Saturday, July 28, 2018

Kit Siang on Islam and Kleptocracy

Star Online - Kit Siang: Sg Kandis will show if Najib has succeeded in linking Islam with kleptocracy (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: The Sungai Kandis by-election will be a crucial test whether former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has succeeded in equating Islam with kleptocracy in Malaysia, said Lim Kit Siang.

The Iskandar Puteri MP said it would also be a crucial test as to whether Najib’s politics still has traction in Malaysian politics

In a previous post New (de facto) Minister I said that he is now Mahathir's "appointed"(?) Minister of Anti-Najib, or more de facto officially (admittedly a contradiction in terms) and pompously, De Facto Minister for Anti-Najib Propaganda, the new PH minister a la Joseph Goebbels.

Now, is he saying that if the BN in Sg Kandis wins, it proves that Islam and Kleptocracy have linked up?

But what is the PH candidate wins?

Will that OTOH be proving that Islam and Pilfer-cracy have linked up too?

As the PH de facto Minister for Anti-Najib Propaganda, he has dragged Islam into his venomous guttersnipe politics.

This man is outrageous, in that having sold his soul to Mahathir, he is now prepared to even play religion in politics. His vile vitriolic viciousness has failed to observe a Pakatan convention of never dragging religion into politics. But then, he has forgotten or/and discarded most of his erstwhile principles, conventions and moral standards.


  1. The candidate who has politicised religion is your Bijan's man, who is running on then platform that under Pakatan, Islam and the Malays are under threat.
    But Ktemoc is too far gone into Bijan Dedak to see this.

  2. Make up yr bloody mind lah!

    Mamak sold his soul to DAP - said yr sifu.

    Lks sold his soul to mamak - said kt.

    If both of u can't even get yr own coordinated farts right, who's going to believe both of u?

    Save the CPU time lah!


    For you my dear HY..

  4. I think Lks is trying to scare muslims from voting BN. I also think voting PH is linking muslim with liars, super thiefs and slanderers

    1. Good one! That will make motherfucker kaytee lanpa beri song

    2. swear to you I did not fCk your mother so stop saying motherfucker just to claim you're my son

  5. Just wondering why LKS and PH still need to explain to Malaysians now and then the evil tricks and devious means of UMNO, PAS and BN in politicing everything and bad mouthing PH leaders and MPs.

    It's actually a waste of time and definitely no need to twist the knife further after the defeat of BN and UMNO. The stab to the heart by the majority of PH voters was fatal and it's just a matter of time before the victim collapses and be gone for good.

    PH leaders should just continue with the vision of Malaysia Baru via all the reformasi promised which the majority of Malaysians voted for on 9 May 2018. Malaysians also want fair, clean and honest leaders. Is that so hard not to see?

    While UMNO, PAS and BN still continues it's old ways of getting support via creating unwarranted imaginary shadows of fear, victimisation and intimidation, PH leaders should just conntinue with the task at hand of building a fair, united, harmonius, clean and trustworthy Govt which has been missing for the past decades.

    Malaysians had been ruled for too long under a Kleptocrat and his group of corruptors, swindlers, cheaters, liars, hypocrites, self serving, bigoted, arrogant, racists, traitors, bigots until the Nation is almost bankrupt that it is practically impossible for any sane Malaysian to even vote again for them to be back and create another Nightmare for all of us.

    What PH Govt. need now is a de facto Minister to exterminate or can also called The Terminator to drag all those uncivil and violent supporters of the Kleptocrat to be charged in court under all the current draconian laws enacted by BN and put behind bars for good to ensure a more peaceful running of Govt. in rebuilding the country.

    Sometimes you just have to show no mercy to the enemy who is hell bent in not respecting the Malaysian voter's mandate given after 9 May 2018.

  6. It is NOT absolute: 'Yang menang bukan menang semua; yang kalah semua'.

  7. Wowtou talk like Malaysia is one of a hell living place. Wonder how many can prosperous here even though you feels previous gov like shit. Obviously you re the one have full of shit in your mouth

    1. so you love najib till you suck Najib cock just like kaytee mock......hahahaha

  8. Lokman Noor Adam is doing daily check on his army of poison pen bloggers...alamak, ktemoc is going crazy to capai his kpi, hehehe.

    Mamak Lokman's golden rule : Lebih D dapat lebih D....lebih dahsyat, dapat lebih dedak. That's why we are now drowning in all these stinky shitty foaming generated all over....raja kelentong, shit-in-the-wall, life-of-annie the very neutral one, pony tail rocker, the third-rate force .....all down the line right up to our very own dear dear Ktemoc, wakakkakaka.