Thursday, July 26, 2018

More Ngomong Pitik

MM Online - PAS veep says no to blanket ban on child marriage (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 — A PAS vice president is reportedly against a blanket ban on child marriage.

The Star quoted Kelantan Deputy Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Amar as saying outlawing child marriage contravenes Islam.

But Nik Amar suggested improving existing laws to ensure children are not forced to wed early.

“It is not wrong to marry young, from a religious perspective,” he reportedly told reporters on the sidelines of the Kelantan legislative assembly sitting yesterday.

Nik Amar was responding to the Government’s announced plan to draw up a strict standard operating procedure (SOP) for the approval of underage marriage under the Shariah court

From a religious perspective, slavery is also allowed - are we going to legislate to allow slavery?

Stoning to death an adulterer?

Cutting off the tongue of a lying mufti?

Chopping off the hands of thieves?

Etc etc etc.


  1. Aisha was married to Mohammed PBUH at age Nine or Ten.
    Who are ordinary mortals to refute this ?

    Kak Wan is going to have a very hard time solving this.

    From the right are Islamists extremists rguing you cannot ban what the Prophet PBUH himself carried out.
    From the left are anti-Pakatan mala fide Ktemoc types who already condemn her as useless.

    There is a way around this.

    Governments can, without actually banning something, can always find ways to make something so restrictive , complex, difficult and subject to heavy penalties for not complying, that it is effectively banned, just not in name.

    1. Kampong lad, SHOULD strongly dispute the age when Aisha got married to Mohammed!

      U have a duty, as a Muslim, to correct the fake hadith.

  2. Only a Paedophilia can think of nothing wrong with child marriages and justifying it using all sorts of reason like religion, past history, poverty, charity etc etc.

    Just don't ever leave any children near these lecherous men even for a minute or second.

    Their lusts are like animals.

  3. really dun know what to say.