Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mahathir selling snake oil SST

FMT - Agong’s remark was just a joke, says Dr M (extracts):

your son should be OK, now for my son 

Mahathir said the Agong’s speech today had asked Malaysians to be moderate and to show consideration towards others. [...]

On criticism of the sales and services tax rate of 10% for sales and 6% for services, he said people did not need to pay if they were not purchasing items.

“Compared to the GST (goods and services tax), it is a value-added tax. Whether a person buys items or not, the price of goods will increase.”

Mahathir's wisdom or chong?

SST is better than GST ???

According to the cunning man:

SST - people did not need to pay if they were not purchasing items

GST - price rises whether people buy or not - why not "people did not need to pay if they were not purchasing items"

What shit difference is there between buying a SST-ed and a GST-ed item??? Mate, SST at 10% will carry 4% higher prices than GST-ed items.

What fCk-ing new-manmanlai bullshit.

The truth is whether items are SST-ed or GST-ed (except for those items exempt from GST**), people will need to pay if they are purchasing items.

With GST people pay 6% but with SST people pay 10%. No change in service tax - both are at 6%.

Therefore you will be paying a HIGHER price for SST.

And the disappointing omission of information for the gullible guppies has been that the GST system was more transparent than the opaque SST system.

** Goods and services that were previously not taxed by GST:

- Livestock, fresh and frozen meat/fish:

* Livestock including cattle, buffalo, pig, sheep and goat; live chickens and ducks* Fresh and frozen meat* All kinds of live, fresh, chilled and frozen fish (except for fish for ornamental use)

- Other kinds of water creatures:

* These include crustaceans (lobsters, crabs, prawns, shrimps), molluscs (oysters, mussels, cuttlefish, snails) and others such as sea cucumbers and jellyfish

- Eggs (chicken and duck eggs, fresh or salted)

- Fresh vegetables and fruits

- Spices and herbs

- Rice, flour, noodles, bread

- Cooking oil and condiments including sugar, salt, cooking oil, shrimp sauce, fish sauce and soy sauce.

- Coffee, tea and cocoa powder

- Baby formula (aged 0 to 36 months)

- Items in the National Essential Medicines List

* This covers 4,215 medicine brands for the treatment of major chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disorder, diabetes, hypertension, infertility.

- All types of reading materials and newspapers

- Public transportation

- Treated water for domestic use

- Electrical supply for the first 300 units (kwh) of domestic use

- RON95 petrol and diesel

- Postal services

- Medical treatment at hospitals and clinics

GST-taxable goods and services that will cost more as they were previously untaxed:

- Processed food items (e.g pre-marinated meat, fish and vegetables, canned food, fishballs, meat balls, bottled contiments, chocolates, biscuits)

- Kitchenware

- Clothing and foot wear

- Beauty and health products

- Toys and games

- Electronic gadgets including cameras, computers, laptops and mobile phones

- Pre-paid phone cards

- Concert and movie tickets

- Banking fees (e.g. loan processing, fund transfers, standing instruction services, cheque books)

- Consultation with GST-registered independent doctors

GST-taxable goods and services that will cost less

This refers to the goods and services that were previously subjected to the higher 10 per cent SST. These range from electrical appliances (e.g. television sets, refrigerators, air-conditioners, home theatre system, irons, hair dryers, electric fans), cars, consumer items (eg. soft drinks, imported fruits) to items like diapers, sanitary pad, Dettol, toothpaste and furniture.

For more information, go to http://goo.gl/MZCRDJ or http://goo.gl/fuxfQR

SOURCE: http://gstmalaysiainfo.com


  1. Way to go Waytha....National Unity and Social Well Being Minister, whatever that means. Some overlap with Kak Wan's Ministry perhaps but then again Kak Wan needs a lot of help. Hannah is itchin' to go.

