Sunday, July 15, 2018

Anwar Ibrahim's D-Day on Nor-Maddy beach

After sprint to PM’s Dept, new hurdle for Azmin in PKR? (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali’s quick climb in the government may not sit well with the party’s more senior leaders, including its de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, says an academic.

Political analyst Kamarul Zaman Yusoff said Azmin, who was appointed to the powerful portfolio of economic affairs under the Prime Minister’s Department, could face a challenge to his party post at the coming PKR congress.

He said Anwar could be going for the president’s post in an attempt to consolidate his position in PKR, as he prepares to take over the government from Dr Mahathir Mohamad, as promised to him before the general election last May.

FMT - Anwar to contest PKR president’s post (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: Anwar Ibrahim today announced that he would be contesting the post of PKR president.

Ending speculation on whether he would contest the post, Anwar said the decision was made after discussions with the party leadership.

The post is currently held by his wife Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who is also the deputy prime minister.

Lately, there have been many views about the need for me to lead PKR and to replace Azizah as the president. I have carefully considered each opinion.

“And so, after discussing with Azizah, the deputy president, the leadership and after considering all the views and the needs of PKR, I offer myself as a candidate for the post of PKR president,” he said in a statement, adding that if given the mandate, he would assume the post after PKR’s national congress in November.

There has been much speculation about Anwar’s role in the party and whether he would consolidate his position.

Political analyst Kamarul Zaman Yusoff said PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali’s quick climb in the government might not sit well with the party’s more senior leaders, including Anwar, who is the party’s de facto leader.

Kamarul Zaman said Anwar could be going for the president’s post in an attempt to consolidate his position in PKR, as he prepares to take over the government from Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, as promised to him before the general election last May.

Once Azmin Ali was Anwar Ibrahim's blue-eyed boy who just could do no wrong in his mentor's view. Today Azmin is seen as a threat, a clear and present danger, to Anwar and family and someone who has severed his umbilical cord to Anwar. Azmin has reverted from being apple of Anwar Ibrahim's eyes to again being nephew to Uncle Maddy.

Aeons back, when a gangling young Azmin faced the real and un-real world of UMNO politics, t'was Uncle Mahathir who told best-matey Anwar to 'get' a job for nephew Azmin. The rest is UMNO-PKR history.

In PKR's history, Anwar played intervention on many occasions to ensure Azmin rose in the party's hierarchy, sidelining for example Nallakaruppan in an earlier party election for the VP post which would have been easily won by Nalla due to overwhelming Indian membership in PKR at one stage, but only for Anwar to instruct Nalla at the very last minute to stay out of that election and allow Azmin to win the last of the VP positions.

Recently Mahathir intervened, intruded and interfered with PKR's nominations for ministerial positions to DIRECTLY appoint Azmin Ali as Economics Minister, against the PKR official list.

Malaysiakini journalist Gunasegaram confirmed my suspicions about Mahathir's sinister intention in his article in Malaysiakini which stated:

In fact, one name which reports say he chose was PKR’s Azmin Ali for the powerful economy ministry although this was not proposed by PKR because Azmin was already sworn in as Selangor menteri besar.

That may have been done to further dilute Anwar’s influence by raising the alternative scenario of Azmin becoming prime minister in the future.
We have known for years that Mahathir hated Anwar, mind, not because of the Sodomy accusation-conviction-implications (that was Mahathir's excuse to fCk up Anwar kaukau), but because Anwar tried to oust the Imperator from his PM position in 1997-8.

Mahathir never ever forgets nor forgives any disloyalty from his mentees, which has been why he is fCk-ing Najib up as much as he had fCk-ed Anwar up - imprisonment for disloyalty would be the absolute minimum to salve the Mahafiraun's conceit.

Thus, how could he ever pass the PM-ship to a man he detests and in fact hates. If he can't pass it on to Mukhriz (who is a nice person and not quite up to cutthroat treachery of Malaysian politics) he would prefer to pass it on to a nephew (in hope that Nephew would look after Mukhriz, as he had expected Najib to do so, wakakaka).

Poor Anwar, who has been out of circulation for a couple of decades, sees staggering odds against him and family, and now further aggravated by a Mahathir-sponsored Azmin Ali. He has finally decided that waiting for 2 years is just 2 years too long, and in reality a likely bullshit when confronted with a Mahathir who has no intention of stepping down as promised, especially when the Imperator has a standby in a 41st stalking horse called Azmin.

What more, former anwaristas have gullibly and moronically become dumbo mindless idiotic mahathiristas. Each day Anwar grows weaker in political strength.

Anwar has now gone for broke. It's now or never.

As for Azmin, you can never tell about his feelings towards his erstwhile guru and best matey. But I suppose we can only suspect his personal feelings today might possibly be "55% ambition + 45% asutan Maddy".


  1. Anwar Ibrahim is actually too powerful within PKR.
    Nobody dares to contradict him directly.
    It is unhealthy. And , especially since PKR is now the largest party in the Federal ruling coalition, it needs to move on to become a "normal" party.

    It is right that Anwar contests and get elected as de Jure leader of PKR.
    PKR also needs to turn itself into a structured party with leadership succession mechanisms.

    Otherwise it risk becoming like PPP which lapsed into a Zombie after the demise of the Seenivasagam brothers.

  2. Something to ponder about? Loyalty to adopted Father/Grandfather or to your Sifu.

    Azmin is a smart kid. Just go with the flow of both and sooner or later, if you don't betray either, the post of Ceasar will be his. He knows it cos there's no one except him currently at the same level to take over when both of them retires.

    So, what's the problem again?

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  3. Starring Mahathir as Lucy, Anwar as Charlie Brown, and the PM-ship as the football.

  4. Wakakakakaka…

    Political analyst Kamarul Zaman Yusoff!!

    Wow, the one that shit-ed in the pant when mamak turned up unsuspectedly during a political forum when he tok kok!

    Don't u think:

    1) he has a score to settle

    2) what good can a cockgaroo political analyst's cesspool stirring

    1. Fucking idiot showing his ignorance with his stupid comment.

    2. Political analyst Kamarul Zaman Yusoff.....wakakakaka..

      Ktemoc is really licking the bottom of the sewage tank to be quoting from this feller..... wakakakaka...

    3. Oh...THAT Kamarul...hahaha...I could still see their faces captured in the brilliant need for a thousand words..hehe