Friday, July 13, 2018

Lim KS as House Speaker?

MM Online - Let Kit Siang be Dewan Rakyat Speaker, DAP Youth tells Pakatan Harapan (extracts):

anakku menteri tahukah, lu ada pun? 

KUALA LUMPUR, July 13 — DAP’s Lim Kit Siang is the right choice for Dewan Rakyat Speaker as he has the experience and knowledge to carry out such a task, the party’s Youth wing has said.

There has been ongoing speculation on who will be appointed to the role. PKR’s Datuk Johari Abdul’s name was previously brought up, but he has since said that he will not be accepting the position.

Be warn. If LKS becomes Speaker, no one except the PM and his son the so-called FM (but really, a budak kecil in charge of piggy-bank Tabung Harapan) will get a chance to speak.

LKS will, as the House Speaker, monopolise the mike to tell you stories non-stop, but which will put every MP to sleep snoringly.

He'll regale you with salacious stories of how he spied Najib's son with the latter's Chinese GF in Taiwan, Monte Carlo, Timbuktu, Katmandu and Macau. He will demand Najib apologise for everything under the sun. He will also chastise AAB apologise for handing power over to Najib instead of hanging on. He may even criticise the memories of Tunku, Razak, Hussein Onn for lots and lots of things, all to distract you from calling Pakatan Harapan to account for breaking their "within 100 days" pledges.

But rest assure, he won't bring up stories in picture below. He doesn't have the guts, balls and mind to do so.


  1. Just your unrelenting Anti-Lim Kit Siang bias at work.

  2. DAPSY DAP Youth must have been drinking Ketum.

    As much as I would also like LKS to be Speaker for his contribution towards a PH victory, his patriotism, his qualifications and his devotion towards a fair, equitable, meritocratic society, however with his son as FM which is a Ministerial post, it will pose a very ackward situation for him to be seen as fair if ever debates about the FM or other matters which involves his son.

    Of the 222 MPs, isn't there anyone else who can qualify to be Speaker? Can the post of Speaker be held by a non-MP? Amend the House Rules or Laws to allow for a non-MP and there are many who qualify. Ambiga would be my preferred Speaker for her unquestionable fairness and execution of laws.

    1. I have an idea! How about appointing this motherfucker cheebye kaytee the house speaker. He seems to be expert on anything. His bahasa much better than Nostro piggy.

      If only this cheebye kaytee got the fucking guts to come back to Malaysia to be Dewan Speaker, even CK will support it.

      Of course, we must vet this cheebye by going through his credentials, records, occupations. We need to know his relationship with Najib. His wealth etc etc etc

    2. please stop claiming to be my bastard son as I did NOT fCk your mother. Your mum was a lovely woman but your ugliness came from your unknown father, definitely not me, wakakaka

    3. Huh? Again ask ck to tell you about a ming official was punished to death by itching.

      Cheebye motherfucker kaytee needs lotsa itching on kukuciao till he mampus


    4. dei, I did NOT fCk your mum lah, wakakaka and I know you're fascinated by my kukuciao tho' I'm NOT your papa

  3. met him at a shindig recently, says he wasn't interested rather spend time with the grandkids besides pandikar won't be there to mount a reprisal, won't be fun

  4. TDM won't need LKS as Speaker next week when Parliament 14 convenes. Pilipino eight-time world champion just gifted him a pair of boxing gloves for his 93rd birthday. Now he is ready to punch the heck out of Najib and gang. Go...go....go...!!

  5. We should accept gracefully his wish to retire. These past few months must be tumultuous for him, to say the least. The spectacularly out-of-this-world unexpected PH win, his bout with cancer, his son's unexpected elevation, the prospect of a much better country long-sought for...any man half his age will be overwhelmed. Surely in his mind, a video-reel is running with frame shots of all the struggles through these past 50 odd the sporting world blurb likes to put it..'the agony and the ecstasy'.

    So we should let Uncle Lim rest and occasionally emerge to give a piece of his mind. I salute you, Mr Lim Kit Siang.

    1. Lim Kit Siang already said GE14 is his last innings.

      Majority of people have the highest respects for Lim Kit Siang.

      Only BN-Bijan gangtas and their fellow travellers continue to demonize Lim Kit Siang.

    2. KT will still targeting lks when he RIPs!

      His hate for the trio of mamak, manmanlai & lks is worst than that of when the hell freezes over!

      How DARE they work together to break jibby's regime!

  6. KT, can u sink THAT low as yr now desperados sifu's trash: Halau Melayu Keluar Tanah Sendiri

    Read the REAL story here:

    The disputed land is claimed to be given to umno by the late mayor Elyas Omar to occupy the land when the developer who has since closed down due to economic issue!


    With the consent of the deducted developer?

    Now, umno keeping owns the land!

    Bloody daylight robbery even though umno is no longer the govt!

    These entitlement addicts r still living as the days gone by!

  7. Defuncted developer - correction.

  8. Seriously doubt he wants to be a speaker. He is now blind in one eye and I very much doubt he has recovered from his cancer.
    And despite his faults, his contribution to the nation still far exceed his shortcomings.
    If people are only interested in a string of negatives, then there's plenty to grumble, even about icons like obama, mandela and lee kuan yew.