    Chin Tong Deputy Defence Minister, normally would not have been a good fit but given Mat Sabu is the Minister, Chin Tong as Deputy makes a lot of sense. The Ministry needs some serious procurement (jet planes, light armoured tanks, guns, frigates etc) but poor Mat Sabu still thinks Scorpene is a Heavy Metal Band (Scorpions) and is lost with numbers. Rumor is he drives a 15 year old Kelisa and his wife fills in the petrol tank. He is good with speeches though so that helps with the rank and file (but not with the Generals).

    Dewan Negara has 70 seats for Senators, we should aim for 40-30 Harapan-BN/PAS to reflect Lower House. Then please appoint Zaid as President of the Senate and we should have a rockin-time YEAH!! Bring It On, I'm Lovin It...Just like Dacing, Only Better.

    1. Talent like Zaid would be wasted if PH sidelined him for whatever reason. Yay...Zaid for President of Senate...setuju !

      Yup...agreed that Mat Sabu needs shoring up and Chin Tong is dependable, to say the least

      Hehe...Scorpene is a Heavy Metal Band, LOL

      But who doesn't love good olde Mat here...he's in his element : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2FhIc9n79M

    2. The people got royally fucked by the New Administration and those that supports it (most probably businessmen that will profit from SST).

  2. The new SST is 6% for Services - so cost neutral.
    Electronic goods were cheaper in the past in Malaysia because they were Tax Free. All Books were Tax Free.
    When GST was introduced almost everything had 6% tacked on.

    Instant tax increase.

    1. 6% SST is 6% more expensive - it's NOT cost neutral

      All types of reading materials and newspapers were free of GST so stop bullshitting

      electronic goods under GST was 6%, and under SST at 10% - you all deserve it - and SST is NOT transparent because some people can kowtim it

    2. From the Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Ong Kian Ming :

      "The GST generated a revenue of about RM42 billion a year for the government.
      But under the SST, only RM21 billion will be collected. I think this will benefit the rakyat as (the difference) is returned to the people," he said.

      He added that many items that were previously taxed under the GST system will be exempted under the SST regime.

      The overall impact will be a lower cost of living,"

    3. GST was 6% tacked on for value-add at EVERY STAGE of the supply chain. Snowball tax.
      That is how Bijan got so much money from GST he was wasting the money - and it was a BIG burden to the public.

      SST is taxed 10% on Goods , 6% on service ONCE.

    4. Monsterball, you are the WORST and BIGGEST LIAR in your explanation of GST. Please stop lying even if you have to earn dedak from mahathir.

      GST did NOT impose 6% at each and every stage of the supply chain. It did only once at the consumer end, with the tax collected at the intermediate stage being RETURNED to each of those stages of the processing chain.

      You are extremely UNSCRUPULOUS in your deceiving and duplicitous misinformation on the GST - I look at you in utter disgust at your immoral lies, done obviously to earn brownie points from Mahathir. Fucking dedak eater

    5. Damn ktemoc.. you really know how to curse people.. hahaha

    6. He only have words, that's all. And not good words either...full of venom and lies and pretentious righteousness ...when he himself is the indisputable muka dua talam dedak eater and the biggest po-lam-pah that ever exist.

  3. It was the "painless" Bijan GST which is Snake Oil.

  4. Before gst, its sst right. How come then no problem? I no understand. Its previous policy being enacted right?


    1. it caught the opaque kowtimness

    2. Like cheebye kaytee still sucking najib dick and kissing najib arsehole

  5. However much one wants to Kelentong about GST better than SST, the bottom line is GST collection is about RM42 billions and SST collection about RM26 billions plus or minus a few billions.

    So, the Govt. collects less thru SST and the shortfall surely goes to the Rakyat or businesses operated by the Rakyat.

    Anything which don't go into the Govt. coffers surely will benefit the Rakyat, right?

    So what are you talking about and trying to justify GST and twisting statements said by so and so?

    Why don't you explain first where the shortfall in SST collections compared to GST collections is going into?

    It cannot be into thin air or Ahjib accounts again right?

    1. SST unlike GST is NOT transparent thus there's a lot of slip through

    2. Wakakakaka……

      U sure want to pick bones in an egg despite yr limited understanding of taxation mechanisms!

