Wednesday, July 11, 2018

More on Speaker of Dewan Rakyat

It seems one of my previous posts, Former director of racist BTN appointed Speaker, has invoked immense revulsion from many readers in Facebook.

The thought of a former director of Birotata-Negara, the vile venomous vicious racist machine of the BN (which had its racist beginnings during the regime of Malaysia's 4th PM, wakakaka) becoming Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat gutted the feelings of most reasonable Malaysians, because they had voted for a reformed political generation.

The reason for PKR nominating Johari Abdul, MP for Sungai Petani, was to be a consolation prize for him as he was slated to be PKR's nominee for MB Kedah - Johari is also ADUN for Gurun.

But alas for Johari, the MB position went to dearest darling boy, Mukhriz.

Thus the Speaker's job was to be his, in a deep tussle between PKR and DAP where both parties are still resentful with their disproportionately low allocations of ministerial posts. Somehow PKR, blessed by a far more pribumi-ish mien, won in that stoush. DAP has been rumoured to receive the deputy speaker's post.

But damn it, if Johari becomes the Dewan Rakyat  Speaker he MUST vacate the Gurun state seat because Article 57(4) of the Federal Constitution pronounces that an ADUN (state assembly-person) who is elected speaker of the Dewan Rakyat must resign from the assembly before exercising the functions of his office.

N Surendran

marginalised by his party in 2018 as was his Padang Serai predecessor Gobala

N Surendren, former Padang Serai PKR MP and now adviser to Lawyers for Liberty, said:

"Although Harapan had formed the Kedah state government, the state assembly is already deadlocked with 18 Harapan against 18 PAS and Umno representatives".

"Plunging into an avoidable by-election in Gurun would be a risky and unwise move by Harapan, given the already precarious balance of power".

"Triggering a by-election is quite unnecessary, as there are many other qualified candidates who can instead be nominated for the job of speaker by Harapan".

"A by-election is no small matter; it will be held at a heavy cost to the public".

"Further, it will be grossly unfair to the voters of Gurun, who have just gone to the polls and elected their state representative."

Yes, there are many other qualified candidates who can instead be nominated for the job of speaker by PKR, but the fact that Johari contested in both federal and state constituencies shows his high-value to the PKR Party, where PKR is insistent he gets "something". Thus he has been "given" the consolation prize of Speaker when he lost the more desired MB position
 to Mukhriz.

But given the problem of the Kedah state assembly, he may not get it after all.

I still think the Speaker post should go to Zaid Ibrahim, notwithstanding he is not an elected MP (but is still legally possible). Zaid is courageous, outspoken, knows the law and can be relied on to be fair to all, making him an impartial Speaker.


  1. what a brilliant suggestion, totally agree with you, zaid will have it in him to act in a fair manner

  2. Chinapek cannot be Dewan Rakyat Speaker lah....your belived Bijan gang would riot in the streets if that happened.

  3. So, what about Ambiga or Zaid or so many more ex-Judges out there.

    If restricted to MPs, then why not from Warisan or DAP from East Malaysia?

    I always thought the nomination of Speaker was always thru consensus of all MPs instead of by the PM or ruling parties.

    1. guruji kaytee

      Kaytee wanna make char siew out of nostro piggy

    2. "Always thought...always thru concensus" ..... we're you born yesterday ?


    New Federal Court Chief Justice a Sarawakian Christian...

    This would never have happened under the beloved Bijan crowd.'s a new Malaysia.

  5. ZI for speaker of the House would be great. I suggested him before for President of the Senate but since Hannah is no longer available for Lower House (sob sob) then Zaid is fine. Also ex-Court of Appeal Judge Mohamad Ariff would be great, leaving Zaid still available for Senate President. Or vice versa.

    But of greater importance now is to strengthen the Senate. Need to re-populate this rubber stamp. They haven't done anything meaningful for decades. Senate needs to be 60/40 PH/BN-PAS to reflect the Lower House, put in Zaid or Mohamad Ariff as President and let the Senate have real debates over issues of national importance, and check-and-balance the Lower House.

    1. mahathir turned senate into his rubber stamp

    2. The next step is to revert back to the M'sia agreement where the proportional representatives of the Senate r divided amongst PM'sia, Sabah & Sarawak.

      The lost portion of the S'pore MUST be redistributed amongst the three to reflect its correct ORIGINAL intent!

      Mamak DIDNT turn the Senate into his rubber stamp!

      Tunku did - by claiming all the S'pore Senate allocations to Alliance, with imho getting the majority.

      Mamak just appointed sycophants to fill up the quota!

      Don't write like yr sifu lah. He knows a cheong-hei article would expose his twisted plot of inciting riot/hatred! So be careful lah, while working with yr insidious pen.

    3. if you do not know what Mahathir did to the Senate, please STFU.

      Without going into itsy bitsy teeny weeny details, during Dr Mahathir's tenure as PM, under his dictatorship the Senate was changed through constitutional amendments - possible when the government has a two-thirds majority - from one which ensured the states and minorities could check and challenge the federal government's legislation which might not be in their states' and/or minorities' favour (which Wan Saiful Wan Jan is recommending above) into one which is controlled by the federal government or to wit, Mahathir himself.

      And in that change, the Senate lost its raison d'être, its ability to check & balance legislations passed by the Dewan Rakyat that have been unfair to minorities or the states or even the rakyat.

      The Senate previously had more states-appointed senators than the King's (but in reality the PM's) appointed ones, but the majority has now gone the other way.

      The King's (PM's) or federally appointed senators, having been increased through constitutional amendments from 16 to now 40, could easily overrule the states' and territories' maximum of 30 even if the impossibility exists of all 30 states-appointed senators being from non-UMNO parties.

      Mohamed Suffian Mohamed Hashim, former Lord President of the Federal Court, said that the amendments acted "contrary to the spirit of the original constitution which established the Dewan Negara specially as a body to protect in the federal Parliament, state interests against federal encroachments"

    4. Don't bull lah!

      W/O Tunku/alliance saluted all the singies' allocated senatorship in the first place, can mamak do his tricks?

      U r only want to target mamak for anything, just like before him with manmanlai!


      Look into that cracked mirror of yrs!

    5. you confirm you are quite ignorant

    6. U & yr narrowly definited view?


  6. To top off Tommy Thomas as AG now Richard Malanjum as Chief Justice. Top government lawyer and top Judge now both non-Muslims. I expect TDM will soon get some good advice from these two on the Zakir Naik affair. New Malaysia.

  7. Recognizing UEC "touches on the core of civilization"? Really Rais?
    What civilization is that?

    THE government needs to conduct an in-depth study, including taking into consideration the interests of the Malays, the country’s majority ethnic group, before making the decision to recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), says former sociocultural adviser to the government Rais Yatim.

    He said the government should also consider the views of the Conference of Rulers on the implications recognition of the UEC would have for the Malay language, Malay customs, and Islam.

    “I think that (recognising) the UEC is something big which touches on the core of civilisation, the core of education and the core of our country’s values. Therefore it requires an in-depth study first.

    1. Touching on the core of that insecured ketuanan 'civilisation' lah!