical. Kaytee should have put his results, his credential and even nude photos showing his 3" dick

      Again we are not going to do cheebye kaytee dirty work. Buay song, go protest in front of rais yatim

    2. so keen to be my son that you keep accusing me of fCking your mum, tsk tsk - corry, I did NOT lah, wakakaka

      and stop saying "buay song" - fCk your Sing-Hokkien - it sound horribly hair raising to a Penangite

    3. Huh? You mimpi siang la! I have proof that you are the bastard saon of najib

    4. whatever lah, BUT you are definitely NOT my bastard son because I did NOT fCk your mother

  2. They mock themselves. By mere recognition of a school certificate used by 90 schools their race, monarchy, civilisation, culture and religion will crumble. Such weaklings.

  3. For 61 years government policy upholding the National Language and the National Education system has been consistent and objective.

    Only a school syllabus and school examination system that uses the National Language as the medium of instruction will be recognised for admission to Government funded universities and job positions in the Government.

    It is...very dangerous for Pakatan Harapan to erode the sanctity of this decades-standing policy for political gain.

    1. Of fuck la. Dont indon heard about this, they will skin you cheebye melayu alive

    2. So, why did BN include recognising UEC in their manifesto after 60 years of such a policy?

      It is not about upholding National Language or National Education system but pure blatant discrimination against other languages and their qualifications and selfish motives to deny those qualified from taking away some of the places in Universities and Govt. jobs.

      Bloody selfish Hypocrites!

    3. many uec holder bm is above average, my daughter got a for spm. its actually a open or close system msia wish to move forward. the paradox is when u reject chinese, its akin to reject english as well. that said, i am perfectly fine with msian who believe in one nation one language, its normal. the question is, what abt english?

    4. good question - food for thought

    5. What about English?

      To the anmokauxai it's called inclusiveness.

      To the ketuanan freaks it's known as uplifting the employable skillset.

      Hmmm…… what about knowing Mandarin?

      Liken to the roar of Karpal Singh - over my dead body!!

      What an inconvenient truth…… under the bigoted tempurung.

  4. tis rais like to show off, not that bright actually.

    1. Being a show off is just a character flaw, which is not admirable. But being a bigoted racist, which Rais son of Yatim most certainly is, is despicable, especially when he's also a hypocrite to boot. Incredible that he so clueless, thinking so mightily of himself...jumped ship to PH just a week prior to GE14, then expected to get a Dewan Rakyat Speaker role...OMG, what's he thinking? Better he first clear off his taint of being alleged to have raped his Indonesian maid.

      Now that he realized he won't get that Speaker position, he's freer now to show his real Umno color...tok kok about the collapse of the Malay civilization and the destruction of Islam just because of some recognition of a school certification for entry into higher learning. And they ask us to respect the Umno Malays ?

    2. a number of so-called Malay intellectuals (Rais Yatim being one of them) always would refer to either Malay civilisation or Islamic civilisation as if those references made them more intellectual, wakakaka.

      In August 29006, Dr Syed Ali (previously?) of the Islamic think-tank said of the 'Malay':

      “Without being a Muslim, a Malay is not a Malay. The Malay language, which gives the Malays identity, comes from the Quran.”

      I know Dr Syed Ali was once the head of Malaysia’s Islamic think-tank, but I reckon his assertion of the Malay language coming from the Quran was a wee too strong a spin.

      What about words like bagai (Tamil), bahagia (Sanskrit), baju (Persian) – I could go on and raise another 1,000 non-Arabic/Quranic words. Then, most interesting of all, there is bumi (Sanskrit) and putera (also Sanskrit).

      kaytee might even daringly add in modern Malaysian lexicon such as kow-tim, kau-kau and gnaam-gnaam, wakakaka.

      Anyway, Dr Syed Ali added: “The Melayu is defined as first being a Muslim and because he’s a Muslim, he follows the customs and traditions of the Malays which are derived from Islam, followed by the language of the Malays which (also) derives from Islam.”

      OK then, with such arguments in place, I am off for breakfast tomorrow in downtown Sydney - a kopi-o, roti with kaya; for lunch perhaps soup mee or koay-tiow goreng, and then for a tummy churning dinner, laksa and sarsi. And for supper, there's always teh-tarik and a light fried bi-hun.


    3. Wow!!

      What's that Dr Syed Ali been smoking!

      Suddenly the definition of Malay in Article 160 clause 2 of the Constitution of Malaysia been given a timeline way ahead of the written FedConstitution!

      Time travelling?

      More likely super duper hallucinations under the ketuanan ketum juice.

    4. i suppose if hongkonger talk abt core civilisation, the mainlander would laugh, even guangdong chinese commented that hk cantonese is not genuine enough. in our case, I believe indonesia is the core civilisation of the malay, malaysia is actually a rojak society, like hongkong.

      when rais want to raise the argument base on core civilidsation, did he know that indonesia university recognise uec? so dun make me laugh la this pseudo intellectual.

      however the chinese have to bear in mind that the moment u want govt recognition, u might lose yr freedom to pursue a high standard cum quality education, which is the merit of why parents send their kids to cis, a relatively economical private education.

    5. Aint govt recognition of UEC & high standard cum quality education MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE?

      Why must UEC standard be jatuh vis-a-vis that ketuanan matriculation?

      To allow more melayu to enroll for UEC!

      The ketuanan freaks HAVE f*cked-up the bolihland education for the past 61 yrs to produce unemployable entitlement weaklings.

      This trend MUST not be allowed to continue!


    6. shd all cis student is as clever as ck, then the assumption of mutually exclusive have some truth, but how many student can handle all three languages with equally good result? is this expectation realistic?

      when one is required to load more resources into "some" subject, it is often right to assume there is less time and resources for other subjects. cis are welcome in overseas university not bec the student r good in language or history subject, its a mixture of technical subject like m&s plus overall balance, i suppose not all countries require a pass in history to become a doctor or engineer?

      my point is that the stakeholder ie the parent/teacher must have a clear mind is this the direction of cis? they shd ignore all the rhetoric from politician especially those from dap, n whether it is worth to turn a academic issue into a racial one like what happen now?

      因才施教 shd be the objective. n how many non malay spm stpm holder can enter local u or become a civil servant? so whats the point to fight for something that is not that meaningful?

    7. 因才施教?

      U ask the right question but give the wrong answer!

      Typical 小民的智慧 within a silo interpretation!

      How many non malay spm stpm holder can enter local u or become a civil servant?

      Don't look at the small number of the
      crème de la crème of the Non students lah. They can always find outlets.

      Out there in the real world there r always intellectual seekers. Just like the RedDot! Their excellent academic performances r their way out even if bolihland looks down on them. There r TONS & TONS of examples in the past. In the future same situation will happen!

      The pink elephant is those average cis students that all of u have ignored.

      Many just want to get a decent education & opportunity. Not necessary to enter local u or become a civil servant!

      Academically they might not be performing to expectation. But their survival instinct makes sure they can find a role in a hostile world. and many did! Becoming the champions of their fields!

      Can see the differences ke?

      The crime of the ketuanan govt IS not given these chances to the Nons, while cow-herding large bunch of sub-parts melayu to local u & be gaji-buta civil servants & hp6 professionals.

      Here lies the core reason of the ketuanan freaks' nightmare that even these average cis students will outperform them if UEC is been recognised!

      If u REALLY & SINCERELY have a heart for these unfortunate group of his students then keep yr utopian bleeding heart feeling to yr closet!