      SST & GST r both easily manipulated if one knows where to pact the figures.

      In fact GST, been a consumption tax has a lot more openings for 'undertabling'!

      So DONT use transparency in taxation mechanisms as an excuse to pick GST in lieu of SST!

      So any more bulls that u can create?

    3. Like donald trump, till today this cheebye motherfucker kaytee refuses to share how much million he pumps into the coffer through malaysian gst.

      If this cheebye pays nothing,, we must rampas all his assets

    4. Easily manipulated GST = collect 40bil++
      Easily manipulated SST = to collect 27bil++

      Easily 'undertabling' GST = and biz peeps want it gone
      Not easily 'undertabling' SST = and biz peeps want it back

      Hmm wonder who's BS who here..

    5. please stop saying I fCk your mother - I know you want me to be your father but I am not because I did NOT fCk your mum.

    6. Show me your tax return....cheebye motherfuker kaytee....or you wanna backtrack like trump today hah

      What a cheebye

    7. Simple minded moron!

      More money collected implies more collecting outlets. More collecting outlets DIRECTLY proportional to more undertabling lah!

      It also means more hidden burdens for SME - directly impaired business operation.

      Wakakakakaka… hence gst vs sst!

      Universal fact!

      Go back underneath to that onionized tempurung of yrs & continue yr syiok-sendiri dream le.

    8. please stop saying I fCk your mother - I know you want me to be your father but I am not because I did NOT fCk your mum

      and also stop repeating your favourite "part" of Pauline, wakakaka

    9. "More money collected implies more collecting outlets. More collecting outlets DIRECTLY proportional to more undertabling lah!"

      -The most dumbest quote ever written-

      Look here idiot. When more money is collected it does prove more collecting outlets but DOES NOT prove more undertabling. Infact it proves the opposite.

      Ppl do undertable deals to hide cashflow records as TO AVOID PAYING TAX you bloody fool. Not to pay tax. SST is where biz ppl like doing undertable deals as the system lacks detailed records as in GST eg like in ur purchase receipts which is also recorded in the system linked to Customs.

      Yes ppl may try to find some loopholes by dealing cash with no records but only a handsfull of sectors can do that but then limitedly, as they can be targetted for bringing in lesser tax as opposed to business nature and revenue.

      Dealing in cash undertable without records WILL bring about problems in record statements in cashflows and account balances as it shows details of paying bills, wages, etc etc vs revenue, as they can be questioned how they are able to pay their commitments while having lesser revenue (as recorded due to much dealing undertables). Plus who in hell would wanna hold on to countless cash? Once u deposit it there r records too and could be subjected to tax. So yes they are undertable deals but not so much as claimed.

      So pls DO NOT be a bloody fool CK.

    10. Ppl do undertable deals to hide cashflow records as TO AVOID PAYING TAX you bloody fool. Not to pay tax.


      It also opens up MORE chances both parties to kowtim the amt of tax paid.

      Just think, if even under such circumstances, the tax revenue collected increases THEN the amt 'undertabled' must be correspondingly increased!

      Simple business logic mah!

      People like u have zilch teal world business sense. All u know IS to claim entitlement w/o lifting a finger.

      U can kid yrself under that onionized tempting lah. Better remains under for the good of the society.


    11. Some logic u have there after being told its not easy to do undertable with GST


      There u have it, ur tokong is admitted it. Maybe tired of looking like a bloody fool amongst the intellects.

      Funny thing is.. i just told u to stop being a bloody fool, but instead tokong LGE listened. Hahaha. Are u tokong LGE himself?

      What a totally stupid child u are. I rest my case. Back to u now KT!

