Friday, July 20, 2018

White or Black shoes for school students?

Malaysiakini - On school shoes and more: My mum’s advice for Maszlee (extracts):

by FA Abdul

However, the chalk did not manage to keep my school shoes white for long. So I came up with a better plan. Instead of washing my shoes over the weekend, I began to paint shoe whitener all over my dirty school shoes and placed them under the sun together with the school shoes of my brothers (which they had scrubbed clean).

Recognising responsibility

A few weeks passed and I continued the ritual, almost getting away with it. And then, on one weekend, mum caught me red-handed while I was in the act of whitening my dirty shoes.

As punishment, I not only had to wash my own school shoes, but also those belonging to my brothers for the following few weeks.

According to Mum, the punishment wasn’t for lying, nor was it for tricking her. Instead, Mum claimed the punishment should serve as a lesson that there is no shortcut when it comes to carrying out my responsibilities.

“To solve a problem, you must recognise your share of responsibility. If you keep diverting it, you will never solve anything.”

I still remember my mum’s words clearly. They have served me as a good reminder to always prioritise my tasks and responsibilities for some 30 years.

I suppose Maszlee could benefit from my mum’s advice. While he finds his way to the hearts of a few by changing the colour of school shoes, Maszlee has not done anything substantial towards improving the standard of the education system in Malaysia.

Perhaps a punishment is due to remind him to prioritise his responsibilities and not to keep diverting attention to small matters.

Perhaps my mum needs to have a word with Maszlee


Fatimah's mum was correct, that there shouldn't be any shortcut when it comes to carrying out one's responsibilities.

I have heard on several occasions the rather so-called "clever" saying that "one should work smart, not hard". That's bullshit only for lazy people who exploit such excuses, because if one is dedicated, one should then work smart as well as hard (or diligently).

But quite frankly I am not sure of the real problem in this white-black shoes issue. It's just a longkang matter which shouldn't even reach the Minister of Education. The school headmasters should have handled it according to their discretion - they are paid to handle such small matters.

Yes, I am aware that white shoes won't stay white very long when highly agile and energetic school pupils are involved.

In my days I wore both, black and white shoes each and every week. On PT (or PE) days, which were at least 3 times a week, we wore white canvas shoes which naturally won't stay pristine white after a few minutes. They became especially grotty after a few sessions of PT including football games (soccer), softball, hockey, basketball and gymnastics. But the school expected and allowed for that and only checked on the cleanliness-whiteness of such shoes on Monday morning.

On non-PT days we wore black shoes which should be polished at least once a week, but which kaytee only did once a month, wakakaka.

We had to devote a weekend morning (every week) to cleaning our canvas shoes, usually washing, brushing and blanco-ing them white, and then drying them in the blazing Malaysian sun.

Initially I did not realise the applied whiteness would NOT appear until the canvas shoes were dried. If still wet, one could blanco and blanco non-stop but there won't appear any favourable results, until the shoes dried, wakakaka. Yes, I had an extremely WHITE pair of canvas shoes the first time - my late mum was mightily impressed, wakakaka again.

On rainy weekend mornings, well, you had bad luck, but if you washed the shoes on Saturday mornings and left them to dry indoors, they should dry out by Sunday afternoons or evenings. Moe-man-th'ai.

The white canvas shoes in my days were so cheap and simple that today's spoilt brats wouldn't be seen dead in them, wakakaka.


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  2. Students throw bomb into school classroom.

    This sort of thing happens in the U.S. quite often but it must be a first of its kind in a Malaysian school. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

    The Malay Mail reports:-

    Unhappy with discipline teacher, Kelantan students throw explosives into classroom

    Published 17 hours ago on 20 July 2018

    By Jerry Choong

    KUALA LUMPUR, July 20 — Police believe that a homemade bomb thrown into the discipline and counselling room of a school in Kelantan is believed to have been committed by dissatisfied students.

    Malay daily Kosmo! reported that investigations have revealed the act was done by three Form Three students apparently unhappy with their discipline teacher.

    The incident, which took place at 11am yesterday, resulted in 80 window panes of SMK Penambang's discipline and counselling room being shattered after the bomb was thrown.

    One teacher said he was in a nearby building when a loud explosion startled him, followed by billowing smoke from behind the school block.

    “When it happened there were six teachers in the discipline and counselling room. Another teacher present said the explosion also resulted in damage to an air-conditioner,” he told reporters.

    Meanwhile Kota Baru district police chief ACP Ismail Mat Sidik said plastic remnants of the explosives, made from a modified ball-shaped firework, was discovered at the scene.

    “The incident occured on the third floor of Block C. No injuries were reported, and we are still investigating further into the motives of the students,” he said.

    It is understood the three students managed to escape after bombing the rooms. The case is being investigated under Section 435 of the Penal Code, for mischief by fire or explosive substance with intent to cause damage.

    1. in earlier days in Kelantan it was the kapak kecil

  3. "And further signs that Taib would be "clean as a whistle" were shown when Lim Kit Siang and Claire Rewcastle Brown both have been "silent as graveyards", when normally both would be screaming and jumping up and down like "kera kena belacan"


  4. up to the parent, or student.

  5. So superficial. Why is our Education Minister concerned about what our school children put on their feet. His job is to look after the other end, ie what is implanted into their brains by the teachers.

  6. Give the Minister a break. He must have been so traumatised when schooling time (either from punishment or weekly washing and blankoing it white which was so hated by most)that he feels it necessary to make that directive because most headmasters still think like Kaytee and wouldn't change something practical and logical in keeping with the times.

    My question is will be be the cloth canvas type or leather/polyester type of black shoes? Hope it will be the polyester type so that just cleaning with a damp cloth will do, saving both parents and children the illogical mundane task of keeping it white and clean.

    Was just wondering why didn't change/allow from the white cloth/canvas type to a white polyester type which would be easier too to maintain?

    If PAS comes into power, guess what would be the colour of the shoes? Black or Green?


    1. Would john wear green underwear with pas logo to demo to us