  6. Man,u sure r busy with your blog. Hehehe

    1. Like an encik, must tekan this cheebye kaytee to mampus

  7. GST is a BANE for SMEs in Malaysia. In the old days any small business can run with minimal paperwork. Due to intense competition, profit margins are compressed to 5% or less in many sectors. For a business to run sales of 500K a year often means a net profit of 30K a year or less. Meaning the GST turnover costs are more than the profit! Factor in the fact that GST refunds are so sluggish, with nightmarish paperwork and accounting costs simply means a whole lot of small timers just gave up and closed down.

    Only people who don't live in Malaysia fail to see this.

    1. Very true...well put !

    2. Basically it just gasak all. I dont mind if it gasak all cheebye kaytee asset

      Fucking reason why till today kaytee got no face, no balls and has 3" dick

  8. Here are several facts which will expose the fallacies being circulated today:

    The sales tax at a rate of five percent and 10 percent only applies to selected manufactured and imported products and not all products, unlike the GST.

    The six percent service tax applies to selected services and not all services, unlike the GST.

    The sales tax is imposed on manufacturers’ and importers’ price, while the GST was imposed on the final consumer price. Hence it is wrong to claim that a “10 percent sales tax is higher than a six percent GST”.
    For example, a manufacturer imposes a 10 percent sales tax (10 sen) on a can of soft drink manufactured for RM1. However, when the same can is sold to a consumer at a 7-Eleven for RM2, a six percent GST of 12 sen would have been imposed. In this case, it is clear that a six percent GST at 12 sen would be higher than a 10 percent SST.

    In addition, the Ministry of Finance has undertaken a comprehensive SST review exercise with the assistance of accounting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers' (PwC) tax consultants to simplify the SST.

    PwC will help rationalise tax collection and reporting requirements to ensure that the SST will be even more efficient and less bureaucratic than the GST or even the previous SST system.

    PwC will ensure the SST imposed on Sept 1 will be simpler and less cumbersome while preventing leakages and loopholes.

    Unlike the GST, which burdens the poor proportionately more, the new SST will also be tweaked and designed to ensure that its impact on the lower income groups will be proportionately less.

    The details of the improvements will be announced when the new SST Bill is tabled in Parliament during the current sitting.

  9. Liew Chin Tong makes history as Independent Malaya / Malaysia's first Chinapek Deputy Defence Minister - and one from the much-maligned DAP.

    Yes, it is a New Malaysia...

    1. Ktemoc, sleeping kah ? Jawab, jangan tak jawab, hehe. Quickly stir your shit about Old Man is just 'pretending' to play nice, hehehe.

    2. Someday, I'm not sure how many years from now, I hope to see race being unimportant enough that a NON can be entrusted to be a Malaysian Defence Minister on merit and capability.

      THAT would be a tough step, but at least, the first step has been taken. It would not have happened under BN, just as UEC recognition never happened under BN.

  10. Enuf said la..
    Gst far better, just need to tweak it for better..
    If gst is not better than old sst then why other country are using it?
    U guys like to say singapore and other country is better.. But for this it is not? Haiya.. If it s good its good la..

    1. But isn't your boomis are the ones in this 'tanah melayu' the very first screaming dah tak tahan ngan GST ???? Why suddenly need to follow the crowd ? Other countries don't have NEP for majority population...then why don't this tanah melayu follow that crowd with its meritocracy...if it's good, its good la, kan ? So many good stuff in other countries tak mau ikut...but with GST mau ikut pula...aiyooo your agenda as clear as day...burden the boomis and the B40 with this continuation of GST foolishly introduced by your Pirate Boss and hope PH to be kicked out even before they complete 100 days ? wakakakka. Tunggu lama lama la UMNO...tunggu sampai the sun set in the East before it can rule again, hehehe

    2. Same goes for Meritocracy, Human Rights, Civil Rights, Freedom Rights, Religious Rights etc.

    3. GST is implemented by so many countries because it becomes a source of easy money.

      Singapore is one of the exceptions where the GST funds collected have been put to careful and good use.

      Least Developed countries use GST to tax the rich and middle class by taxing the formal economy. Most of the low income people pay Zero GST, because they buy items in the cash economy.

      In 1st World countries, the public often see GST as a fair trade off, because you get a high standard of public services and public amenities.

      Many have become trapped in "The Curse of Easy Money" from GST.

      GST did not do Greece, Portugal and Spain any good.
      It first became a ticket for financial irresponsibility for those governments because of the Easy Money, and then became a massive burden on the public as the governments tacked on insanely high % of GST to pay for the profligacy.

    4. GST is good in collecting more tax revenue for the govt ONLY.

      That's the ultimate aim of any govt, especially those of cash strapped. Thus many countries administrate it.

      It's a burden to SME & consumers, especially those in the early stage of economic development!

      Simple mind sees & simple mind interprets as in many people use the methodology then the methodology must be good!

      eg, zombies r the products of petrified zombiecism. Due to no-brain-power utilization requirements, zombies r numbered in the hundreds of thousands in bolihland. Is zombies GOOD for M'sia?

  11. Aiyah when it come to tax, it's a zero sum game. The rakyat pay, the government collect. Of cause to the government the GST is better because it collect more tax, approximately RM40b as quoted above compare with RM20b if it were SST.

    On the other hand you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that with SST overall the rakyat "win" because overall the rakyat fork out less SST than GST.

    So uncle ....... jangan kelentong lah, wakakakaka ..........

  12. Mahadeyyy mahadeyyy mahadeyyy thambi..! Hahaha.. Im quite fascinated really.. This mahadeyyy is blatantly showing the middle fingers to his worshippers and they are literally sucking on those very fingers.. Fascinating..

  13. My weekly grocery bill has definitely shrunk noticeably after GST zero rated.
    I do not know any person in Malaysian who lives by non-GST food alone.

    So Bijan and Ktemoc is Bullshitting when they say removal of GST has not brought down the price of goods.

    Ktemoc we know does not do his shopping in Malaysia.
    For Super-Super Rich Bijan (keeps more cash at home than a Medellin Cartel drug lord) , the cost of groceries is nothing at all.

  14. Pakatan Harapan’s election promise to scrap the GST and replace it with the SST was aimed at reducing Malaysians’ rising cost of living.

    However, economists said that a significant price reduction post-SST was unlikely.

    They also expected the re-introduced SST to lead to higher prices in the market, even if the indirect tax regime covers fewer products compared with the now-zerorised GST. Nevertheless, the real impact remains to be seen

    Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/07/18/new-and-improved-sst/#XISTOVxQar4SYWUi.99

  15. "** Goods and services that were previously not taxed by GST:
    - Postal services
    - Medical treatment at hospitals and clinics

    KT, the other items listed I do not know but you are definitely wrong on postal services and medical treatment at hospitals and clinics. I truly believe many items in your list too are contrary to what you believe.

    You really need to be here in Malaysia to be able to write the true situation, otherwise you are just plugging from the air you know....... wakakakaka

    1. or you might have been 'cheated' by those peddling non-GST items as having GST?

    2. Wakakakaka…… still living in our dream!

      "peddling non-GST items as having GST"

      Nothing in this world can claim to be a truly non-gst items, from source to market!

      Perhaps, in yr dream yr favour cockles can magically appear on yr table the moment u want them! That will do away with all the auxiliary inputs (gst imposed) to market the cockles in the real world.

    3. Receipts from "real" "POS" offices not an agent & "Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur" - a reputable hospital in Malaysia? Oh please!!!

    4. Only letter postage paid through stamps are GST exempt. All other Post Office services were GST 6%.
      Doctor's fees GST exempt. Other hospital charges e.g lodging, food, GST 6% . Medicine only basic medicines GST exempt. Let's face it, if you are ill enough to require hospitalisation, it won't be basic medicines that you are prescribed.

      GST Bijan was always Snake Oil.

      Only Bijan bodeks and Ivory tower types thought it was a Jolly Good Thing.

    5. Wrong, I used to purchase 100 pieces of 30 sen stamps regularly and paid RM30 before GST and RM31.80 during GST period with POS Malaysia official receipt to show